Aunt Vi (Lorraine Toussaint) and Robyn (Queen Latifah)
"Aunt Vi (Lorraine Toussaint) and Robyn (Queen Latifah)," The Equalizer, "No Way Out," directed by Richard Lyons, 2023, (CBS)

As Aunt Vi takes on a domestic violence situation, Detective Dante greets a new boss who may not only rein him in but potentially Robyn in the future.

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As Aunt Vi takes on a domestic violence situation, Detective Dante greets a new boss who may not only rein him in but potentially Robyn in the future.

Aired (CBS) April 23, 2023
Director(s) Richard Lyons
Writer(s) Rob Hanning, Vanessa K. Herron
Newly Noted Characters
Angie Leslie Fray
Doug Ben Thompson
Captain Grace Watkins Indira G. Wilson
Previously Noted Characters
Aunt Vi Lorraine Toussaint
Robyn Queen Latifah
Delilah Laya DeLeon Hayes
Harry Adam Goldberg
Mel Liza Lapira
Lo-Lo Jhulenty Delossantos
Detective Dante Tory Kittles
Jackson Maliq Johnson

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The time has finally come: Robyn is going to train Delilah – and they keep things simple. There is nothing about doing judo flips, punches, using a knife, or even a gun. It is all about being aware of your environment, and this training pairs well with the main story of Aunt Vi’s masseuse, Angie, dealing with an abusive husband named Doug. Someone who, originally, she denies is harming her, but with Aunt Vi having experience with domestic abuse and her intuition not letting things go, she eventually is able to break through to Angie and convince her to leave.

However, Doug doesn’t make it easy and twice nearly stops Angie from escaping. But, thanks to Robyn, Angie is freed thanks to her putting a bullet into Doug. Something Aunt Vi could have done, but she froze when Angie desperately needed her help, and she just couldn’t kill the man.

Which leaves us with Detective Dante. Naturally, he helps Aunt Vi with Angie’s case, but he also tries to take down Lo-Lo, with Jackson’s help. But, the first time he tries to take down Lo-Lo, he is outsmarted, and when his new captain hears about this, Captain Grace Watkins, he is remanded. Despite that, and a warning, Detective Dante goes after Lo-Lo again, and rather than get outsmarted, he causes Lo-Lo to leap, in hopes of escaping Detective Dante, but Lo-Lo only ends up falling to his death.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Harry finds one of Mel’s friends who was dealing with domestic violence and disappeared. At least until her abuser died in prison, thus allowing her to feel comfortable enough to post about her new relationship and happy life on social media.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. When Aunt Vi dropped the plate at the end of the episode, why didn’t Delilah check on what happened?
  2. Where was Delilah at so late at night, and why did Robyn not say anything?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Captain Watkins is going to make Detective Dante and Robyn’s professional relationship immensely complicated.


Notable Performances or Moments

Captain Grace Watkins

Captain Grace Watkins (Indira G. Wilson)
“Captain Grace Watkins (Indira G. Wilson),” The Equalizer, “No Way Out,” directed by Richard Lyons, 2023, (CBS)

All I need or am asking for is something or someone to make things more difficult. If we can’t get a villain, someone who is by the book and forces Detective Dante and Robyn to be more subtle in being vigilantes isn’t the worst thing. Add in she is a Black woman who will be on Detective Dante’s case and potentially coerce Robyn to play by the rules rather than circumvent the police? I have high hopes and maybe this time, they won’t be dashed by a character with great potential inconsistently showing up.


Awaiting The Moment Delilah Has To Use Her Training

The more training Delilah gets, the higher the anticipation for when she is forced to use it. She can fight, is learning about awareness, and a gun will be involved sooner or later. Now, in this episode, it was shown Aunt Vi isn’t capable of murdering someone, even to save another. But imagine Delilah being put in that situation and her being able to pull the trigger? The journey taking a life will send her character is way too exciting to think about. Especially if she doesn’t end up on the stereotypical path of depression, guilt, regret, or anything like that, but she is able to justify it.

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Aunt Vi (Lorraine Toussaint) and Robyn (Queen Latifah)
The Equalizer: Season 3/ Episode 15 “No Way Out” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
As Aunt Vi delivers a notable performance and increasingly takes on cases for Detective Dante, and even Robyn, to be part of, a new character delivers hope for there to be some kind of consistent opposition, and Delilah’s training expands and teases what is inevitable.
Captain Grace Watkins
Awaiting The Moment Delilah Has To Use Her Training

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