As your love for June and Harry grows, your dislike for their parents will a little bit too. Even as you understand why they did what they did. Network Netflix Director(s) Farren Blackburn Writer(s) Simon Duric Air Date 8/24/2018 Actors Introduced Alf Trond Fausa Sigrid Lise Risom Olsen Christine Nadine Marshall Dean Nick Preston Doug…

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As your love for June and Harry grows, your dislike for their parents will a little bit too. Even as you understand why they did what they did.

Director(s) Farren Blackburn
Writer(s) Simon Duric
Air Date 8/24/2018
Actors Introduced
Alf Trond Fausa
Sigrid Lise Risom Olsen
Christine Nadine Marshall
Dean Nick Preston
Doug Jason Done

Triggered: Elena, Ben, Harry, June, Steinar

When it comes to shifting, it seems triggers are involved which coerce the body to change. Now, it remains unknown if you become the trigger or what? But, at least in the case of Elena it seems the imagery of a mother, a child, sex, and death are her triggers.

As for June? Perhaps seeing Steinar in a dead-like state was her trigger. Which, thanks to guilt, led her to become her trigger. But, one thing which definitely needs to be answered is how long the shift can last before you essentially become the person? For as Steinar, June began speaking Norwegian without knowing it. All the while, Steinar’s eyes are rolling to the back of his head like June was telepathically tapping into him in such a way that was overwhelming his brain.

Luckily though, thanks to Harry making her laugh and relax, eventually she returns to her old self.


Elena stating her name, age, and where she was born.
Elena: Elena Askelaand. Thirty-nine. Born south of Bergen.

So, my main question is, is it possible for a shifter to lose themselves to the person they have become? For June speaking Norwegian, with no recollection, it leads you to wonder if she would eventually get his memories, mannerisms, then lose herself. Maybe that is why Ben isolated the shifters he knows because maybe that has happened in the past? Hence why, when he does the slideshow test, it isn’t of anybody specific and mostly are stock photos.

But, with that said, taking note of the brain waves, and how the person they imitate reacts, what kind of connection do they make with the host? Are they drawing the soul out of them? It has been asked how long until a shifter changes forever but what happens to the person they imitate when that happens? Do they become brain dead or just keep looking like they are having a seizure?

Trapped & Lied To: Christine, Lewis, John, Harry, June, Doug, Elena

While it is understandable why June would run away, considering how John keeps a tight leash on her and he has seemingly lied about everything in regards to Elena, per the video Steinar’s phone, what about Harry? Christine, while a bit distant, doesn’t come off like a horrible mother. Yes, she tasks Harry with taking care of his dad, which seems rather odd since, considering she is a cop, and seemingly Lewis might have been at one time, you’d think they’d be able to afford a caregiver around the clock. Making it where, with Christine on call, and Harry a kid, neither would have to feel burdened by Lewis. But, from what I gather, Christine seemingly wants Lewis to be Harry’s responsibility. Leading you to wonder, considering he did steal his father’s ring for a car, could he not be as innocent as he appears?

Heck, could that be why he escaped? Bad enough being tasked with taking care of a man who either by stroke or injury is not all there, but feeling stifled by a cop mom who, between herself and others, has eyes on you? It would suck if you were someone just trying to be a teenager who wanted to experiment and live.

But, speaking of living, you have to wonder if Christine has a life? All we see her do is work and she barely interacts with Lewis. Almost making you wonder if she is somehow responsible and feels too guilty to do anything with or for him. Hence Harry being tasked. I mean, taking note of her former partner Doug, it almost leads you to wonder if maybe they had an affair the day something happened and now she is forever guilt-ridden. So she pours herself into work and can barely bother with Harry nor Lewis for they remind her of what she did and could have lost.


June watching a recorded video by Elena.
June: That’s mum.
Elena: June… my girl

Taking note I’m filling in the blanks, it doesn’t seem too far off right? For Christine is weirdly distant towards Lewis and definitely isn’t that maternal towards Harry. Which isn’t to say all moms have to be mushy and all up in their children’s faces. However, something about their relationship really pushes the idea of guilt or some kind of craw which keeps them from seeing eye to eye.

Though, even with that in place, you do have to wonder what was the final straw for Harry? Was it the potential of June being whisked away? For, whether he isn’t as innocent as he seems or not, stealing his dad’s ring, maybe for memories or to seal the car sell, is worth a side eye.

Leading to the topic of John – is he June and Ryan’s father or not? Ryan says no but who else could be their dad? It seems Ben came after John’s discovery of her power and her sending her away. So what’s the truth? Also, why did John have to lie about Elena’s state? With him making it clear she is still alive, did you not think June wouldn’t eventually seek her out to figure why she decided to abandon them and hear the whole truth?

On The Run: Alf, Elena, Christine, Dean, Harry, June, John, Steinar, Ryan

After being found by Alf in the woods, Steinar is ready to go back on the hunt but Alf needs some information first. For, so it seems, he knew nothing about the whole “Retrieve June” operation. That whole needle thing and the kidnapping, seemingly was not discussed. Making you wonder, where did Steinar get this guy? But, with noting how June is special it seems Alf’s worries are quelled. Even to the point of them visiting Dean, who sold Harry his car, and beating the hell out of him. Low-key threatening his baby too.

Something Christine gets called to investigate and that leads to her finding Lewis’ ring on Dean’s finger. But, Dean isn’t the only people Steinar and Alf visit. They also try to visit John but he isn’t home and Ryan, forced out since John turned off his electricity, is hiding and fearful. Luckily for both, however, after John takes a crowbar to June’s locker, and discovers one of Harry’s love notes, between the note and Ryan, it seems they are on their way to London to find Harry and June.

Problem is, Steinar and Alf get there first. Ruining which, for a short amount of time, was a series of joyous and peaceful moments. It was June’s first time in a city like London, she and Harry got to be a couple who could hold hands and kiss, without it being awkward, and she was back to her old self. But then they see Alf’s truck, there is a car chase, which leads to Harry crashing his car, and now they are on the run. With knowing Elena wanted June to go with Steinar to come to Norway.


Harry and June looking cute as they sit on a roof and look out towards the city.

So the whole issue here is basically Steinar’s approach right? If he wasn’t trying to trick and kidnap June then maybe they’d be on their way to Norway now. Though that would lead to the question of what to do with Harry? Much less, with the situation they are in now, pretty much they have to go to Norway right?

After all, what else can they do? Heck, what else can the show do? All the answers for June are in Norway and heading back home isn’t a favorable option. June would definitely be kept hidden off the face of the Earth and as for Harry? Well, at worse he may get an ass whooping and be grounded. Alongside likely never seeing June again.

But, there is the serious question of asking how will they get there? Neither one of these two had jobs and June didn’t take money. Seemingly, whatever Harry got probably went into that car and enough to get them set up in London. So it should be interesting to see these kids next moves. Never mind them trying to avoid June’s dad and Ben’s people.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Elena is 39 years old.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why was there a lock to get into Ryan’s space but not to get out?
  2. What are the chances Ryan and Ben have been in contact, or Ryan and one of Ben’s people?
  3. How did Ben discover Elena and Sigrid? Hacking their Google searches?
  4. Are there villains in this show or just people who don’t know how to communicate well?
  5. What does John do for a living?
  6. Could that video Elena did be forced?


  1. Furthered our understanding of shifters.
  2. Made Harry and June seem like a nicer couple.
  3. Revealed a lot about John and Christine as parents and romantic partners.

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