The Circle: Season 1 Episode 5 “Sliding Into The DMs” Recap/ Review

After playing it strategically for a while, Joey, during an anonymous game, starts throwing shots that lead to everyone getting nasty.

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Joey saying he will expose himself as someone who called out Mercedeze.

After playing it strategically for a while, Joey, during an anonymous game, starts throwing shots that lead to everyone getting nasty.

Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 1/8/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Meet Alex, I Mean Adam: Adam, Rebecca, Chris, Joey, Sammie, Miranda, Shubham, Mercedeze

Alex, as Adam, is struggling. Mainly since Alex is really stretching himself thin trying to be this likable hunk and you can tell he is the weakest catfish of them all. Primarily in the form of him trying to balance out being a ladies man and a bros bro. In this attempt, he ends up being very forward, to the point of coming off as a creep to Mercedeze and Joey, and while Sammie plays along, since she isn’t ashamed of her game, he hones in on Rebecca.

Karyn commenting on Adam's uncomfortable message.
Karyn: I–I’ve never liked the word “arouse.”

This leads to a private date where it shows Seaburn’s version of Rebecca might be getting old. For on top of Mercedeze growing tired of her, Adam thinks she is playing things way too safe and that she doesn’t feel genuine. Yet, some, like Miranda, haven’t been able to see past the façade.

However, when it comes to Shubham, he instantly doesn’t like Adam. Partly because, when Adam starts a group chat, he doesn’t acknowledge him, but also since he initially believed that Adam was moving in on Joey and Rebecca. That combination makes Shubham a little insecure, but Rebecca makes sure Shubham is acknowledged and Joey? Well, while he doesn’t talk to one of his best buds, the love is still there behind the screen.

Flirting Never Hurt No One: Joey, Sammie

While nearly everyone put that they were single, there hasn’t been much in the way of mingling. However, with Sammie having a friendly competition with Miranda to try and push Joey to the point of saying or revealing something, she decides to start the first round. Thus really pushing Joey into thinking he is the man while Sammie, bored to the point of making it seem routine, plays with Joey and tries to get him to send a peach emoji. However, she fails in her quest but does get Joey a lil’ hot and bothered.

SHOTS FIRED!: Joey, Mercedeze, Miranda, Sammie

Sammie antagonizing Karyn.
Sammie: #AntionioKnowsTheTruth

After providing ranks to determine the next two influencers, there is a game where people get to post a new photo, and people can hashtag it. For most of the game, everyone is rather complimentary until Mercedeze’s picture. With that one, Miranda, Joey, and Sammie come out guns blazing and all accuse her of being a catfish – with Sammie feeling like Antonio was referencing her.

However, never one to back down, Karyn decides to call the people out and asks of them to reveal themselves. Leading to Joey, based off the cliffhanger, ready and willing to oblige.

Plot Synopsis (The Too Long, Didn’t Read Recap)

  1. Nearly everyone comes for Mercedeze, and Karyn calls them out – leading to it appearing Joey will reveal himself as someone who thinks she is a catfish
  2. Shubham, while still popular, does feel Adam is moving in on his relationship with Rebecca and Joey, but it seems Adam, more so Alex, is slowly, but surely, screwing himself over
  3. Increasingly, some are growing tired, Karyn, of Seaburn’s act and even Adam, I mean Alex, thinks there is something off
  4. Sammie and Miranda’s competition has officially begun, and Sammie tries to rile up Joey to get a peach emoji from him

Review/ Commentary

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Joey Wanting All The Smoke – 95

Most of the players aren’t that aggressive in a public forum. They might be in private, like when Rebecca warned Adam about Mercedeze, but no one is like Joey. When it comes to him, if he doesn’t like you, he has no issue saying it in a private chat, group chat, or for everyone to see. Which is why, mid-key, a part of me hopes he makes it to the end. Mind you, not win, for Shubham is too pure not to win this competition, but I definitely want to see him last for as much as Mercedeze, though more so Karyn, has hilarious commentary, who watches reality television for commentary? You want to see people behaving in ways most wouldn’t dare.

Wondering How Long The Catfish Can Keep It Up – 80

Joey saying Adam is weird.
Joey: Adam is a weirdo.

Between Karyn seemingly found out, Seaburn struggling with the #ShyGirl persona, and Alex already stumbling, you have to wonder if, as quick as they came, will they get knocked out in succession? Granted, only Karyn is really gunning for Seaburn right now, but if Karyn leaves the same kind of message as Antonio did, and strongly hints towards Rebecca, it could start a domino effect. Though considering Karyn seems to increasingly be into Sammie, she may go for that hug over trying to expose someone.

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Joey Wanting All The Smoke - 95%
Wondering How Long The Catfish Can Keep It Up - 80%


Trajectory – Upward: Joey going for the jugular, and ready to be public about it is the drama we’d all want to see more of and I hope he lasts for many episodes to come.

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