The Equalizer: Season 3/ Episode 3 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Vi telling Trish it is time to meet her family

Trish, Aunt Vi’s girlfriend, finally meets the family as Robyn investigates a possible ghost sighting.

Trish, Aunt Vi’s girlfriend, finally meets the family as Robyn investigates a possible ghost sighting.

Aired (CBS) 10/16/2022
Episode Title Gaslight
Director(s) Chris Fisher
Writer(s) Kim Rome
Introduced This Episode
Kaylee Carly Goron, Cassidy Goron
Alex Rebecca Brooksher
Trish Gloria Reuben
Richard Jeff Barry
Evelyn Elizabeth Stanley

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I Know I’m Not Crazy – Kaylee, Alex, Evelyn, Richard, Robyn, Mel, Harry

For this week’s case, Robyn is dealing with a situation where a woman, Evelyn, thinks she is being haunted by her husband’s, Richard’s, ghost. The truth is, her unstable sister, Alex, is trying to make her look crazy, so she loses custody of Kaylee, Evelyn’s daughter. Now, why would she do this? Because she is in love with Richard and believes if Evelyn didn’t steal Richard from her, Kaylee would be hers.

But, as Mel and Harry find out, Richard faked his death by paying off the right people. Which when Alex hears about this, it triggers her. This leads to her trying to kill Evelyn, and kidnapping Kaylee, hoping she’ll be reunited with Richard, but ultimately she is taken down.

You Know It’s Not The Same As It Was – Trish, Vi, Robyn, Delilah, Mel, Harry

Under the impression no one would be home, Trish comes to visit Vi but finds herself caught by Delilah, who got let out of school early. This leads to a huge amount of questions that Vi wasn’t ready for and in some cases, didn’t want to answer. Especially regarding her art and why her career stalled at one point. The answer is that Vi was coming up at the same time as Basquiat, so the comparison killed her momentum, and her insecurities led her to remove herself.

As for how Mel and Harry play into this topic? Well, we’re informed there was a time Mel and Harry were world travelers, going to festivals and so much more but since getting his freedom, Harry hasn’t been keen on picking up where they left off. In fact, he has been ducking and dodging any attempt Mel has made. But, with being called out on it and talking about it, it is agreed they’ll ease back into their old life.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. All this talk about Robyn’s father makes me wonder what her mother and her people were like

What Could Happen Next

  1. Delilah continuing to press Robyn about learning how to do what she does and maybe seeing if Harry or Mel may train her

Collected Quote(s)

if every woman going through tough times lost the right to parent, we’d all be orphans.
— Robyn



Learning About Harry and Aunt Vi’s Past

Trish (Gloria Reuben) smiling at Aunt Vi
“Trish (Gloria Reuben) smiling at Aunt Vi,” The Equalizer, ” Gaslight,” directed by Chris Fisher, 2022, (CBS)

It was lovely to meet Vi’s ex, though perhaps now current, girlfriend, Trish, and understanding why Vi is in the position she is in. She is a talented artist who has been for decades yet didn’t blow up. So with learning it was because she was too insecure because her contemporaries were legends in the making, it fleshes out her past.

Then, with Harry, he is probably one of the few characters who not only doesn’t have much character development, but you don’t even realize how little we know about him. So to hear he used to love traveling but now has some form of social anxiety helps you see the man beyond the code. Not to the point of wanting to deep dive into his life and learn what else we don’t know, but it does make him appear to be more than Robyn’s hacker and Mel’s husband.

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