Recap The first half of the season comes to an end and it time to learn if there are happy endings all around, some clouds amongst a sunny day, or if the Bronx’s curse ruins all the hopes and dreams of the youth.   Trigger Warning(s): Gun Violence | Cockroach Major Characters Zeke | Mylene…

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The first half of the season comes to an end and it time to learn if there are happy endings all around, some clouds amongst a sunny day, or if the Bronx’s curse ruins all the hopes and dreams of the youth.


Trigger Warning(s):
Gun Violence | Cockroach

Major Characters

Zeke | Mylene | Shaolin Fantastic | Francisco

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: To Kill A Wolf and Become a Man (Shaolin Fantastic)

With the discovery of Napolean comes a surprise. The man who desired to betray Fat Annie was Wolf. Someone who gets shot, by Shaolin due to Annie pushing him to. Leading to Shaolin’s first kill and the young man who is always telling people to man up having a moment. But with Wolf dead means Shaolin has to pick up the slack and he decides to do so by selling drugs at his DJ battle. Something which isn’t caught by the Grandmaster, but you know will eventually become a problem.


Though this isn’t the season finale, you recognize the episode was written in such a way that, in case this wasn’t just the first half and ended up being the series finale, most loose ends would be tied up. Hence why Napolean quickly opens his mouth and points a finger at Wolf and hence why Wolf openly admits to betraying Fat Annie. It all feels very rushed and with that it sort of cheapens Fat Annie’s saga for justice. But with Shaolin now having a body under his belt, perhaps he, like Zeke and Mylene, will have more issues with trying to balance the two worlds he tries to live in.

Topic 2: A Leader In The Making (Zeke)

At dinner with Mr. Gunns, we meet Claudia. Needless to say, in the future, she seems like someone who definitely may get under Zeke’s skin or at least introduce him to punk music, amongst other things. Focusing strictly on his meeting with Mr. Gunns though, it goes fine. Nothing inspirational is said, but it seems Zeke is firmly for the internship and even speaks during Koch’s rally. A rally in which he gives a nod to the graffiti artist Koch is so against, all the while staying on topic. Zeke is a leader in the making, indeed.


Honestly, the only thing I got my eye on is Claudia and what she is going to bring to Zeke’s life. You know the fairytale which is Mylene and Zeke isn’t set in stone yet. So imagine a blonde, rich white girl, who speaks French, entering Zeke’s life. You know Mylene is going to be pissed, jealous, or both. And while I do like seeing Mylene and Zeke together, I’m for Claudia coming into Zeke’s life and opening his mind to things. After all, it seems Mylene’s life is changing and with all that is in front of her, she is going to meet new people, gain new experiences, and honestly who knows if she may have time to bring Zeke along? So with Claudia, I figure that maybe Zeke’s means of learning how the upper crust live.

Topic 3: The Calm Before The Storm (Zeke, Mylene, Shaolin Fantastic and Francisco)

To begin, Shaolin wins the battle; thanks to Dizzee going to a gay club and his friend Thor knowing DJ Pakoussa, Mylene’s record becomes a hit; and while we aren’t necessarily 100% in the know of what is happening, it seems Lydia and Francisco maybe having a full on affair. As for Mylene and Zeke? With them both so close to their dreams, the only question is if they can live in both worlds? Can they be from the Bronx, still live in the Bronx, yet work and hustle in Manhattan and rub shoulders with those who would never step a toe in their boro? They both, as many on the show, are living in two different worlds and question how long, or if, they can do it.


At this point, things I think have been going a bit too well for everyone. Yes, Shaolin lost his record collection and home due to a fire, but he bounced back from that quick. So with the first half of the season ending on a high note, I’m getting Skins vibes. For those who didn’t watch that show, Skins usually had one season which was all about the high, the parties, and having fun, and then the season after was about the hangover, facing your responsibilities, and figuring out what you’re doing with your life. To me, that is what is going to happen here.

After all, we have Ramon learning what his wife and brother are doing, Claudia perhaps having a place in Zeke life, Mylene and her girls facing stardom and maybe that causing issues between them, and on top of that, lest we forget, Shaolin trying balance his DJ life with working for Fat Annie. Him having drugs at the DJ Battle may not have been noticed or spoken on, but that I can see becoming a problem. Plus with Dizzee getting into the queer scene, and I’m sure the other Kipling brothers eventually finding something to do, there is a lot that can, should, and likely will happen.


The possibilities of the 2nd half of the season are high. Between minor, one to two-episode appearance, characters having bigger roles, and learning about the friends and family of our leads more, oh there is so much to be excited about!

Low Points

At the DJ Battle Ra-Ra suddenly learns how to rap fast and Shaolin Fantastic lets Napoleon onto his crew? Neither situation made a lick of sense.

On The Fence

This episode seemed geared toward being a season, if not series, finale. Most storylines were tied up, with very few, outside the Lydia affair, giving you an idea of what is to come, and yet I strangely feel satisfied. If only because, who really wants something dragged out?

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