The Circle: Season 1 Episode 7 “Picking Teams” Recap/ Review

Sammie covering her face, reacting to a video sent to her.

Sammie continues to pull on people’s heartstrings as two new players are introduced and the elimination process is remixed.

Sammie continues to pull on people’s heartstrings as two new players are introduced and the elimination process is remixed.

Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 1/8/2020
Introduced This Episode
Himself Bill
Herself Sean

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Only Some People Get To Be Themselves: Bill, Sean

Once again, we have a catfish that deals with a woman who believes, as she is, she wouldn’t make it in this game. So, instead, Sean decides to use a picture of her friend, who is a thin girl compared to her. As for Bill? Being that he is average looking, but has some definition to him, he is just himself and that’s enough.

A Reprieve From The Stress: Miranda, Alex, Joey, Sammie, Sean, Bill

To introduce Sean and Bill, they get to lead a trivia game which Sean’s team of Miranda, Alex, Joey, and Sammie win. Thus, they get a prize which is a video message from their friends or family. Now, for some, it is simple like Miranda’s co-workers or Alex’s wife Gina. However, things escalate as Joey gets a video of his mom and then Sammie her aunt.

Sammie’s call is probably the biggest deal, for it leads to the reveal her aunt raised her due to her mom dying when she was a baby and her dad being unable to take care of her. Then, to add more reasons to cry, we learn Sammie’s aunt took her in when she was 21. Making it so, increasingly, everyone is having their moment in the sun, but Sammie is getting a full-on tan.

And You Thought It Was Going To Be Easy: Joey, Shubham

With people opening up, and there being very few, if any snide comments among the group, it makes another elimination quite daunting. Luckily, Shubham, for an unprecedented third time, is within the top two and joining him is his best buddy Joey. Which would make you think this could be easy since they are close, so when it comes to getting rid of someone, it would be easier.

However, to bring a twist into this, rather than choosing someone to eliminate, both can pick two to save. On top of that, the process is seemingly going to be in real-time with them getting to pick and choose people as those who aren’t influencers are forced to watch.

Plot Synopsis (The Too Long, Didn’t Read Recap)

  1. Bill and Sean are the newest to the show, and Sean is a catfish.
  2. Sammie’s aunt raised her due to her mother dying and her father being unable to raise her.
  3. Joey and Shubham end up the influencers this episode, but rather than discussing who to block, they must choose two people to save – and it seems the choices will be seen in real-time.
  4. Seaburn stumbled a bit during a girl chat about periods, but luckily it didn’t lead to any catfish accusations.

Review/ Commentary


This Show Really Proves The Reason People Catfish

While “The Circle” is by no means trying to get that deep, in terms of social commentary, it is becoming clear that most people, whether men or women, if they feel they aren’t some sort of ideal, they assume they won’t be liked. When it comes to Sean, as bubbly and fun as she is, she is hiding behind someone who looks akin to Alana. For Alex, being that he isn’t built like Joey or Bill, he masquerades as Adam, and lest we forget, there was also Karyn’s situation as well.

Thus, it really pushes you to wonder and recognize how little people think of each other and themselves in a situation like this. For it isn’t just about perhaps feeling insecure, and the concept others may not like you since you aren’t skinny, or muscular, or aren’t a guy’s guy, there is also the perception people are shallow. Which, in many ways, they are, but one of the things “The Circle” pushes is the ability to get to know people beyond the façade.

Think about it, Shubham was dead last when the show started yet because people see how kind and adorable he is, now he has been in the top 2 consistently – with no backlash coming to him or whispers. Which really makes you wonder, if Karyn, Sean, Alex, Seaburn, and I’m sure whoever else they add, were themselves, even if they don’t look like some kind of runway model (of the kind most are used to seeing), could they be liked and loved? Hell, could they dominate?

A Remix To The Elimination

One of the things many binge-watch shows struggle with is keeping things fresh. That especially would be an issue for a reality tv competition since, after a certain point, things get routine. So for them to mix things up and have it where the elimination is now public, it complicates things. Also, it helps make it so Shubham can no longer hide behind a screen since now people can see who he chooses, and it could taint his reputation. For you saw what it did to Sammie being one of the top choices and announcing who is out – it knocked her down twice. So Shubby has to have something complicate things or else it would be too easy.


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