The Good Doctor: Season 2/ Episode 8 “Stories” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Shaun commenting on his patient.
Shaun: The world is sad and very complicated.
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Dr. Andrews pops his head back in to address a Claire situation and Dr. Park’s past continues to be danced around. Also, it is revealed Morgan has friends.

Director(s) Michael Patrick Jann
Writer(s) Sal Calleros
Air Date 11/19/2018

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We All Have Our Regrets & Secrets: Morgan, Dr. Park

While dealing with a patient whose parents didn’t vaccinate them, Morgan and Dr. Park tell personal stories to try to push the family to vaccinate. Well, Morgan tells a personal story to Dr. Park dealing with her best friend whose son died because he wasn’t vaccinated. Which Dr. Park steals to try to convince the patient’s parents. Why did he steal Morgan’s story? Because he thought it was a good story.

Problem is, with stealing Morgan’s story, he also has to deal with the consequences. Not Morgan going off since her attitude isn’t what it once was. More so it is the fact the mom caves and didn’t consult the dad before the patient got vaccinated. Thus leaving the dad upset and the patient blaming Dr. Park.

Leading to Dr. Park bringing up his wife cheating, him leaving, and now him rarely seeing his kid. Something the dad rolls his eyes about for Dr. Park having a story for every occasion got old quick. But, with all the stress that patient brought on, it did present an opportunity for Morgan. She built comradery with Dr. Park and with him wanting to go to a shooting range to chill, she invites herself and he seems okay with it.


You got to give Morgan credit for taking her evaluation to heart. Over the last couple of episodes, she hasn’t been that snarky, has tried to be more personable, and has been a bit more of a team player. Not just in front of the seniors either, which is saying something. She even opens up about her friend’s kid who dies. Then, when Dr. Park steals that, she doesn’t flip out and then act real petty. Morgan just addresses the situation and moves on. Leading you to wonder if this is this maturity, her getting comfortable, or her not wanting to fight anymore?

As for Dr. Park? I gotta say that this dude I need something more from. It has been established he was a cop, was married, got cheated on, and had a kid. However, he lacks personality to me. Something which once could argue is because he is old school and doesn’t believe in sharing or being overly emotional. Not just in terms of crying, but anger, empathy, and things like that. But, as a viewer, it is hard to not want to see behind the curtain more. Beyond just little tidbits. Especially since he doesn’t really have an interesting dynamic with any of the characters. Making him seem like someone who could be on his way out.

Which reminds me, did they ever replace Jessica’s character’s position? Though I don’t think a lawyer would have to be involved, this could become a legal situation, right? If both parents are in the child’s life and share custody, wouldn’t they both need to approve any kind of procedure or even injection?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?: Claire, Dr. Andrews, Allegra, Dr. Melendez

Considering all Claire has gone through at the hospital, it seems Dr. Melendez cutting her off was the last straw and now she is looking to go elsewhere. For some reason, this comes up on Allegra’s radar and she pushes Dr. Andrews to care. Problem is, Dr. Andrews isn’t much for anything but paperwork and giving orders really. So the relationships between staff members? Honestly, he’d rather let them sort that out themselves. After all, they’re adults.

However, with Allegra being about the hospital’s image, and thinking losing two diversity students looks bad, Dr. Andrews is gently pushed to do something. Even though, from the staff we’ve seen, the hospital looks pretty diverse already. But, with Dr. Andrews trying to be the best president the hospital has had, he talks to Dr. Melendez and low-key pisses him off. How? Well, by dangling that chief of surgery title over making nice with Claire. Something, at least we know, he’d want just to finally get one over his rival – Dr. Lim.

So, begrudgingly, he goes to talk to Claire, who has already been talked to Dr. Andrews and explained being iced out cut her education in half. But, being that Claire may have an ego, but is actually able to set it aside, she gives a fake apology just so Dr. Melendez can save face. Also, so he can hopefully get over himself. Now, whether that means she’ll stop courting other hospitals remains to be seen.


All I got to say is, Claire is way too good for this world and she needs to be protected. Also, I am truly wondering how long is that Chief of Surgery position going to be vacant? I’m sure Dr. Andrews is pulling double duty and considering the things he and his wife were going through, you’d think he wouldn’t be taking so long to fill that position. Yeah, it is a nice carrot to dangle to keep Dr. Melendez and Lim in line but, for how long? Dr. Melendez honestly looked like he could give two shakes of a dog’s tale when being pushed to make nice with Claire. Not to say he wouldn’t want the money but, Dr. Melendez may not want the politics.

Which is why I doubt either one may really get the position. Dr. Lim and Melendez aren’t necessarily people persons and neither seem all that geared towards office politics. Remember Dr. Lim fighting in court? Take note of how Dr. Melendez is on any given day. If Dr. Andrews struggles to deal with people, especially those who aren’t in power or have money, imagine how those two will handle the job.

Do You Remember The Time?: Dr. Glassman, Shaun

It’s getting worse. Yes, he can walk, drive, talk, and still has some of his wits. However, Dr. Glassman’s memory is fading and his ego isn’t going with it. So, with his doctor getting on his nerves, he turns to Shaun for even if he can’t keep a secret worth a damn, Shaun might bend the rules a bit for him. You know, so Dr. Glassman can be his own doctor and get a little less criticism in his life.

Problem is with that idea, Shaun decides to give him a memory test and Dr. Glassman stumbles. Though, with forgetting who Steve is, that is all Shaun needed to hear. With that, it’s clear to him there are serious issues afoot.


While you have to note Shaun’s investment in Dr. Glassman comes from him being a father figure to him for more than a decade, there is also a shared history he might be worried about. After all, on top of being his advocate and helping him get this far, he is also the only one who he can talk about the things he got from people as a kid. Though, most of all, he is the only one he knows who remembers Steve. Someone Shaun may not be as reliant on, physically or memory wise, to get through his day but Steve was still his brother. The first one to show him real and consistent love.

Leading to the need to bring up Shaun’s patient kissing him and what that sparked. It made it so he wanted to touch Claire’s hand afterwards and I think, in combination with Dr. Glassman losing his memories, it may push Shaun to want more. To have actual closeness beyond friendship. For rather than holding onto memories, he may actually want to make some. Not just with anyone either, but someone who can truly be a significant other in all ways that term can mean.


  1. Claire’s value being noted from the top of the hospital. Arguably beyond her being a Black woman.
  2. Shaun and Claire’s patient, a Black woman, not being the victim or the parent who didn’t know, but getting to play the bad guy a little bit.
  3. Morgan, little by little, opening up. Not enough to make you think she has gone soft but enough for you to remember she is human. It’s just she is sometimes an aggressive and abrasive human.

Low Point

  1. What can’t be solved by the assumption there is a tumor and finding one?

On The Fence

  1. Park is taking baby steps into opening up, but I need more. A couple of flashback scenes or something. He drastically changed his life because of that affair. Let us see that.

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