Robyn questioning if she can keep her promise
"Robyn questioning if she can keep her promise," The Equalizer, "One Percenters," directed by Benny Boom, 2022, (CBS)

Robyn finds herself getting involved in local politics as a motorcycle gang, whose former member is a councilman, might be getting used for the opponent’s political gain.

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Robyn finds herself getting involved in local politics as a motorcycle gang, whose former member is a councilman, might be getting used for the opponent’s political gain.

Aired (CBS) 10/23/2022
Episode Title One Percenters
Director(s) Benny Boom
Writer(s) Adam Glass
Introduced This Episode
T-Bone Charles Brice
Buffalo Joe Big Daddy Kane
Storm Brittany Adebumola
Councilman Moore Ezra Knight

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You’ve Been Avoiding Me – Miles, Robyn

Miles knows enough to have had enough, and while Aunt Vi might be willing to wait and see, hope for the best, prep for the worst, and have an anxiety attack, Miles isn’t. So, with Robyn thinking she can avoid the truth with him as she does everyone else, he makes it clear he is going to go for full custody of Delilah. It isn’t clear when, but it will happen.

This Week’s Case – Robyn, T-Bone, Buffalo Joe, Mel, Harry, Storm, Councilman Moore

With it being an election year in both the real world and in the world of “The Equalizer,” Robyn finds herself brought into a political issue. However, it isn’t one of the candidates calling her into play, but the goddaughter of one, Storm, whose boyfriend, T-Bone, has disappeared and is on the run.

Why? Well, Councilman Moore’s opponent was trying to use T-Bone to make him look soft on crime. You see, Buffalo Joe and Councilman Moore, back in the day, started the motorcycle club the Brooklyn Disciples. Now, let it be clear they are a club, not a gang, and similar to the Black Panthers, while they may very much be for community protection, they aren’t inherently violent. However, Black men, mostly, in leather, with bikes, moving in large groups, it is seen as threatening, and even Harry has his reservations at first.

However, we ultimately learn that it wasn’t Councilman Moore’s opponent who tried to use the councilman’s relationship with Buffalo Joe and association with T-Bone and the Brooklyn Disciples to take him down. Yes, his opponent had an issue with T-Bone, for checking him when he was trying to go buck wild in a club, but the real traitor was Councilman Moore’s security. Someone who worked for his opponent’s father and was trying to get him elected by working inside his opponent’s campaign.

But luckily for Councilman Moore, Robyn and Mel take him down before he can do real damage.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Isn’t riding out with the Brooklyn Disciples a little too public for Robyn?

What Could Happen Next

  1. With Harry teaching Delilah a minor thing to fix the television, she may go around her mom and learn from Mel and Harry. Thus making them question if they missed the opportunity to have a kid and may be looking to adopt down the line.


On The Fence

Heavy-Handed Social Justice Conversation

Storm and T-Bone (Charles Brice) thanking Robyn for her help
“Storm and T-Bone (Charles Brice) thanking Robyn for her help,” The Equalizer, “One Percenters,” directed by Benny Boom, 2022, (CBS)

We’ll always appreciate “The Equalizer” presenting issues for Black people and people of color. However, it felt really heavy-handed and without much depth in this episode. Which isn’t to imply the issues T-Bone faced aren’t still happening and aren’t a notable issue. It’s just hard not to wish and expect the conversation to evolve or take on new stories or angles rather than choose the same one we’ve heard for years, decades, maybe generations.

Yet, I will admit, Dante grabbing onto T-Bone to make sure he didn’t get shot after taking Councilman Moore’s opponent hostage, under the assumption he was trying to ruin his life, was a notable moment. One that definitely will be a major standout for quite a few episodes.

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Robyn questioning if she can keep her promise
The Equalizer: Season 3/ Episode 4 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
While the social justice, or lack thereof, message is clear, it makes for a rather weak episode that is only saved by a notable moment where Dante puts his life on the line, so a Black man doesn’t get killed by police.
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Heavy-Handed Social Justice Conversation

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