The Circle: Season 2/ Episode 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Chloe shocked by what's going on

We have our first elimination, and who goes, you can probably guess. However, whether the person who will replace them is real? Well…

We have our first elimination, and who goes, you can probably guess. However, whether the person who will replace them is real? Well…

Episode Title Alliances Are Formed
Director(s) Sam Campbell
Writer(s) Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 4/14/2021

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So, About #GirlGang – Chloe, Emily, Savannah

Being that Chloe ended up the only girl on the chopping block, this begins to create cracks in #GirlGang. She asks Emily what’s going on, and Jack plays it cool, then invites Savannah in, and it doesn’t necessarily make things better. To save face, both present the idea #GirlGang is stronger than ever but for how long? That’s hard to say.

Taking Out The Only One Without An Alliance – Savannah, Bryant, Terilisha

What is known is fear of looking like a liar is probably one of the few reasons Chloe gets saved. As for the rest? River and Courtney are saved due to their alliances, despite Terilisha gunning to get Courtney eliminated. Thus leaving Bryant, who, while sweet, didn’t make any alliances and got the lowest grades during the poetry challenge on top of being last in popularity.

Thus, between #GirlGang, #MeandUTillTheEnd (Savannah and Courtney), and Terilisha feeling like River’s older sister, Bryant ends up blocked.

Face to Face – Lee, Bryant

Leading to him meeting up with Lee and them having a cute moment. One which was very genuine for Lee cried when Bryant was blocked, despite knowing it is a game. And while we don’t know what may have happened between them, once the show is over, there could be a genuine friendship there.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. That can’t really be Lance Bass, can it?



Oh, The Drama

One of the beautiful things about The Circle is that it is so addicting, even if you’re not firmly into reality TV competitions. That and the alliances made don’t last forever. I mean, look at #GirlGang already falling apart. Savannah doesn’t trust Chloe, nor vice versa. Also, Savannah and Terilisha drew their lines in the sand and concluded all of their alliances are in conflict. Add in Terilisha thinking Savannah is fake combined with Savannah pushing Terilisha to announce the elimination? Oh, while not at the top of Terilisha’s s*** list, Savannah is on it.

But, all things considered, I was surprised Terilisha was even #1 considering she hasn’t said much. However, making your presence known, keeping it cute, but not saying anything that can come off pandering, is the name of the game and keeps people in The Circle.

Unless someone has a bullseye on you.

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