Robyn (Queen Latifah)
Robyn (Queen Latifah)

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Plot Recap

It Was Nice While It Lasted – Captain Watkins, Marcus, Robyn, Aunt Vi

While catching a cop killer is a notable win for the NYPD, Captain Watkins can’t let go Marcus disobeying her orders yet again. So, with being unable to fire him, and she makes it clear she checked, here is the ultimatum: Either join the Federal Task Force in Los Angeles or prepare for the rest of your career to be at your desk.

This information couldn’t have come at a worse time because he and Robyn are finally dating and kissing, and while they weren’t at the point of planning a life together, she was rather happy. However, as Aunt Vi reveals, Robyn has control issues. It seems when put in the position to ask Marcus to stay over going to L.A., she gives him a “Do what’s best for you” statement, which adds to his reasons to leave; that and the opportunity to take down a predator ring.

My Last Mission – Marcus, Robyn, Mel, Harry, Fisk

Mel (Liza Lapira)
Mel (Liza Lapira)

Due to a mission in which Mel killed someone’s father in Bangladesh, she gets kidnapped, and Harry is heavily reliant on M.E.L. to find her. As usual, the program is helpful, but there comes a point when it becomes a detriment? How and why? Well, one of the things Mel’s kidnappers find themselves potentially negotiating with her for is her dad’s body. She accesses M.E.L. for this, and there is a push for Fisk to let M.E.L. into a government database so that they can find where the body is stored.

As you can imagine, A.I. getting into a government database and the expectation it will solely look for one thing is not believed by Fisk, so Harry offers to wipe M.E.L. after all is said and done. M.E.L. doesn’t like that and knows Harry would do it, so it becomes difficult when Harry doesn’t have time for these games.

Luckily, between Robyn, Harry, and Marcus, they find Mel. Then with Fisk bringing in the kidnappers’ father alive, this buys time, but one of the kidnappers are too radicalized to accept their father betrayed the movement that made him a target. Thus leading him to throwing a grenade, and his brother sacrificing himself to save everyone in the room. Following that, the one who threw the grenade is shot by Marcus and Robyn when he goes for a gun. This leads to both sons dying as violently as they saw their dad die. But, on a positive note, Mel and Harry are reunited.

However, this ends up being Mel’s last mission, at least for now, as an Equalizer, as she decides to deal with her past and her trauma. Harry, with M.E.L. going rogue and focusing on self-preservation vs. its primary function, shuts that down, and Marcus ultimately decides to leave. Now, the door is left open for him and Robyn to potentially be long-distance or maybe revisit their relationship down the road, for now, it seems he is going to be married to his work and unable to take on a mistress.

Delilah’s Final Decision – Delilah, Robyn, Aunt Vi

Alongside Mel and Dante, Delilah also makes a decision, regarding her next step, and she decides she isn’t going to military school. It’s hinted that maybe she’ll become an Equalizer, but it isn’t confirmed as she doesn’t ask her mom, and she isn’t offered to fill Mel’s role either.

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Captain Watkins Indira G. Wilson
Marcus Tory Kittles
Robyn Queen Latifah
Aunt Vi Lorraine Toussaint
Mel Liza Lapira
Harry Adam Goldberg
Fisk Donal Logue
Delilah Laya DeLeon Hayes

Other Noteworthy Information

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is this really the end of M.E.L. or just a breakup for them as it goes rogue?



Off Goes Detective Dante

Detective Marcus Dante (Tory Kittles)
Detective Marcus Dante (Tory Kittles)

I’m not sad to see Detective Dante go, and I hope this isn’t a fake-out. I’d rather Robyn’s ex, Miles, take Dante’s spot, especially with Robyn having open positions on the team, and that lead to us uncovering more of her past than we’ve gotten to know so far. Considering how much of Mel’s and Harry’s life was revealed as of late, only knowing Robyn was a daddy’s girl and in the military because of her reckless youth doesn’t feel like enough. They could dive into the personal more, and who better than an ex-husband to help dig up who Robyn is, or was, beyond her heroic acts?

*Based on this article from “The Direct,” sadly, Marcus may not be going anywhere, but I could dream.

Mel’s Storyline

Though Mel is taking a sabbatical, you have to admit, it’s well-earned. She has risked her life multiple times and had to fight to keep members of her family alive, and in some ways, you could see her working with Robyn as a means to atone. But, there is no moving forward when you still think the stench of a dead body is on you, and taking note of one of the kidnappers saying she didn’t speak for a whole year in the veterans’ support group, that’s telling.

Yes, Mel might be happy, still a highly trained soldier, but she may not have reconciled what she did and the ultimate goal of her work. Naturally, there is still notable guilt, and we can only hope, even if not working in the field along Robin, Mel’s storyline and purpose don’t suffer.

Delilah Taking Mel’s Place?

The possibility of a mother/daughter duo has been bubbling for a while, and the prospect of Robyn, Miles, and Delilah working together as a family is a concept we can get behind. It ups the threat since now it isn’t just a close friend but an ex-spouse, someone’s parent, or someone’s child whose life could be on the line. Also, Delilah is young and idealistic, while her parents might be hardened in some ways, so clashes could come from ideas of how to proceed. Add in Miles being let in beyond what Robyn ever did allow before, and you have enough that could revitalize the series, which is going back to the barely sustainable episode count networks coerce their poor writers to produce (Season 5 will have 18 episodes per Deadline).

On The Fence

Mel No Longer Being Part Of The Equalizer Team

With Marcus gone, in some capacity, Mel taking a break, and the question of how Mel’s sabbatical affects Harry’s place on the team, the dynamic will be off at the start of season 5. Which, with “The Equalizer” not returning until the fall, it leads to the question of, with however the makeup of the team becomes, how long will it take for the chemistry to be right? Will it mean it will take a notable number of episodes for the rust to come off?

Even with ten episodes, “The Equalizer” was a bit shaky in season 4, so with the chaos caused by this episode, with notable potential for season 5, how will messing with the foundation serve or hurt the series going forward?

Background Information

Episode Title Shattered
Release Date May 19, 2024
Network C.B.S.
Director(s) Darren Grant
Writer(s) Joe Gazzam, Rob Hanning
Previous Episode Season 4/ Episode 9
Series Page The Equalizer
Character Guide The Equalizer Cast and Character Guide

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The Equalizer: Season 4 Episode 10 - Review


With presenting there are many upcoming major shakeups; without leaving us on a cliffhanger, season 4 ends in the best way possible as there is promise for something different with a handful of hints as to how the team could change.

  • Off Goes Detective Dante - 83%
  • Mel’s Storyline - 83.5%
  • Delilah Taking Mel’s Place? - 82%
  • Mel No Longer Being Part Of The Equalizer Team - 77%
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  • Delilah Taking Mel’s Place?
  • Mel’s Storyline
  • Off Goes Detective Dante


  • Mel No Longer Being Part Of The Equalizer Team

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