The Circle: Season 1 Episode 8 “The Player I’m Saving Is” Recap/ Review

As we get the last person(s) who will join the circle, one of our catfishes reveal themselves in a group chat.

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Sean reacting to the eliminations.

As we get the last person(s) who will join the circle, one of our catfishes reveal themselves in a group chat.

Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 1/8/2020
Introduced This Episode
Himself Ed
Herself Tammy

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Meet Ed, and His Mommy: Ed, Tammy

Ed and Tammy's promo picture.

Per our host, everyone has the ability to bring something from the outside world into their room, beyond necessary things like clothes. For one of the last players to join “The Circle,” he brought his mom. Yup, Ed, a 23-year-old, who later ups his age to 26, brought his mother Tammy to assist in his decision making.

Making A Connection: Ed, Sammie, Adam, Shubham, Joey, Miranda, Tammy

Naturally, when you’re new in a game like this, you want to make friends. Ed does so by relating to Joey in being a momma’s boy and Italian, and he relates to Sammie, who went to Cabrini, as Tammy did, and originally lived only a few towns over growing up.

But, it doesn’t end there. With Ed being a helicopter engineer, Shubham relates to him since he is a software engineer. Leaving Adam who, similar to how Shubham felt when he came on board, feeling a bit left out and unsure how to fit in.

Joey and Miranda kissing.

Switching things up, let’s talk hot and saucy. That is Miranda, who for some reason didn’t get to do a goodbye video message, going to see Joey and ending things with a quick make-out session. Leaving you to wonder, if this show ends up doing a reunion episode, will we learn about things going further later on?

This Is Me: Sean, Chris, Sammie, Rebecca

While it has been acknowledged multiple times that no one believes you can win this show being yourself, Sean has come to that point of possibly wanting to challenge that. So, to Chris, Sammie, and Rebecca, it appears Sean will reveal not only that she is a catfish but her true self.

Plot Synopsis (The Too Long, Didn’t Read Recap)

  1. Sean seemingly is going to reveal to Chris, Sammie, and Rebecca that she is catfishing everyone.
  2. Miranda is blocked and chooses Joey to visit and, after some conversation, they make out.
  3. Ed is the newest member of “The Circle,” and he decides to bring his mother.

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  1. Why didn’t Miranda get to make a going away video?

Review/ Commentary

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Miranda and Joey

With most of the connections purely about competition, minus what Shubham has with people, it makes seeing Joey and Miranda connect, even outside the romantic aspect, so cute. Especially since she opened up to him in a way she didn’t really do with other people. Thus further pushing there truly was something about Joey to her, and as much as she was accused of being a big flirt, that didn’t mean she was incapable of developing a close and meaningful relationship. One that, I’d add, I’d like to see more of.

Ed and Tammy: Double Trouble

I feel that, if it wasn’t for Michelle Buteau, I wouldn’t think of Ed bringing his mother as the worst idea. After all, Joey is a momma’s boy and proud of it, so the idea of some other dude bringing his mom, considering all the catfish we have, isn’t terrible. But, with the jokes made about Tammy and the relationship she has with her son, they are purely jokes to me and oh how I love each and everyone thrown at them.

Sean’s Reveal

Sean preparing to reveal herself.
Sean: The truth is the photos that I am using are not mine.

While this catfish thing is entertaining, as noted previously, it speaks to a larger societal issue and with Sean’s career dealing with body positivity and expression, her opening the doors to that conversation makes sense. Especially with the group she chose for Chris is all about love and is basically a Mexican RuPaul, in terms of persona (public persona); Sammie wasn’t for Alana’s body commentary when she made that skinny girls, or whatever, group chat; and Seaburn, as Rebecca, has crafted this perception that she is sugar sweet.

So one can only hope, through their conversation, we can get in the third set of episodes another few of those real moments which remind you these are real people. Even if they are hiding behind a false profile, they are real people with very valid reasons to hide their true selves.


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Sean’s Reveal - 90%
Ed and Tammy: Double Trouble - 80%
Miranda and Joey - 89%


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