Mitchell, i nthe tub, trying to make a last minute pitch to River and Courtney
Mitchell, i nthe tub, trying to make a last minute pitch to River and Courtney

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It’s the penultimate episode of the season, and we FINALLY learn why everyone wants to win $100,000!

Episode Name The Last Blocking
Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 4/28/2021

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Why I Should Win – John, River, Chloe, Trevor, Mitchell, Courtney, Deleesa

For most of the season, the reason everyone wanted to win was either assumed or unknown. Deleesa’s reason was clearly for her daughter and family, but everyone else who made it this far? It was pretty much unknown. However, we get our answer this episode, and some are better than others.

When it comes to Lee, as River, he claims it is for paying off loans and getting a car (as River), but the truth is that Lee wants a pool. As for Jack and Lisa? All we get is John’s answer about wanting to do a family vacation. There is nothing about their desires at all.

However, beyond those, we get a few touching ones. You have Deleesa putting money down on a house; Chloe wants to pay off her family’s debts, buy her brother a car, put a deposit on a house, and support her dad’s addiction recovery charity. That last bit is important to her since her dad went to rehab and drastically altered her family, so that’s something close to her heart.

Pushing on, Mitchell would use the money for toy drives, to create generational wealth and retire his parents and Courtney? Well, with his stepdad dealing with stage three kidney disease and that man being the only dad he has ever known, all the money would go to him.

The Super Influencer – River, Mitchell

After getting everyone’s reason, and The Circle allowing them to see their family in recorded videos, it is time to vote, and River ends up a Super Influencer and meeting Mitchell! Who, of course, is hurt he is out but takes it in good stride.

Which ultimately leaves Lee as River, Deleesa as Trevor, Chloe, Courtney, and Lisa and Jack as John. All of who will meet face to face for the finale – May 5th to see who wins $100,000!


On The Fence

Wishing They Brought The Reasons Out Earlier

Courtney sighing
Courtney sighing

I can’t be the only one who wishes Courtney revealed his stepdad’s diagnosis and that situation, right? In fact, why is it only Deleesa has ever put it into the ethos why they wanted the money? A lot of the heart of the first season came from knowing the reason why people wanted the money, thus allowing us a reason to forgive their strategies. But, without that, it just makes everything seem catty, petty, sometimes vindictive, or in the case of Jack, someone just plain old being an ass.

And honestly, when you factor in Chloe’s reason, on top of giving you an understanding of why they did this or that, it also adds layers. For Chloe has been made out to seem like this boy crazy fool to be laughed at. However, with learning why she wants the $100K, it makes her seem deeper. This is especially true when you add in her chats with Mitchell about being bullied and getting to know these people besides their alliances and people throwing jabs.

But I guess someone thought an emotional reaction from hating certain characters is better than loving certain characters and wanting to see them make it to the end.

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Wishing They Brought The Reasons Out Earlier - 76%


While the emotional investment isn't there, at the very least, you probably have someone you don't wanna win by now.

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