It is decided who is the real and who is the fake, and soon after, we end up with two new players, who are both catfishes.

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It is decided who is the real and who is the fake, and soon after, we end up with two new players, who are both catfishes.

Aired 9/8/2021
Network Netflix
Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Newly Noted Characters
Isabella Sophia
Jackson Rachel


Can The Real Michelle Please Leave – Michelle, Ava and Chanel, Daniel

Ultimately, the real Michelle is eliminated, but she isn’t upset with Ava and Chanel, who she goes to see. Rather, she is upset with Daniel since he chose the fake Michelle despite their conversation. Though, in his defense, it was a unanimous decision to go with Ava and Chanel’s version of her. So it isn’t like she convinced anyone she was the real deal.

New Faces, New Looks – Ruksana, Sophia, Rachel, Kai, Nick

No sooner than the dismissal of the real Michelle, who, of course, doesn’t get to say goodbye to everyone, we get two new players! The first is Sophia, pretending to be her older sister, Isabella, mainly because Isabella is attractive, straight, and Sophia thinks they’ll have an easier time than her. Following her is Rachel as her best friend’s boyfriend Jackson, who is catfishing for a similar reason to Sophia – she just thinks it’ll be easier to be someone else.

Together, those two hit it off well before joining the fray, which is still reeling from the Michelle drama, and also no one owning up to seeing her on the way out. But with a throwback game and two new players, that issue is set aside. Especially since Kai and Jackson end up flirting, as well as Nick and Isabella.

But, all eyes aren’t just on them as Ruksana reveals she is a little person, which doesn’t cause anyone to question why she didn’t reveal that. If anything, it is accepted, praised, and makes Ruksana feel all the more welcomed.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

What Could Happen Next

  1. Is it wrong I think Michelle will end up on the bottom again? Yeah, Ava and Chanel won that battle, but we haven’t seen them pursue new connections. Also, them dodging the possibility the other Michelle saw them arose a lot of suspicions.



It’s Strangely Light On The Drama, But Not Boring

Unlike last season, there isn’t the kind of drama that really gets you talking. Yeah, we had a game-sanctioned catfish situation, but that seems to be dying down with new players, flirtationships, and no one really making hard set alliances – yet. But, despite that, I think this season has compensated by having nearly everyone cast bring the type of personality that keeps you engaged.

Now, granted, is everyone on Daniel and Kai’s level? No. But Calvin has the occasional notable comment, Nick is goofy, and everyone brings something.

On The Fence

What’s The Reason Everyone Is Playing, Again?

However, one holdover from last season is that we don’t know why the majority are in this beyond $100,000. Sophia, thankfully, puts it out there by noting she plans to pay for school with it. As for everyone else? We can assume bills, but the lack of knowing for sure makes it less about you rooting for this person or that person than seeing what may happen next to them.

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Michelle worried about getting eliminated
The Circle: Season 3/ Episode 3 “Identity Theft” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
It feels like, with season 3, there is a moderate amount of course correction. The casting people and editors want the drama, but just enough to keep its audience interested. They don't want everything front-loaded and then have the rest of the season feel like a decline. Which I think they achieved.
It's Strangely Light On The Drama, But Not Boring
What's The Reason Everyone Is Playing, Again?

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