Dante dealing with his dad wanting to know his sons
"Dante dealing with his dad wanting to know his sons," The Equalizer, "Blowback," directed by Cheryl Dunye, 2022, (CBS)

“The Equalizer” gains a potential villain who will last for more than an episode as the CIA tries to reassert control over Robyn.

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“The Equalizer” gains a potential villain who will last for more than an episode as the CIA tries to reassert control over Robyn.

Aired (CBS) 11/13/2022
Episode Title Blowback
Director(s) Cheryl Dunye
Writer(s) Rob Hanning
Introduced This Episode
Colton Fisk Donal Logue

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Daddy Wasn’t There – Big Ben, Dante, Carol, Robyn

With Big Ben running out of reasons to protect people, due to death or the people making their lives barely worth protecting, he cuts a deal. He informs Dante of this and asks not if he can get some money or a place to stay but to be part of his grandkids’ lives. Dante isn’t sure about that, thus leading to him checking in with his mom Carol, and even Robyn, who all push for him to do what he feels is right than present a validating or opposing opinion.

After all, with him having primary custody and clearly looking for a reason not to allow his father to be around his kids, they know what he wants to hear.

Delilah’s Pursuit of Training – Mel, Delilah

After her mom denied her training, in an effort to allow her to maintain some sort of youth and innocence, Delilah goes to Mel, who isn’t necessarily comfortable with the idea of training Delilah. Why? Well, for one, she knows Robyn doesn’t want her to be trained, and two, doing something behind Robyn’s back she knows will lead to a blow-up. Robyn doesn’t play about her baby.

However, Delilah makes a slew of points regarding Robyn not believing she could be kidnapped, amongst many other scenarios, which would justify her training. But what makes Mel especially change her mind is Delilah making it clear she is going to pursue training whether Mel is her teacher or not. This triggers memories of soldiers Mel begged to train since she thought they weren’t ready for combat, and because she didn’t train them, they got killed.

So, Mel decides to take on Delilah as a student, with it being clear that Delilah is to follow her directions to the T, as a student, not as some semblance of a friend. Also, when it comes to Robyn finding out, this was all Mel’s idea. She’d rather take on the hate and drama than have this drive a wedge between Delilah and Robyn.

I’m Your New Boss – Colton Fisk, Robyn, Griffin

Colton Fisk (Donal Logue) while pretending to be Ezra
“Colton Fisk (Donal Logue) while pretending to be Ezra,” The Equalizer, “Blowback,” directed by Cheryl Dunye, 2022, (CBS)

Corruption and a mole in the CIA leads to a legendary spy named Colton Fisk to come out of hiding and even draw in Robyn to what was supposed to be a transfer of a criminal named Ezra. In truth, it was all a test. Griffin, we learn has long been corrupt and is the reason Mason got so far, Robyn got kidnapped, and Ezra, who is Colton, wanted to see how corrupt Robyn was. But with her not killing Griffin when given a chance, he realizes she might be selfish, but she isn’t someone who is dangerous.

But, even with that said, it seems what he really desired was to establish himself as her new boss and make it clear, unlike their mutual mentor Bishop, she won’t get as much leeway in terms of her belief of not working for anyone.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will Harry join Mel’s training so Delilah can assist her mom from a safe distance when it comes to long-range attacks, be it sniping people or tech?
  2. Considering how infrequently we’ve seen members of the CIA, is Colton Fisk going to be regularly seen?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Robyn doesn’t discover what Mel is doing until close to the end of the season
  2. Robyn and Colton potentially come to blows over him thinking he can coerce Robyn back into the CIA



Someone New To Hate

“The Equalizer” hasn’t really had a villain with a consistent presence. Avery Grafton, the DA, is pretty much at the point of leaving Robyn alone after she saved her life. The director of the CIA, Suri Nash, hasn’t been seen in forever. Mason Quinn, when he was alive, was a name uttered just to remind you he exists, and despite Detective Keneth Mallory wanting to expose Dante and Robyn, he ultimately got transferred, and we haven’t heard a whisper out of him since.

So, the arrival of Colton can feel overdue and necessary for as much as the episodic story structure is what “The Equalizer” is built off of, it’s hard to say that it wouldn’t benefit from someone Robyn actually has to worry about in some form.

Delilah Getting Trained By Mel & Dante Having An Arc

When it comes to the supporting characters, they rarely have much of a storyline. Aunt Vi might be reconnecting with Trish, but we’ve only seen the woman in the flesh once since Aunt Vi has talked about her. Then with Delilah, while she showed some interest in Carter in the last season, we haven’t seen him in forever. Never mind, Nicki or anyone else who could really present Delilah has a life of her own.

The same can be said with Dante, who just works and ensures his kids get an education beyond what their school is teaching them. Heck, even with Mel, the little storyline she had with reintroducing Harry to the world has resolved.

But, as a new villain enters, it seems Dante will be dealing with his boogeyman in his father, and for Delilah and Mel, they are going to break away from  Robyn and develop their own relationship. Thus, allowing Delilah to train and maybe allowing Mel to string together her experiences and stories into something coherent rather than acting as random drops to remind you she is a veteran.

Dante dealing with his dad wanting to know his sons
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Someone New To Hate
Delilah Getting Trained By Mel & Dante Having An Arc

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