While the complete and utter truth doesn’t come out, people are working their way to that. Ripping one band-aid off at a time.

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While the complete and utter truth doesn’t come out, people are working their way to that. Ripping one band-aid off at a time.

Director(s) Noémie Saglio
Writer(s) Noémie Saglio, Julie Teisseire
Air Date 12/7/2018

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The Struggle Is Real: Matt, Charlotte

Matt’s pastry shop, thanks to a bad deal, and him spending too much, has gone under. Now he is homeless and relying on Charlotte, who at most might be a temp, to survive. Which sends him a bit into a depression.

Catching Feelings: Jules, Elsa, Charlotte, Emilie

It seems Jules maybe falling for Elsa. Despite talking about moving and what Charlotte planned, he is having a difficult time doing his day job because of the night he had with Elsa. This leads him to approach Elsa on the street, in front of Emilie and Charlotte, and them having dinner later on. One which Charlotte and Emilie snoop in on thanks to a baby monitor – since they’re worried.

What ends up happening though is both Elsa and Jules open up more. Elsa talks about her not having much of a relationship with her mother, and that she has a sister, and Jules talks about his dad dying before he started university and having to put things aside to help his mom. Which eventually leads to sex and Charlotte wanting to listen to it. Now, whether it is because she truly thought Jules may try to kill Elsa or she is a bit of a voyeur? That is hard to say.

The Truth Is Out!: Matt, Charlotte, Antoine, Emilie

Antoine proposing to Emilie.

Despite what may or may not be happening with Manon, Antoine decides to propose to Emilie – who doesn’t accept his proposal. With that, he goes upstairs because he wants to have Charlotte console him and in the process, he finds a naked Matt. Which infuriates him and leads to Matt being naked, in the hallway, until Charlotte throws him his clothes.

Miscellaneous Commentary

Why Do Hoes Fall In Love?

Don’t get me wrong, I see the appeal in Elsa. My question is, considering Jules likely has been a sex worker for quite some time, what made him crack with this one? Is it that he usually is a wham, bam, thank you sir kind of sex worker? Does he usually not dip into the escort side? Could it be things are going well for him and all he needs now is a partner to share this good life with?

Really thinking about it, while we know a bit about Jules’ father and mother, and their relationship, we don’t really know much about him. How does he feel about his job? What are his opinions of love? He seems like a nice guy and all, but are we just experiencing what is part of his act? Even Angele barely helps clue us into who Jules is when he isn’t on.


Antoine and Charlotte sitting on her bed, after Matt is discovered to be Charlotte's lover.

I’m just trying to understand how Charlotte acted when Antoine and Emilie started dating. Never mind if they kept it a secret until she got pregnant. Because, the way he acted because she was with his best friend seems like BS. Yet, being that I’m not French, now have a biological sister, there are certain things I have to admit I just won’t understand. This being one of them.

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