The Good Doctor: Season 6/ Episode 12 “365 Degrees” – Recap/ Review

As Jordan and Asher share unwelcomed opinions, Daniel struggles with his sobriety, Morgan makes an important career decision, and Dr. Glassman finds himself having to spend time at Shaun and Lea’s.

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Fiona Gubelmann as Morgan being offered a promotion

As Jordan and Asher share unwelcomed opinions, Daniel struggles with his sobriety, Morgan makes an important career decision, and Dr. Glassman finds himself having to spend time at Shaun and Lea’s.

Aired (ABC) February 6, 2023
Director(s) Rebecca Moline
Writer(s) Thomas L. Moran, David Renaud
Previously Noted Characters
Asher Noah Galvin
Daniel Brandon Larracuente
Dr. Lim Christina Chang
Jordan Bria Henderson
Morgan Fiona Gubelmann
Dr. Andrews Hill Harper
Lea Paige Spara
Dr. Glassman Richard Schiff
Shaun Freddie Highmore
Alex Will Yun Lee


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Damn Being On Probation – Asher, Daniel, Dr. Lim, Jordan

With Dr. Lim proposing a high risk surgery, even with being on probation, Asher questions it each step through. He questions the procedure, her pressuring the patient, and Daniel is just there watching with astonishment. Not because he has a issue questioning authority but more so he sees his probation, due to drug use, being very different from Asher’s, due to being aware of someone doing a illegal surgery.

Yet, despite Asher getting on Dr. Lim’s nerves, because he challenges her with insight and quick thinking, he is able to save the patient’s life and gets praise for it. He is still on probation, but at least he knows, and Daniel in extension, that there is no need to operate like you are on thin ice.

However, even with getting praise and making it through the week, Daniel nearly falters and almost uses heroin. Thankfully, despite the little baggy being right there, he decides against it and instead ends up in the church where Jordan sings at.

It’s Not About Having It All, It Is About Being Fulfilled – Morgan, Dr. Andrews, Alex, Dr. Lim

Morgan is offered a notable promotion where she could be the PI to a CRO, which is something Dr. Andrews is excited about, and a part of Morgan is too. However, as usual, rather than Alex be supporting in a way that benefits Morgan, he continues to try to douse her light with the idea thatin the pursuit of trying to have it all, she is going to miss so many meaningful moments.

This leads Morgan to realize she is likely talking to the wrong person, so she talks to Dr. Lim who presents the idea that she is happy and fulfilled and Morgan should do what would make her feel that way. So, with one person guilting her and another presenting the idea that you can be happy without having children, Morgan decides maybe this job would be too much and to let Dr. Andrews know that.

He presents the counter, while highlighting his mom, that Morgan can have her career and motherhood too and with him supporting her, professionally anyway, Morgan decides to take the job.

I’m Learning So Much, Including Stuff I Didn’t Need To Know – Lea, Dr. Glassman, Shaun, Jordan

Thanks to a termite issue, and Shaun offering, without Lea objecting, Dr. Glassman moves into the apartment for a while. This, for the most part, is fine. He cooks, he cleans, he is basically an older version of Shaun in many ways. Though, as Lea learns when she sees Dr. Glassman naked, not in all ways.

But, what was supposed to be for a short time might be for a long one due to Dr. Glassman’s house catching on fire, and the termite company turning off the smoke alarms, which means not only did Dr. Glassman lose his home, but the place which held all his memories of Maddie. A tragic loss.

That aside, Jordan reminds us that she is deeply conservative and not just when it comes to her personal life, but also butting into other people’s business. In fact, when she learns a mother is allowing her 13 year old daughter to have sex, she threatens to call child protective services on the woman! Thankfully, not only does Shaun know the law but he doesn’t see two 13 year olds having sex being something medical professionals should be involved in, so he shuts that down and repeatedly redirects Jordan to focus on the medicine.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, no one thought explaining what a CRO and a PI would help people understand what is going on?
    1. CRO (Contract Research Organization – Per Med Institute): A Contract Research Organization (CRO) is a company that provides clinical trial services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.
    2. PI (Principal Investgator – Per gov): The person(s) in charge of a clinical trial or a scientific research grant. The PI prepares and carries out the clinical trial protocol (plan for the study) or research paid for by the grant. The PI also analyzes the data and reports the results of the trial or grant research. Also called principal investigator.

What Could Happen Next

  1. With losing his house and losing Morgan for the clinic, I feel like Dr. Glassman isn’t going to leave, but go through a notable shift in life
  2. Morgan likely won’t get pregnant to the end of the season
  3. Jordan is definitely going to be tempted by Daniel

Collected Quote(s)

I go along with the jokes so I don’t become the joke.
— Jordan


Community Rating: 92% (2 votes)


Morgan Taking The Job

Morgan’s storyline, even with her pursuit of motherhood, has been sluggish. The “Will they or won’t they,” when it comes to Alex, has persisted, even with it being clear that they are not a good match. He doesn’t ground her or anything you can romanticize, he holds her back. This episode is yet another example.

But, thankfully, Dr. Andrews gave her the push she needed and this allowed for her to begin a notable chapter after licking her wounds, no pun intended, after losing the ability to be a surgeon.

Asher Not Being Afraid Of Dr. Lim

While Daniel speaks of privilege, and Asher getting a hand slap, regarding his probation, let’s not forget Asher doesn’t really have a safety net. Yes, he did reconcile with his father, but his father is also dying and didn’t leave the community which would reject Asher being a homosexual. Which, with having a loving partner now, Asher going back isn’t an option and who knows if he is comfortable with the idea of being unemployed and living with his boyfriend of maybe a year or two?

But, that is the beauty of Asher’s long term character development. We can see him just as much being nosy and gossiping as we can see him fight for patients, show he is one of the smartest in the room, and also naïve in certain ways. It’s called range.

Low Points

Daniel’s Storyline

The decision to keep Daniel and axe Danica is never going to sit right with me. Daniel’s storyline does hold value, but the writing, and perhaps the performance, doesn’t push what I feel is needed for this storyline to pop. It feels like it is more about the drama of will he relapse or won’t he rather than really explore what it means to be an addict who wants to be a medical professional. Then, add in the most judgy character on the show having feelings for Daniel and you questioning if they may get together? It just makes me sorely miss Danica and wish this show would be satisfied with Lea and Shaun, after Lea immensely evolved her opinions on autism, making it.

On The Fence

A Reminder That Jordan Is Conservative In A Way Where She Could Get In Trouble

I appreciate that Jordan isn’t always likable, and that she is someone who has a strong faith and belief system. What I’m not fond of is that when her faith is used as part of a storyline, it is mostly to stir controversy. Be it her refusing to do an abortion, her questioning Asher’s lack of faith, or trying to tell someone how to parent their child because of how she feels. All I’d like to see is some balance.

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Fiona Gubelmann as Morgan being offered a promotion
The Good Doctor: Season 6/ Episode 12 “365 Degrees” – Recap/ Review
With a major step for Morgan, and a step back that could lead to a step forward for Dr. Glassman, while there might be a handful of weak storylines, they don't eclipse the good.

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  1. Hi Amari! Now that I know what CRO and PI stand for (thanks for looking that up for me!), I’m much more interested in Morgan’s storyline. I can’t believe the writers weren’t clever enough to figure out a way to explain what CRO and PI meant within the story itself. A little lazy in my opinion.

    1. In their defense, if they explained every medical term and procedure, this would need to be a much longer show.

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