The Cleaning Lady: Season 2/ Episode 6 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As Nadia decides to be loyal to herself over Arman, Robert plays right into Arman, Thony, and Garrett’s hands with a deal that means Arman working with Cortes.

Aired (FOX) 10/24/2022
Episode Title Paradise Lost
Director(s) SJ Main Munoz
Writer(s) Jen Klein, Charlie Engelhorn

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Maybe In Another Life – Fiona, JD, Chris, Jaz, Detective Flores

With Jaz not knowing exactly what is going on, all she can assume is that Chris is down and acting out because he is a TNT. So, her idea is that JD can marry Fiona, and Chris get adopted, which will solve everything. However, JD has a girlfriend. Fiona didn’t want to marry JD before and doesn’t now, and for Chris? Still being unable to tell the truth bugs him.

Jaz coming up with a solution to the family's problem
“Jaz coming up with a solution to the family’s problem,” The Cleaning Lady, “Paradise Lost,” directed by SJ Main Munoz, 2022, (FOX)

Hence him wanting to confess to Detective Flores, especially as she comes over and makes it appear Jon may end up taking the fall. But, while he goes to the precinct and even signs in to talk to Detective Flores, JD gets to him first. Fiona has told him everything, and with knowing everything and still embracing Chris, that may keep Chris from confessing for a little while. But with signing that paper, it has put him on Detective Flores’ radar.

I Will Not Be Played For A Fool – Nadia, Arman, Robert, Garrett, Thony

Nadia is 100% sure Arman is cheating on her when, in reality, he is just trying to trick Robert into setting up a meeting for him and Cortes. But, by not telling Nadia, this furthers Robert’s interest, especially as he comes upon the amount of drugs Arman is dealing and sees him pay a 1/5 of his debt off at once. However, learning the truth, Robert and Arman making a deal in which Robert gets 20%, which clears all debts and obligations, doesn’t fix things.

At this point, Nadia has already thrown out Arman’s clothes onto the driveway. Also, she has recommitted herself to La Habana and plans to work for Robert, making a commission, to buy the place herself. Thus, while Arman might have worked with Garrett under the hope he and Thony could take down Robert and eliminate him from Nadia’s life, it seems Arman may not have Nadia to fight for.

Nadia noting to Arman 'There is no us!'
“Nadia noting to Arman ‘There is no us!’,” The Cleaning Lady, “Paradise Lost,” directed by SJ Main Munoz, 2022, (FOX)

Though, while she has kicked him out, she hasn’t mentioned getting a divorce yet, so there might be hope.

Not Everyone Can Get Out Of A Burning House – Cortes, Arman, Thony, Maya, Garrett

When Arman and Thony meet with Cortes, Garrett and the FBI are only a few miles away in case things go down. But, while Arman leaving to get the product raises a red flag, since Garrett doesn’t know what he is doing, it is Maya showing up that leads him to break protocol and make a move.

After all, Garrett is a stalker, vehemently obsessed, and it is only natural that when he gets an excuse to shoot Cortes, he takes it. Then Thony, to cover things up, makes it appear Cortes tried to kill Maya, Garrett, and herself when Garrett’s backup busts in.

Now, as for how Maya feels about this? Well, when she first saw Thony, she figured Garrett had found someone new to end up just like her. But as Thony takes up for Garrett, as if he hasn’t threatened her multiple times with deportation, it seemingly got through Maya’s head, and she decided to side with Thony. Though, you can’t discount Cortes seemingly breaking Maya’s arm playing a factor in all of this.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, JD and Fiona didn’t keep in touch at all while he was away? At least to try to keep something between them alive?
  2. With Hayak and now Cortes dying, why aren’t we seeing more of a power vacuum? These major players dying should lead to more chaos

What Could Happen Next

  1. Robert getting paranoid because now Arman has had two incidents of the FBI trailing him and busting something he was associated with
  2. Nadia not leaving Arman, but definitely tempted to
  3. Chris leaning on JD, and Fiona not being comfortable about that
  4. Thony still trying to figure out how to get drugs in from Mexico to help people, and that causing issues that Arman has been warning her about



The Marco Murder Investigation Could Be Interesting

What Thony, Arman, and Nadia are going through is a chaotic mess. However, Chris’ storyline still holds value. His guilt, the inclusion of Detective Flores, who, like most women on this show, is written way beyond the quality of any of the men, makes for something interesting to watch. Especially since JD knows about Chris’ truth, Chris may have an outlet outside his household.

But, with Chris signing that paper, thus pushing the idea he knows something, it could help make Detective Flores someone worth noting since she is unlikely to get killed off quickly, like Jon, Hayak, or now Cortes, which means we can get used to her, know her, and have a reason to worry about her.

On The Fence

Cortes’ Death

Julian Cortes when he was alive
“Julian Cortes when he was alive,” The Cleaning Lady, “Paradise Lost,” directed by SJ Main Munoz, 2022, (FOX)

There are two ways to look at Cortes’ death. First, we barely knew him, so it isn’t much of a loss. But, at the same time, he’s been built up to be this notable character because Garrett’s screw-up allowed Cortes to flourish. So the first time we properly get to meet him being the last time we get to see him is disappointing. Especially since it could mean more Garrett now with Maya free from Cortes.

Nadia’s Independence

Nadia breaking up with Arman doesn’t feel permanent, and unless she decides to be completely single and not deal with Arman or Robert, it’s easy to imagine her development being reined in again because of the man she associates with.

The JD x Fiona Storyline

Once JD said he had a girlfriend, that killed where I thought this was going. Now, can they drag this out, make it a flirtationship that leads to conversations about Fiona’s past when she first came to the US, and what led to Jaz? Yes. But, in a season that is acting wild and fast, including killing villains left and right, the last thing “The Cleaning Lady” needs is a lackluster romance. It already has this lukewarm love triangle between Arman, Thony, and Nadia. Never mind the one Robert is trying to create between him, Nadia, and Arman.

Thony and Arman's hands lingering in each other's touch
“Thony and Arman’s hands lingering in each other’s touch,” The Cleaning Lady, “Paradise Lost,” directed by SJ Main Munoz, 2022, (FOX)

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Arman and Thony catching Robert in their web
The Cleaning Lady: Season 2/ Episode 6 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Could “The Cleaning Lady” be having a sophomore slump? Its best storyline features a supporting character who was barely focused on in its first season. Meanwhile, its lead is dealing with the kind of chaos that isn’t leading to any fruitful storylines and seems meant for some kind of shock value that is less electrifying and more like those annoying gum stick pranks you may have experienced in primary school.
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The Marco Murder Investigation Could Be Interesting
Cortes’ Death
Nadia’s Independence
The JD x Fiona Storyline

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