The Cleaning Lady: Season 1/ Episode 5 “The Icebox” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As Garret shows us why he has the reputation he does, Arman is reminded of his place within Hayak’s empire.

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Thony as ICE comes to arrest her and her friends

As Garret shows us why he has the reputation he does, Arman is reminded of his place within Hayak’s empire.

Aired 2/7/2022
Network FOX
Directed By Milan Cheylov
Written By Eddie Serrano


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Gave or Earned? – Hayak, Nadia, Isabel, Arman

Despite Arman seemingly securing the hotel and casino deal for Hayak, he partners with Isabel and her husband. This is a shock to Arman since he thought they talked about being equal partners, but Hayak clarifies that Arman spoke about it. Hayak wasn’t giving any weight to that conversation.

Hayak downplaying Arman's contributions

This upsets Nadia since it continues this feeling of being the help to Hayak, and with Arman not being aggressive in having their situation change, she questions why are they working together? Add in Isabel looking at the books and asking questions? It further drives Nadia’s anger, with the last straw potentially being seeing how Arman is with Isabel but rarely, if ever, with her.

Desperate Measures – Garrett, Thony, Fiona, Jaz, Chris

Thony forced his hand. Garrett knows Thony is getting involved and messing with his case, so his form of retribution is calling ICE on her and Fiona and creating chaos in their life. Their children, without a contingency plan, freak out a bit. For lest we forget, while Jaz’s dad could take her in, what about Chris? He is undocumented, and we haven’t seen any signs that he is close with his uncle enough to seek him out, never mind know how to get to him.

Jaz freaking out

Yet, Garrett wants answers, and he is willing to have Fiona deported in order to get them. So Thony decides she is going to have to bite the bullet.

Playing The Hand Dealt – Arman, Thony, Garret, Fiona

However, trying to play Arman, listen in on his conversations and report on the turmoil of his life, she doesn’t want to do that. Arman is the only person who has helped her with Luca, so she confesses her situation to him.

As you can imagine, Arman flips out when he first hears this but after Hayak and all else that is going on? It seems Arman realizes it would be better to use this as an opportunity to plan out his future than the death blow to end his dealings with Thony. So, he decides he will feed her information, including Eric’s laptop, to help Thony. Thus, while one of Thony’s friends doesn’t get rescued from deportation, at least Fiona does.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why hasn’t Fiona set up a contingency plan with her kids before now?
  2. Does Jaz’s father ever see her? Since he is mentioned as someone who could take her in.
  3. Since Fiona and Thony are now on ICE’s radar, how in danger are they of being the targets of another raid?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Fiona finally asking questions about what Thony is into
  2. Nadia trying to move on up in Hayak’s empire without Arman
  3. Isabel learning what her father is into
  4. Arman using Thony in order to take down Hayak and take over his empire


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The Deportation Experience

While many news reports have documented children being in cages and inhumane treatment of people simply seeking a better life and assuming the United States could give such, it sometimes seems like the world has moved on. However, that doesn’t mean these conditions have changed, ICE is any less tyrannical, and the United States immigration system has improved.

It hasn’t. It remains one of those things people complain about but don’t really want to fix for that requires investment when it seems what most want is to further the deterrent from coming here. And it is through the lack of medical attention, the indifference of the guards, and conditions that some wouldn’t even say prisoners charged with a crime shouldn’t endure, you are reminded why Garrett’s threat was the nuclear option.

Seeing How Far Garrett Will Go

Yet, it really did prove to us that Garrett got suspended for a reason. He will go to the extremes for a win and yet still see himself as the good guy. Yes, he has traumatized Thony, Fiona, and their kids, but he is trying to take down Arman and Hayak, so he seems to think the ends justify the means. It doesn’t.

If anything, Garrett’s actions further shows you how corrupt the law enforcement system is since Thony may have a mouth on her to guilt Garrett, but she can’t report him. Thony has no means to make sure Garrett can’t pull a stunt like that again. She is reliant on his supervisor, who, honestly, probably cares less about what Thony is going through than Garrett. The only difference is she might be nicer about it.

Arman Turning His Back On Hayak

It isn’t clear how old Arman is, but he is definitely too old for Hayak to say he has given Arman anything at this point. Arman seems to be the face of the operation and has shown himself to have the social intelligence Hayak lacks. Yet, it seems with knowing who Arman’s father is, Hayak can’t move past that.

So, it should be interesting to see how the information Arman gives implicates Hayak and pushes Garrett to focus more on the big fish?

Interest Drawn Towards Nadia

Nadia saying she is through with Arman

Is Nadia drawing the kind of attention that makes you want to ask about her background and things like that? No. But while her past isn’t that interesting, her future is, especially a future where she decides to not be aligned with Arman and either try to impress Hayak on her own or take out Arman so that she won’t have to share any glory.

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Thony as ICE comes to arrest her and her friends
The Cleaning Lady: Season 1/ Episode 5 “The Icebox” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
The Cleaning Lady has upped the stakes, shows alliances are shifting, and pushes you to question if Thony's secrets have been revealed to all parties and how will she handle that going forward?
Seeing How Far Garrett Will Go
Arman Turning His Back On Hayak
Interest Drawn Towards Nadia
The Deportation Experience

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