Jack welcoming Lisa to the dark side
Jack welcoming Lisa to the dark side

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It’s time for another elimination, and with one person really doing horrible, will the return of the influencers lead to them being taken out or a real threat?

Episode Name Campaigning To Win
Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 4/28/2021

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Can We Be Friends/ Are We Still Friends? – John, Mitchell, Khat

Things are looking dire for Khat, so after Mitchell not voting for her in a competition, there is a check to make sure they are still good. The answer? Yes. In fact, Mitchell shares with Khat that he thinks Courtney is The Joker since she hasn’t dropped that topic, and with this exchange going well, Khat is a little more assured, despite not doing well.

As for John? Well, once again, Mitchell takes aim at Courtney when Lisa and Jack fish for information, but he also throws River in there since their alliance is now seen as a threat. But of course, being that Jack is mainly loyal to himself and Lisa seemingly along for the ride, whether or not John will be a faithful ally to Mitchell is circumstantial.

Whose Out Next? – Chloe, Trevor, Khat

Chloe overwhelmed by all the votes she got
Chloe overwhelmed by all the votes she got

Because of her coming for Chloe, Khat ends up at the bottom, Chloe and Trevor at the top, and because of their conflicting relationships, so comes the question of who will end up going? Chloe, Courtney, and River are a team. Then, Trevor has a bro-bond with Mitchell and is cool with Khat, despite what she said about Chloe. Add in John can’t be touched, and it makes you wonder, will strategy trump loyalty?


On The Fence

Not Excited About Who Could Win But Wanting To See This Through The End

At this point, I just want to see the finale when they realize Trevor and River are catfishing, as well as John. As for being excited about this person or that person winning, as said before, this season has felt very little about that. It is far more about the game, the politics, alliances, backstabbing than building up anyone into a figure you hope wins. Which is kind of weird since it wasn’t heavily done in season 1, but done enough to make the players’ intentions understandable – beyond $100,000 being a lot of money.

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Not Excited About Who Could Win But Wanting To See This Through The End - 74%


While you may not be overtly excited about any specific person winning, at the very least, the drama continues.

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