The Circle: Season 1 Episode 6 “Anonymous Trolling” Recap/ Review

Sammie processing something in her room.

Between someone getting eliminated and two people joining “The Circle,” someone gets played, and another has a sweet moment with the eliminated person.

Between someone getting eliminated and two people joining “The Circle,” someone gets played, and another has a sweet moment with the eliminated person.

Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 1/8/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Going From Checkers To Chess: Shubham, Sammie

With both Sammie and Shubham chosen to be influencers, for the second time, so comes the need to be strategic with who they get rid of. After all, as shown by Sammie dropping down the last time she was an influencer, and forced to bear the weight of the decision, you have to be mindful of who to get rid of. Not just because they can show up to your room but also due to how others may look at you.

Luckily for them, due to so many coming for Mercedeze, they find themselves in an easy position and while there were many negative comments and ideas thrown out there, they chose the safe bet.

It’s Hard To Say Goodbye My Love: Karyn, Chris

Karyn talking about her struggles in life and why it led her to catfishing.
Karyn: “We fight to show who we really are and not what the world perceives us to be.”

Thus Karyn was eliminated, and rather than go see the girl she had a virtual crush on or anyone else, she goes see Chris. Why? Well, with them both being queer, they have a certain connection and Karyn wants to offer her support. Not just in the form of talking about the others but saying how proud she is of him living out loud and never watering down or concealing himself. For as someone, Karyn that is, who feels pre-judged, hence the Mercedeze moniker, learning Chris was being authentic made her proud.

As for Chris’ take? Well, he loves him some Karyn. She seems like one of his homegirls back home and gave him some sense of home throughout the competition. So while physically gone, her words and presence remain.

Playing Joey: Miranda, Sammie, Joey

After the elimination and reaction to the Karyn reveal, things become rather calm, besides Miranda and Sammie messing with Joey. For in their competition to get Joey to send a dirty emoji, Miranda starts up her round and wins. Granted, with us learning Joey is a little rusty on his emoji game, but Miranda has fun just the same. Also, when she reports her win to Sammie, there is no jealousy or accusations of lies, despite lack of screenshots, it is accepted and the request to end the game is agreed upon.

Plot Synopsis (The Too Long, Didn’t Read Recap)

  1. Two new players, instead of one, are joining “The Circle” but they aren’t properly introduced this episode. We’re only shown they are one man and one woman.
  2. Miranda tricks Joey into sending dirty emojis
  3. Karyn is eliminated and spends a good amount of time kicking it up with Chris and offering her support
  4. Miranda and Adam being flirty towards other contestants seems not to be appreciated, and it could lead to them being chopped
  5. Joey thinks Adam is an idiot

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“If God brings us to it, he will get us through it.”
— Chris | The Circle 1.6
“We fight to show who we really are and not what the world perceives us to be.”
— Karyn | The Circle 1.6

Review/ Commentary


Karyn’s Exit – 89

Karyn’s exit isn’t a highlight due to her being eliminated, but because of what she said. As noted in past recaps, “The Circle” often feels like your general reality show that dives more into the drama and people’s personalities than makes them feel or seem real. Yet, when it does have its moments, like Karyn’s heart to heart with Chris, we’re reminded these are people and not characters. Yes, editing may make them seem scripted and extra beyond the need to be, but everyone knows playing it up for the camera could help you gain a career once this is all over.

But, in Karyn’s queer to queer conversation, we’re reminded of her struggles, and that of the community’s, and why even Chris winning that show is a marker. Maybe not a major one in history, but the significance of him being himself and true to that cannot be undermined in the sense of him not just representing himself and where he has been, but perhaps someone out there watching and rooting for him. For as much as there are the moments you feel alone, often, it is only in the physical. Somewhere out there, be it in looks or your mental/ emotional state, someone is going through something similar, possibly wishing a person reached out to say they understood.

On The Fence

This Hashtag Stuff Is A Bit Much – 70

All I’m trying to say is, who in their right frame of mind uses this many hashtags in text conversations?

Playing Games With Joey – 75

Joey flirting with Miranda.
My DMs are always open if you feel loney.

While Joey can be a bit of an ass, at the same time, he is one of the selling points of the show and seems like a nice guy. Making the girls playing with him seem kind of mean, yet it isn’t like he is being a saint either. But consider, like “Ready To Love,” no one has titles and it isn’t like anyone is trying to sneak out their rooms to meet anyone, it is all just flirting. The kind which, even if someone is eliminated, I can’t imagine going anywhere.

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