Title Card Featuring Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp)
"Title Card Featuring Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp)," The Idol, "Jocelyn Forever," directed by Sam Levinson, 2023, (HBO)

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Plot Recap

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

The Showcase – Tedros, Jocelyn, Chaim, Nikki, Destiny, Chloe, Izaak, Ramsey, Andrew, Xander, Leia, Rob

While Destiny has been making it seem things are happening, it isn’t until Jocelyn power walks into her label, with the tracks she made with Tedros does it become clear to Nikki that there is something there. With that, Andrew, who doesn’t want to be on the hook for another failed tour, has an impromptu meeting scheduled for the following morning for the same day. Thus, Jocelyn has official notice that it is time to put up or shut up.

Naturally, Tedros, without a contract or much in the way of say so, tries to exert control, but Jocelyn is having none of that. He helped her out of a rut, and now that she has gotten what she wants, she is back, holding the reins and directing the ship. This leaves Tedros a bit bewildered, but what really messes him up is when Jocelyn makes it clear she will have Chloe, Izaak, and Ramsey open for her without consulting him.

However, this isn’t the last card Tedros has to play. As Jocelyn gets Chaim, Nikki, and Andrew on board with Chloe, Izaak, and Ramsey being openers, Tedros pushes Xander to sing, and Jocelyn is forced to add him to her opening act. But, by doing so, Tedros has presented the last straw, and with him not helping her career now but messing with it? She genuinely wants him to go, and once he starts threatening her, she doesn’t play that down. She tells Chaim to get rid of him, and when $500,000 isn’t enough, he preps to ruin his life just like Xander ruined Rob’s.

Now, what did Xander do? Set up Rob to be seen as a rapist, and while Leia tries to get Xander or Jocelyn to help, their focus is strictly on the tour, so Rob becomes an afterthought.

I Need You To Understand Your Place In All Of This – Jocelyn, Tedros, Talia, Chaim, Destiny, Nikki, Dyanne, Andrew

Nikki (Jane Adams)
“Nikki (Jane Adams),” The Idol, “Jocelyn Forever,” directed by Sam Levinson, 2023, (HBO)

There was a moment when Nikki would have been willing to get into bed with Tedros. Yes, he called her a c u next Tuesday and called her out in front of everyone. However, he found three genuinely notable singers who, with some development, could be huge. But before any of that can happen, Tedros ends up a casualty, seemingly to prevent a war between Nikki and the label against Chaim and Destiny.

Mind you, Destiny, unlike Chaim, is willing to give Tedros credit and even talks about cutting Nikki and working with these artists without the label. However, Chaim is a man of the system, and he’d rather work with the devils he knows than venture toward something new. So, ultimately, Jocelyn gets approved for her tour with her selected opening acts. Nikki shelves Dyanne’s debut and effectively puts her on ice. Chaim uses Talia to utterly destroy Tedros’ reputation to the point that the IRS are after him, he loses his club and is left a broken man.

Have You Learned The Lesson? – Nikki, Andrew, Chaim, Jocelyn, Tedros, Destiny

Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) making it clear who is in control
“Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) ,” The Idol, “Jocelyn Forever,” directed by Sam Levinson, 2023, (HBO)

Six months pass after Jocelyn is given the thumbs up for the tour, and she drops the three singles she made with Tedros, and while controversial, they are hits. Now it is opening night, and as Nikki, Andrew, and Chaim laugh about their success and even screwing over Tedros, he shows up to the arena and is given a pass to go backstage and see Jocelyn.

This may come as a shock to many, but Destiny gets it. She saw the music and the weird chemistry, but she wants to make one thing clear, she isn’t like these industry types who will use others and influence to mess with Tedros’ life. She will f*** him up personally. But, with that said, he finds himself back in Jocelyn’s life. Mind you, now on a leash, with it being clear who is always in power and showing herself to be as bad, if not worse, than Nikki, Chaim, and Andrew since with her, you’ll never see it coming.


Notable Performances or Moments

The Music This Episode

For most of the season, “The Idol” was strange, for it was a show about music, and most of the music was mediocre. Yet, as simple as it was, the showcase delivered the best music of the 5, formerly 6, episode season. From Chloe to Ramsey to Izaak and Xander, we got talent and music worth doubling back for. I’d even say The Weeknd’s track at the end of the episode was far better than anything else featured this season.

As for Jocelyn? I mean, the problem with her music has been and always will be, in the pursuit of “Sex Sells,” it drowns out the music. Even whatever they were playing when Andrew was watching the showcase got drowned out by the weirdness of her, granted in her house, being in barely there clothing, her nipple popping out, and just this sense that, as much as Andrew doesn’t seem interested, she thinks that by appearing available and desirable to him, that’ll seal the deal.

Which, who knows, Jocelyn could be right? Maybe the only thing keeping Andrew from being a bad boy was that there were witnesses?

Understanding This Was All About Power For Jocelyn

Jocelyn (Lily Rose-Depp) looking over her shoulder
“Jocelyn (Lily Rose-Depp),” The Idol, “Jocelyn Forever,” directed by Sam Levinson, 2023, (HBO)

The point of “The Idol” to me is recognizing how f***ed up Jocelyn is. Did her mother abuse her, or was that a story for sympathy? With that scene she had with Tedros in her dressing room, it is hard to say. Is she using her youth and sexuality to the fullest extent to have a career? Maybe. Is she exploiting Tedros and his team to prop up her career? Absolutely.

As much as Tedros is called a pimp, an abuser, and more, I don’t think you can discount that Jocelyn, the survivor and conqueror she is, seems to quickly absorb from anyone she has around her how they gain,  use, and maintain their power. Now, is this to say she wants to allow people like Rob to lose their career, have Tedros be hunted by the IRS, or put Dyanne’s career on ice? Yes and no. I’m sure if Dyanne came correct, she could have opened up for Jocelyn too because, as shown this season, Jocelyn wants more than anything a sense of family, community, genuine supporters, and the truth.

Yes, Jocelyn is able to work with Nikki, Chaim, and Andrew, knowing they will drop her when it gets too convenient, but that’s the industry. All Jocelyn knows is the industry, so she wants to learn about family, love, and what does she know of love beyond it being based on how useful you are to someone? What does she know of love beyond using that power to make it so, even if you betray someone, as Julianne did Xander, they will still seek you out for shelter and safety.

So as much as there are many reasons to damn this show, with The Weeknd being a key reason, ultimately, Jocelyn breaking him, after letting him huff and puff as much as he needed to, is so poetic. For while Chaim made Tedros come off like the wolf in his story, really, it is Jocelyn who is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

On The Fence

Wishing We Got To See Jocelyn’s Concert

After all that has happened this season, I wish we got to see Jocelyn’s concert. In the now dropped episode 6, just seeing concert prep and the actual show could have been so awesome. But, while a missed opportunity, I don’t know if it is a huge one.

General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.

More From The Series
Previous Episode: Episode 4 “Stars Belong To The World” Next Episode: To Be Determined
Episode Title Jocelyn Forever
Release Date (HBO) July 2, 2023
Director(s) Sam Levinson
Writer(s) Sam Levinson, Abel Tesfaye
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Ramsey Ramsey
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Tedros Abel Tesfaye
Jocelyn Lily-Rose Depp
Chaim Hank Azaria
Nikki Jane Adams
Destiny Da’Vine Joy Randolph
Chloe Suzanna Son
Izaak Moses Sumney
Andrew Eli Roth
Xander Troye Sivan
Leia Rachel Sennott
Rob Karl Glusman
Talia Hari Nef
Dyanne Jennie Kim


For More, Check Out The Character Guide

Who Is Ramsey

Ramsey is one of the singers Tedros found who is one of the chief writers of Jocelyn’s new work.

So Was Jocelyn Abused By Her Mom?

With this episode, it is hard to say. The answer is that she likely was, as shown, Julianne was willing to ruin Xander’s career, potentially for Jocelyn’s benefit. However, whether it was solely a brush and not other objects or if she was just verbally abusive? That is hard to confirm as Julianne can’t speak for herself, and Jocelyn, similar to Rue in “Euphoria,” isn’t necessarily the most reliable narrator – even if she is far more sober.

What Happened to Leia?

Once Leia realizes Jocelyn doesn’t care about anything beyond her tour and the music, she decides to leave. As for what she wanted to talk to Jocelyn about before the Rob news and what she put in her letter before she left? That remains a mystery.

What Happened To Dyanne After Nikki Shelved Her Song?

Going by what happens to a lot of artist, Nikki likely put Dyanne’s career on ice and to satisfy Jocelyn, likely won’t allow Dyanne to release a record in any official capacity.

Title Card Featuring Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp)
The Idol: Season 1/ Episode 5 – Recap and Review (Finale)
Lily-Rose Depp may have provided evidence that, while flawed in many ways, Sam Levinson can work wonders with the right starlet. Yes, with quite a bit of controversy involved, but dance between him creating something sensational and them finding the heart amongst the action and words to potentially allow for the best of both worlds.
The Music This Episode
Understanding This Was All About Power For Jocelyn
Wishing We Got To See Jocelyn’s Concert
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The Music This Episode
Understanding This Was All About Power For Jocelyn
Wishing We Got To See Jocelyn’s Concert

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