The Equalizer: Season 2/ Episode 17 “What Dreams May Come” – Recap/ Review

Robyn glad to see Dante back on the NYPD

As Robyn’s latest client notes visions regarding their sister being in trouble, Aunt Vi opens up about the hunch she got the day Robyn’s father died.

As Robyn’s latest client notes visions regarding their sister being in trouble, Aunt Vi opens up about the hunch she got the day Robyn’s father died.

Aired (CBS) 5/8/2022
Directed By Millicent Shelton
Written By Rob Hanning
Introduced This Episode
Calista Brittany Bellizeare
Julien Yusuf Gatewood
Rosa Shirley Rumierk

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Is It Holding The Secrets or Secrets Themselves? – Robyn, Delilah

Lying to her dad and holding her mom’s secrets, never mind trying to pretend she is okay despite her anxiety about what her mom does? It is weighing on Delilah. Bishop’s death was a major wake-up call, and with that, she realizes more than ever that Robyn isn’t invincible, and there comes a point where she can’t hide it anymore, so she tells her mom.

Don’t Downplay A Hunch – Robyn, Calista, Julien, Rosa, Harry, Mel, Aunt Vi

Visions, hunches, feelings, those aren’t things Robyn nor Harry like to work off of when handling a case. Robyn likes facts, and Harry literally needs them to make his hacking skills useful. But, despite how Julien seems a bit iffy, Robyn takes on his case dealing with his visions that his sister is in danger. Which, in the long run, she was. What was supposed to be the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Rosa is just another criminal using their government connections to cover up a crime. All of which Calista accidentally discovered, hence her life being threatened.

Luckily though, Harry, Robyn, and Mel believe Julien enough to pick up the clues, trust him, and get the chance to save Calista. But, during their quest, Aunt Vi reveals she once had a hunch regarding Robyn’s father. Not one that could have saved him, but a hunch when he died. This conversation isn’t easy for Robyn since her dad’s death is a sore spot. But in this episode, we learn it is because she was likely involved.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did Robyn’s dad die, and how was she involved?
  2. How much does Delilah’s therapist know? Did Delilah tell her everything, or is the therapist putting pieces together based on Delilah skirting around details?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Robyn going after Mason Quinn means harm coming to her family
  2. Us learning there might be more reasons than we know in regards to why Robyn got into the CIA or left



Robyn’s Pursuit of Mason Quinn

With the NYPD working with Robyn and the CIA long having decided that her rogue operations are of no concern of theirs, Mason Quinn is the only long-term villainous presence on The Equalizer. He is Robyn’s sole threat, and with him killing Bishop and leaving Delilah shaken? His profile is raised from episode to episode. Leaving you to wonder if he’ll be handled within the next two seasons (that The Equalizer just got renewed for) or if the season finale will be the last we see of him?

Delilah and Aunt Vi Having Storylines That Can Last Consecutive Episodes

Sometimes it seems Delilah and Aunt Vi get lost on the show. Mel and Harry, even without having arcs, are useful because Mel can shoot a gun, do reconnaissance, and Harry can hack into most systems to help track people down. But when it comes to Aunt Vi and Delilah? I would say The Equalizer has a similar issue to what Mr. InBetween had in terms of balancing the personal and the professional.

But, it seems the show wants Delilah’s issues and fears with her mom’s job put front and center, and the writers adding the intrigue of Robyn’s dad may be dying because of something she did or didn’t do? That could allow Aunt Vi and Delilah to find themselves more tied into the main storyline or perhaps gain parity with Robyn’s like as the equalizer.

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