As Robert’s paranoia leads to him making life-or-death decisions, Chris piquing Detective Flores’ curiosity makes Marco’s death become an unavoidable issue for his family.

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As Robert’s paranoia leads to him making life-or-death decisions, Chris piquing Detective Flores’ curiosity makes Marco’s death become an unavoidable issue for his family.

Aired (Fox) 11/7/2022
Episode Title Truth or Consequences
Director(s) Ben Hernandez Bray
Writer(s) Eddie Serrano, Sophie Hesskiel

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A Paranoid Mind – Arman, Garrett, Maya, Robert, Thony, Nadia

With Cortes’ death comes Robert becoming quite paranoid. He knows there is a rat, but it is hard to say who without evidence. So, he first decides to have Cortes’ right hand killed since him just so happening to not be there when things went down is suspicious. After that, his sights are on Maya, Arman, and Thony.

Now, lucky for Arman and Thony, he is willing to see this as a coincidence, despite Arman’s past history of getting caught up with the FBI. As for Maya? Luckily for her, Garrett is able to swoop her up and bring her to a safe house. But, while he is able to get her away from Robert, Thony and Arman only end up deeper in debt as he sets up a new meet.

Oh, and Nadia? Yes, she is questioned too, but with her genuinely knowing nothing, he passes on any suspicion he could have pointed her way. But, with knowing how Robert gets, when Arman visits La Habana, since that is made to be the meeting place Robert chooses for Arman’s next buyer, Nadia does warn him. Not only of Robert but also of how Thony could be the death of him.

One Less Thing To Worry About – Detective Flores, Garrett, Thony, Chris, Fiona

Chris signing his name on that paper at the police precinct triggers Detective Flores’ curiosity. So, with evidence Thony was in the vicinity of the murder, she tries to pressure a confession out of Chris. Fiona tries to stop her, but since Nevada apparently has laws where a minor, not even 16, can be questioned without a parent, she is kicked out of the room when Fiona becomes a nuisance.

Garrett pushing the idea Chris will have nothing to worry about, regarding the murder of his uncle
“Garrett pushing the idea Chris will have nothing to worry about, regarding the murder of his uncle,” The Cleaning Lady, “Truth or Consequences,” directed by Ben Hernandez Bray, 2022, (FOX)

Luckily, Thony is able to get Garrett to resolve everything so she can get the drugs Robert and his buyer are waiting on. But not before getting an earful from Garrett regarding the potential of her being involved with Marco’s murder. Which she confesses to, in order to protect Chris, but Garrett smells the BS. In fact, later that night, as Thony is doing the deal, Chris confesses to Garrett, despite Fiona’s protest, and Garrett writes it all off as self-defense. Thus vindicating Chris a bit, while Fiona only has more reason to worry since Garrett now has them being undocumented and a murder to hang over their heads.

What Better Way To Prove Loyalty Than Blood On Your Hands? – Maya, Garrett, Robert, Thony, Arman

Robert has come to the decision that either Maya is the rat or Arman and Thony. Because of that, he tasks Arman with either killing Maya, to prove his and Thony’s loyalty, or allowing Thony to be shot and killed. When it is all over, Arman and Thony walk out alive, still in business with Robert, and Maya dead.

Within days Garrett sees she is dead, and you know, considering how reckless he was about Cortes, Robert is about to have his operation no longer able to function under the radar. For Garrett gets messy when things get personal.

Things To Note

  1. Apparently, Chris isn’t even 16 yet

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering Robert introduced two girls who he pushes to be sexual partners, did he and Nadia use to have foursomes?
  2. Who is the new buyer that Robert has Arman working with?
  3. Where is Hayak’s daughter? Shouldn’t she be looking at La Habana’s membership and money dwindling and questioning why?
  4. So is Jaz going to ask why a cop snatched up her brother?
  5. Should we ask what happened to Garrett trying to keep up with his son or be glad his personal life got chopped for time?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Garrett being hell-bent on taking down Robert, and Nadia potentially getting in the way of that as collateral damage
  2. With Chris not having to worry about the legal ramifications of killing his uncle, that potentially freeing him up to live life again
  3. More scenes at La Habana
  4. Garrett eventually learning Arman killed Maya, and him going from wanting to take down Robert to Arman in season 3
  5. Robert buying La Habana in order to exert some sort of control over Nadia



Garrett Is About To Get Real Reckless

Garrett processing Maya being killed by Robert
“Garrett processing Maya being killed by Robert,” The Cleaning Lady, “Truth or Consequences,” directed by Ben Hernandez Bray, 2022, (FOX)

I want to call it here – “The Cleaning Lady” could last for three good seasons, with the last one revisiting Arman v. Garrett, with Thony pulled between the two. For at this point, Garrett is the ultimate villain, and with him losing Maya, that might be the best and only way the show can create some reason for you to be on his side or understand his motive.

Then, with Arman, he killed Garrett’s obsession, so Garrett going after him in a third season, after Robert is handled, makes sense. Add in Nadia, who likely will be torn between Arman, La Habana, and the promise of leaving all the drugs and crime she has dealt with behind? It could create a very messy final season.

That is, unless they bring a new character worth a damn on “The Cleaning Lady.”

On The Fence

What Chris’ Case Closing Means For His Character’s Future

It isn’t clear if Garrett saying Chris acted in self-defense will make Chris feel vindicated. He still did the act, but with the possibility of not being arrested, even though Detective Flores is pissed she won’t get the win, this could change things for Chris. My worry is, however, it will be for the worst.

As we’ve said since this arc begin, Chris dealing with killing his uncle has put a spotlight on the character and made you wonder what could happen next. But, like so much on “The Cleaning Lady,” expectations aren’t necessarily being met as the show continues to be more story driven than character driven. If not, always trying to build up excitement for the next episode and often failing to make the one you are currently watching of note.


Robert dismissing Arman
“Robert dismissing Arman,” The Cleaning Lady, “Truth or Consequences,” directed by Ben Hernandez Bray, 2022, (FOX)

At what point should you give up on a character? Do you give them three episodes, five, a season? How much time should you give a character, especially a new one, time to grow and develop? I ask myself this because Robert should be more interesting, right? He is the only one who knows Nadia’s past and keeps hinting to information that you may not be able to fathom. Like the idea of Nadia being one of many and part of a harem of sorts.

Also, considering he is the new Hayak, you would imagine him being menacing and controlling a scene, but that isn’t the case. Even him getting his hands dirty with stabbing Cortes’ right-hand man didn’t really change much. The performance, or actor, just doesn’t have that oomph needed and is starting to become a liability. One that, based on how Hayak and Cortes were killed off, you could only hope is quickly written off the show as past villains were.

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Fiona questioning when this is going to end
The Cleaning Lady: Season 2/ Episode 7 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
“The Cleaning Lady” continues to rely on deaths and the hope it can shock you in the short term over crafting something compelling over the long term. Which leaves us to wonder, while it still has the ratings to be renewed and is cheaper to produce since Fox doesn’t own it outright, how long can the show go on like this before it runs out of gas or tries to escalate to the point of becoming a caricature of itself?
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Garrett Is About To Get Real Reckless
What Chris’ Case Closing Means For His Character’s Future

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