Khat noting, "This is me!"
Khat noting, "This is me!"

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Alongside finding out what powers are given to those in “The Inner Circle,” two new players are introduced, with one making an impression on the ladies.

Episode Title Snake In The Grass
Director(s) Sam Campbell
Writer(s) Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 4/21/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Herself Khat
Himself Mitchell

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Is It A Snake Or The Joker? – Courtney, Khat, Mitchell

So, what is the power of “The Inner Circle?” Well, it is broken down into multiple parts. The first being, you get to not only see but interact with new players before anyone else! On top of that, you get to do so anonymously. Making it so, when it comes to the episode’s title, “Snake In The Grass,” it can more so be considered Courtney than Terilisha.

Now, as for who these new people are? Khat is a 6’7 woman from Mesquite, Texas, and a professional volleyball player who is well accomplished. I’m talking national championships, 2x All-American, and being a professional player for 5 years now.

Khat smiling
Khat smiling

As for Mitchell? Well, he actually is a relative to Tammy and Ed from season one – and it is a bit of a surprise. Maybe since he seems a bit more polished than them but, who knows, perhaps they weren’t just playing the game but also viewers as well?

Either way, both new players find themselves being led to question Emily and Terilisha, though also told to watch out for the ladies in general.

Getting To Know You – Lance, Chloe, Lee, Deleesa, Terilisha, Khat, Jack, Mitchell

With that in the back of their heads, the newbies are introduced, and there is a lot of niceties exchanged before a few private chats bloom. One is between Lance, Chloe, and Lee, about her feeling Mitchell, but not sure if she should move on from Trevor. And speaking of Trevor, or rather Deleesa, it seems he is looking to form an alliance with Khat and Terilisha, which was only missing Courtney to be a pro-Black chat.

But, instead, it seems Deleesa is still leaning heavily on Trevor being a dad to garner relationships, and Terilisha and Khat fall for it. Mind you, Deleesa does bring up Terilisha’s drama from previous episodes, which she doesn’t appreciate, but she winds her back over in the long run.

Mitchell being introduced
Mitchell being introduced

Leaving Jack, as Emily, and Mitchell. All that happens there is some back and forth flirting that surely is going to test if Mitchell is as friendly as he says, if he encounters the real Emily.

A Dangerous Game – Courtney

To really prove how much of a gift having access to the “Inner Circle” is, we learn Courtney can pick one of the influencers for the next elimination. Now, let it be noted, it isn’t explicitly said he can’t choose himself. However, considering Courtney really doesn’t have any notable alliances, who would he pick if he doesn’t choose himself?

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will there be another player, this season, who gets to be in the “Inner Circle?”
  2. Likely To Be Blocked: Lisa as Lance, since the Catfish belief is starting to grow more and more. Terilisha, since the well has already been poisoned and it seems her efforts to have everyone move on may not work.



The Inner Circle Lived Up To The Hype

Talking to new players in disguise and choosing an influencer?! I don’t know how often people will get to be part of the “Inner Circle,” but I hope it isn’t overused. It has just enough power to tip the scales and be exciting, yet it could lose its luster if it exchanges hands too many times or if the same powers are given when a new player enters the room.

But, either way, season 2, not being a rehash of season 1, just with different characters, is really making this must-see TV.

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The Inner Circle Lived Up To The Hype - 86%


The Circle keeps things fresh with a new element to the game that definitely should be a staple for future seasons.

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