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The Equalizer: Season 1/ Episode 4 “It Takes a Village” – Recap (with Spoilers)

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Robyn finds herself avenging a community leader against an oppressive real estate developer.

Director(s)Randy Zisk
Writer(s)Joseph C. Wilson
Aired (CBS)2/28/2021

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The Battle At Home – Aunt Vi, Delilah, Robyn

After Delilah nearly gets into an accident, thanks to a pothole, the blame game goes back and forth between Delilah and Robyn about why she nearly crashed into a pole. This leads to sending Delilah down a path of, rather than focusing on blame and absolving yourself from responsibility, do something. So she tweets out about the pothole and gets a meeting with the city planner but, it doesn’t amount to much.

However, after seeing what happens when you go through the government, Aunt Vi and Robyn remind her that sometimes, you got to do things yourself and representatives won’t be of much help.

Case of The Week – Mel, Robyn, Dante, Harry

In the case of the week, a real estate developer, Robert Harrington, uses a local thug named Kenya, and former community activist, Charles, to take out Malcolm King – who was causing a delay on Robert getting to redevelop an urban area. As can be expected, using Harry’s hacking skills, Mel being back up for sketchy situations, and Dante’s ability to arrest people, the situation gets handled.


Low Point

Nothing Notable To Talk About

While we enjoy the personal side of Robyn’s life, her life as an equalizer is dull. Each case is handled in one episode, no matter who she goes up against, and it neither makes you see her as capable nor leads you to believe anyone we’ll see in the future is formidable. The villains are interchangeable and Robyn? Well, her resume might be impressive, as well as her network, but it seems she is past her prime.

Mind you, her being past her prime still makes her better than the average person, but it makes for a boring viewing experience.

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Robyn's cases protecting the little people from the well-connected continue but don't give much to talk about.

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