With a minor bit of drama, season 2 comes to an end, and The Circle’s winner is announced.

Episode Name And The Winner Is
Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 5/5/2021

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Bye Mitchell – Courtney, River, Deleesa

As to be expected, Courtney is glad that Mitchell is gone, and Lee, aka River, might feel a bit bad, but the whole idea here was making sure the Messy Queens and Cardashians made it to the end – and Mitchell was a threat. But with Mitchell gone, so goes Deleesa’s plan to counter the work of the #MessyQueens and it being believed that their shot of winning has gone up in flames.

Face To Face – Chloe, Deleesa, Courtney, Lee, Lisa, Jack

However, what Deleesa didn’t think about is Courtney, in trying to consider strategy, not putting River as his number one. And because of him thinking strategically, Lisa and Jack as well, the most liked of the bunch aren’t necessarily voted to be people’s number one.

But, behind the scenes voting aside, don’t you wanna know what happened when everyone met face to face? Well, nothing that interesting. Chloe isn’t absolutely devastated that Trevor is Deleesa, never mind Deleesa’s husband. Lee’s reveal also doesn’t stir any hard feelings, nor Lisa and Jack’s. It’s all friendly, with hugs and conversations about how surprised everyone is that so many catfish made it to the end. Also, that Chloe is the sole woman, who played as a woman, to make it this far.

And The Winner Is – Savannah, Terilisha, Deleesa

Savannah still stirring the pot
Savannah still stirring the pot

Speaking of women, despite it being at least a week or more since their elimination, Savannah and Terilisha still are head butting, which Michelle Buteau entertains a little bit, before having them eclipse the finale.

Leading to the question of who won the second season of The Circle: Deleesa. John was in 5th, River in 4th, Courtney in 3rd, and Chloe in 2nd, making Deleesa, as Trevor, the winner! This leads to a cute little celebration that includes Trevor and Deleesa’s daughter via a tablet, making an appearance.

Commentary/ Review


The Little Drama Between Terilisha and Savannah

I know many people wish reality tv wasn’t so dramatic and petty, but reality tv would have died a long time ago if it wasn’t. What makes shows like The Circle exciting is the backstabbing and for Terilisha and Savannah to still be going back and forth in person? It was what I needed.

After all, despite Lee revealing himself as the secret influencer, Courtney as the Joker, and even Deleesa revealing she made the picture targeting River, things were way too friendly. Heck, even with Chloe questioning Courtney about being targeted, a quick explanation killed any and all drama that could have come from that. So the Terilisha and Savannah spat that Netflix has been using to promote the show remains one of the season’s biggest highlights. So even if for five or so minutes, wondering what they would say next was one of the most exciting parts of the episode.

A Teary Ending

Deleesa excited about winning
Deleesa excited about winning

With that said, I’m glad Deleesa won. Lee’s reason was trash, we never learned Lisa and Jack’s, and when it comes to Courtney? Admittedly, it did present a human side to his strategy, but considering all he did up to that reveal? It would have left many with a stank face if he won.

As for Chloe? She did have a wonderful reason, but the only cast member, throughout the whole season, who made it clear why they wanted and needed the money was Deleesa! This is why we love the fact she won. Also, even as a catfish, she never got nasty, like Jack did, even when she was trying to break up the #MessyQueens, and it makes her one of the most deserving of them all.

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A Teary Ending - 83%
The Little Drama Between Terilisha and Savannah - 84%


In what sometimes felt like an uneventful season, outside of a few twists, the one person who made their need for the money clear won, and for that, we are grateful.

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