It’s an all-out war against Bridgette, and while August believes most people are on her side, it seems she is forgetting their loyalties are circumstantial.

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It’s an all-out war against Bridgette, and while August believes most people are on her side, it seems she is forgetting their loyalties are circumstantial.

Aired 2/22/2022
Network OWN
Directed By Cory Bowles
Written By Lisa Michelle Payton, Darrin Dortch
Introduced This Episode
McConnell Oliver Dennis
Groesbeck Benjamin Sutherland
DA Amanda Loggins Rong Fu


This Is Not The Time For Infighting – Vanessa, Yvette, Dana, August, Bridgette, Christian, Rose, Sean, Shawn

With Yvette back from Vegas, her first thought is to check on Melanie, who has African Sleeping Sickness thanks to a TT fly bite. Now, what does that mean? Well, at this stage, an infection in the brain and a coma. So with that in mind, Bridgette being in prison is a major issue. The kind which splits the family as Yvette and Vanessa advocate for forgiveness while August, Dana, and Christian show little desire to do so.

Yvette mad that Bridgette is in jail

This is especially true for August and Dana, for with Rose still showing no signs or desire to return, Dana is working his way through multiple masseuses to deal with what he feels, and August? She nearly has an anxiety attack with learning that Sean and Shawn are undercutting her dessert wine. Which does lead Dana and Christian to pull up on them, but beyond feeble threats and noting a cease and desist will come about? The only thing that is for sure after all is said and done is Bridgette is on August’s hit list.

Fake News – Kelvin, August, Bridgette, Yvette, Vanessa, Jason

Thanks to the combination of Yvette and Vanessa, Kelvin secures Bridgette getting bail, but that doesn’t end all the family’s issues. Jason reveals his company, OP, is dropping August’s dessert wine for Sean and Shawn’s, and Kelvin finds himself repeatedly going head to head with August, who feels unsupported by him.

Yet, he is between a rock and a hard place. Kelvin believes Bridgette is innocent, and Yvette throws in his face what the family has done for him, but doing all of this makes August upset. But it should be noted what doesn’t help is Bridgette and August coming face to face and Bridgette questioning why is she being backstabbed for the second time? To which August mentions the evidence, all of which Bridgette denies is her wrongdoing, and after a certain point, all we see from these two are the same kinds of fights Vanessa and Melanie had. Petty barbs going back and forth, aiming for the weakest and lowest point for a pyrrhic win.

Fighting Tooth & Nail – Kelvin, August, Bridgette, McConnell, DA Loggins, Sonya

After having her home raised, DA Loggins makes it seem there is no way in hell Bridgette could win her case, so she is better off taking a plea deal. Kelvin presents this as 6 months in jail, $500,000 in restitution, and 5 months probation. This is rather than potentially 20 years in jail based on 8 counts of felony.

DA Amanda Loggins (Rong Fu) noting Kelvin got a uphill battle
DA Amanda Loggins (Rong Fu)

But with hearing Kelvin leaning towards the plea, Bridgette drops him as her lawyer yet picks him right back up when she is ready to fight. This puts August in a bit of a whirlwind for going from her man protecting the person trying to destroy her company, then not, and then jumping at the chance to defend her? It’s all bad timing. But what makes it worse is Sonya showing up, making it clear the ink isn’t dry on the divorce, and something may still be happening there.

Oh, and to not be outdone, Bridgette has a face-to-face with McConnell, with who she has been secretly working with, and she learns he is done because Bridgette’s name is too hot for him to deal with.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why was Christian dressed that way for the presentation? Looking like he can’t reach half of his shirt to tuck it in.
  2. What was all that money Bridgette was hiding if she wasn’t the blackmailer? Did she con her college, or Reginald, in order to focus on her painting?
  3. Why didn’t Yvette drop Jason when it was clear he was drinking the kool-aid?

What Could Happen Next

Groesbeck (Benjamin Sutherland) sharing gossip
Groesbeck (Benjamin Sutherland)
  1. Considering the shock of Reginald dying, Melanie passing doesn’t seem farfetched.
  2. Bridgette’s trial getting utterly nasty as mud is slung at all directions, and not just at Bridgette.
  3. Us learning the waiter (Groesbeck) and his family are the blackmailers
  4. Yvette offering to take a fall for Bridgette



The Return of Aunt Yvette

Do you know what the beauty of someone that’s extra is? They aren’t necessary for the day-to-day, but it’s intoxicating when they add themselves into the mix. As shown in the last episode, the show doesn’t necessarily need Yvette, but her antics are gold. Her teasing Kelvin about him and August having sex being his conflict of interest? That was hilarious. Despite their business partnership ending, how she talked to Jason was, as always, out of place with the rest of the show, but it being so welcomed for it shakes things up.

But, overall, what we continue to love about her is just her being the only one consistently trying to keep this family together and doing more than just talking, but providing actionable items or putting in the work herself.

Christian and August Getting A Major Boost

From Christian joining Dana to talk to Sean and Shawn and attaching to his storyline to August’s anxiety being played upon, both characters got a boost this episode. Now, yes, with Christian, his individual storyline is still shaky. However, as Otis notes, he is learning the job, and I will admit, I got some interest in Christian and Sheila’s relationship. It isn’t a selling point for the show, but it isn’t a liability either.

In addition, we love is his little quips, like asking the family if “this is what a stroke looks like?” when Vanessa is advocating for Bridgette and him calling Rose to help out his brother. For the first time in a long time, Christian doesn’t feel like a commentator on the bleachers but an active participant in the Kings family.

Then, with August, I think with them really tapping into the pressure she was under, beyond just words, it gave her what she long needed – a flaw. August didn’t really have a flaw before, just obstacles in the form of Dana, Bridgette, and a timeline that she seemed ready to rise up to. However, showing her stressed due to the pressure, to the point of it becoming debilitating, does something for us. It furthers how much mental illness runs in the family and isn’t properly treated or talked about. It’s just another secret that the Kings don’t confront.

Also, I appreciate August and Kelvin’s relationship more when they’re fighting than when we’re pushed to see these two as cute. It pushes you to understand why Kelvin didn’t decide to be under the family’s thumb, even if that meant being with August. As shown, this family is toxic, and while August likely doesn’t see herself as such, she is a King/Pearce. She has issues with mental illness, being petty if not outright malicious, and has trust issues to boot.

Now, this isn’t to say Kelvin is a saint, as Sonya’s return showed, but I do think with how the drama is being crafted, August now feels like a lead character deserving of the time given more than ever before.

Change Being Seen After The Events Of The Last Episode

Let’s give it to Vanessa everyone, she tried. Whether it was praying for Melanie, trying to get her kids to be forgiving, and even speak good about Bridgette, she tried. However, her saying to Dana that his attitude is why Rose left showed that Vanessa isn’t going to do a 180 overnight. She’ll put in the effort, but what can she do if someone is pressing her buttons? Especially since, while forgiveness might be a thing, forgetting is not, and without being at war with her sister, I’m sure Dana’s previous antics are bubbling to the forefront of Vanessa’s memories.

The Oomph The Blackmailer Mystery Needed

McConnell (Oliver Dennis) meeting up with Bridgette
McConnell (Oliver Dennis)

Whether it is Bridgette meeting with McConnell, that hidden money, or Bridgette getting arrested and relying on Kelvin for the trial, the blackmailer storyline has become noteworthy. But I will say, perhaps the main person is Kelvin since it is really establishing him as an individual, away from August, and seeing him work is a true highlight. Be it talking to a DA, with Bridgette about the case, or even just seeing him deal with August and Yvette, Kelvin has really shown up and shown out.

On The Fence

Dana Took A Hit

Sadly, while many characters, even some unexpected, became better than ever, Dana took a hit. With Vanessa humbling him, seeing Dana drown his sorrows with masseuses, it was like he was benched so everyone else could get a chance in the sun. Which I’m not mad at, but I do hope everyone can be showcased in next week’s finale, and this step back for Dana isn’t disinvestment.

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Bridgette ready for war
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The Oomph The Blackmailer Mystery Needed
Change Being Seen After The Events Of The Last Episode
Christian and August Getting A Major Boost
The Return of Aunt Yvette
Dana Took A Hit

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