Lea and Shaun holding hands, looking at the wall of their son's bedroom
"Lea and Shaun holding hands, looking at the wall of their son's bedroom," The Good Doctor, "Quiet and Loud," directed by James Genn, 2023, (ABC)

A threat to Lea’s life is presented as Daniel presents his case to get back into Dr. Lim’s program.

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A threat to Lea’s life is presented as Daniel presents his case to get back into Dr. Lim’s program.

Aired (ABC) 1/23/2023
Episode Title Quiet and Loud
Director(s) James Genn
Writer(s) Jessica Grasl, Nathalie Touboul
Noted Characters
Dr. Glassman Richard Schiff
Morgan Fiona Gubelmann
Alex Will Yun Lee
Dr. Lim Christina Chang
Clay Michael Patrick Thornton
Daniel Brandon Larracuente
Dr. Andrews Hill Harper
Jordan Bria Henderson
Shaun Freddie Highmore
Lea Paige Spara


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Going At It Alone, With An Asterisk – Dr. Glassman, Morgan, Alex

Alex, since he is obsessed with Morgan’s uterus and her journey towards having a baby, keeps monitoring and pestering her about what she is doing next. In some ways, it is flattering he cares so much, but it only makes Morgan realize how much the two need boundaries to be any semblance of friends.

But, in a silent admittance, she really can’t do this all on her own, it is revealed, at least to get to and from one procedure, Dr. Glassman is assisting.

Waiting For An Answer – Dr. Lim, Clay, Daniel, Dr. Andrews, Jordan

Clay has waited three months for Dr. Lim to answer his proposal, but her focus has been on recovering from her surgery and just enjoying having a stable and loving man in her life. And while she is now walking with a cane, the idea of jumping from one thing to the next doesn’t sit well with her. But, to reassure him and even push herself a bit, she does offer Clay a key as a sign of commitment toward their long-term future.

Speaking of long-term future, what is the status of Daniel, you ask? Well, after being 92 days sober and rehab, he is let back into the program with conditions. He is on 6 months probation, cannot prescribe or administer drugs, has to be given a drug test randomly, and is completely at the mercy of whoever is supervising him, which for his first case back is Jordan.

As you can expect, the meeting is awkward, especially since they haven’t spoken in three months. But, he makes it clear it isn’t her fault he relapsed, even though he keeps making it seem it was a factor. Either way, he again decides to erect a boundary because he doesn’t think he can focus on sobriety, his career, and their relationship and not falter.

High-Risk Pregnancy – Shaun, Lea, Dr. Glassman, Dr. Lim

It has been well documented that Lea’s pregnancy, and maybe all future pregnancies, would be high risk. However, with Shaun as her husband, the father, and being a doctor, naturally, he comes up with ways to treat the medical condition to increase the chance of not having another miscarriage. The problem is, in pursuit of being Lea’s doctor, he forgets to be her husband and her friend. If anything, he becomes possessive, stifling, and isolating. All of this makes things harder on Lea, who doesn’t like sitting still, never mind with limited social interaction.

But Shaun knows best and ends up saving her life due to being overly cautious. That and Dr. Glassman discovering an issue Lea was dealing with that allowed him to stop Dr. Lim from proceeding to do a hysterectomy.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. With such a major save for Lea and her son, does this mean Morgan will struggle? I feel like everyone can’t have a happy ending, and someone is going to have to deal with taking a fall.
  2. Where was Danica?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Glassman and Morgan becoming closer, and him handing the reins of the clinic to her
  2. Jordan not giving up on dating Daniel, even though he clearly has a lot going on
  3. Lea having her kid, and Shaun being overwhelmed, which leads to one of their parents guest-starring to help take care of the kid
  4. Lim potentially thinking about kids with Clay
  5. Andrews dating



Glassman and Morgan Bonding

I don’t expect Dr. Glassman to stick around forever. At times, the politics of the hospital, his peers, Shaun reminds you of why he left to play baseball and live a completely different life. For as much as he is a needed and welcome presence, others get more out of him being around than he does. Though a part of me thinks, with his daughter always haunting his mind, maybe Glassman helping Morgan have her first child may allow him to live vicariously in ways he maybe can’t with Lea? Especially with a guard dog like Shaun around.

For whether it is taking her to appointments, throwing in his two cents, maybe getting named the godfather, or even the baby being named after him, something is being set up here. At the very least, Glassman and Morgan bonding, at most, the beginning of the end for Glassman’s time on this show.

The Fear Of Lea Not Making It

Between Daniel’s overdose, Lea’s complications, and Dr. Lim’s injuries from the last season, we have been teased with the idea that someone could die. Dr. Melendez is slowly, but surely, becoming a distant memory, and as new characters are introduced, some have to go. Lea would have been devastating not only because of her individual contributions but also because she is Shaun’s first real love, and finding love again would be as challenging for him as it is for Morgan. Likely more so because Shaun made it all the way to the altar, which Morgan has not.

But, when there was talk of bleeding out or a hysterectomy, it seemed after the save of Dr. Lim and Nurse Villanueva, the powers that be said, someone had to lose something permanently. However, it appears that is being kicked down the road.

On The Fence

Daniel Getting Back Into The Program

We’ve been told more than once how competitive it is to get into the program Dr. Lim has built, so for a student to OD and be welcomed back, after three months, with limitations? I appreciate the leniency, but I question whether or not this would be reality. The liability alone seems like it isn’t worth it, and add in he appears to have a dealer? Imagine if he went from using to stealing drugs from the hospital to get harder stuff?

Not to imply Daniel is a criminal but let’s not pretend the hospital hasn’t long had issues with money, and the last thing it would need is the scandal Daniel could bring.

Alex Being So Far Into Morgan’s Business

I need Alex to get a life that isn’t revolving around Morgan’s uterus. Plain and simple.

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Lea and Shaun holding hands, looking at the wall of their son's bedroom
The Good Doctor: Season 6/ Episode 10 “Quiet and Loud” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
While dangling a carrot of a potential series regular death is rude, admittedly, it did lead to a very emotional moment. I can only hope “The Good Doctor” learns again how to get viewers in their feelings without someone’s life, or quality of life, being on the line.
Glassman and Morgan Bonding
The Fear Of Lea Not Making It
Daniel Getting Back Into The Program
Alex Being So Far Into Morgan’s Business

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