I hope you like cliffhangers because, that is what The HookUp Plan (Plan Coeur) leaves us with.

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I hope you like cliffhangers because, that is what The HookUp Plan (Plan Coeur) leaves us with.

Director(s) Renaud Bertrand
Writer(s) Julien Teisseire
Air Date 12/7/2018

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Babies Solve Everything: Elsa, Charlotte, Antoine, Emilie

With the birth of baby Eddie, it seems some of the issues which came about in the last few episodes might be over. If not a cease-fire of sorts. For while Charlotte still takes jabs at Emilie, they can be in the same room together now. Same goes with Elsa. She may be very much upset but with the baby around, it puts her in a better mood. Especially since she is going to be off to Buenos Aires soon. So while her friends aren’t completely forgiven, the process has begun.

Elsa talking to baby Eddie about his mom and aunt.
Elsa: In the meantime, look after these two nuts crying behind me.

Speaking of processes, Emilie proposes to Antoine and he accepts! Meaning they are engaged and now we’ll need to prepare for bridezilla.

Trying To Influence Fate: Jules, Elsa, Anais, Antoine, Matt, Chantal, Roman, Max, Phillippe

So, Antoine and Matt seem to agree Max is no good for Elsa so they keep her from seeing him. As for Jules? Well, it seems everyone, despite his past and the lies, is on his side. Chantal is still feeding Roman information, Roman is planting ideas, and when Jules goes to Phillippe’s house to see Elsa before she leaves, Phillippe gives her new address.

Which leads to a problem. No, it isn’t Anais choking Jules out or anything like that. The problem here is Jules knocks on Elsa’s door and – that ends the season. Yup, the end of this show is Jules, after he missed Elsa at the bar, and learns Roman can hold down him and Anita for a year, we don’t know how Elsa reacts to seeing him.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So did Charlotte get money for Pink Cars?
  2. Was that even a real baby or a doll?
  3. With Elsa quitting her job, how is she going to afford this new place?

On The Fence

That Reconciliation Was Quick

Granted, new life brings a new perspective and perhaps the need to forgive. However, Elsa being part of that seemed a bit strange to me. Charlotte and Emilie’s relationship healing was a given since Antoine connects them and if they didn’t reconcile he’d force the issue. Elsa, on the other hand, I guess with her wanting to move on from her old life, she wanted to include moving on from what was the last straw/ trigger as well? That is the only way I can even attempt to fathom what is going on.

The Cliffhanger

Jules at Elsa's new apartment.

The anatomy of a season finale usually is the resolution to many storylines, setting up what will come the next season, or half of the season, and there is usually one storyline unresolved. I don’t know about you, but Jules and Elsa’s relationship being that cliffhanger was kind of meh. Maybe it is because, at this point, it has been only two months so the show making it seem the lie went on for longer throws me off a bit. If not making this relationship seem a bigger deal that it was.

For as cute as Jules and Elsa are, it isn’t like their relationship was long, had many beautiful, and epic, moments, so shipping them is of the utmost priority. Much less, it isn’t like Elsa was gung-ho about getting back with Max either. So things ending with him knocking on the door isn’t, again for me, something to light a fire to start haggling Netflix for a second season. If anything, the way this show was done, it feels like a YouTube mini-series that didn’t have enough funding to finish the season.

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