Joey ready and wanting the drama.
Joey: This is gonna get ugly. I love it.

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It’s time for another elimination and people getting to ask anonymous questions, some reveal more than others to stay in the running.

Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 1/1/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Flirting Will Only Get You So Far: Miranda, Seaburn, Sammie, Antonio

Miranda, who made it clear from the get-go she falls quickly and easily, is being very flirty with members of the house. She asks who likes girls, before putting in the disclaimer she mostly likes guys, which is a red flag for Sammie – who thinks she just wants attention, and Miranda even hits up Antonio for a bit. Someone who thinks Miranda could be yet another ally, but we learn soon enough Antonio is by no means as smart or as popular as he thinks he is. That honor may still remain with Seaburn for Rebecca keeps saying all the right things and making the right connections.

Getting To Know You: Sammie, Shubham, Antonio

One of the easiest ways to take someone down is hint that they might be a catfish. So when the opportunity comes up to ask anonymous questions, repeatedly shots are fired, and while some dodge the bullet or are grazed, Antonio is walloped. But, unlike Sammie, who is also accused of being a catfish, no one feels bad for him getting came for.

Sammie sitting on her coach.

But in terms of Sammie, Shubham, who hasn’t spoken to Sammie previously, being the sweetheart he is, checks on her and feels bad for not saying anything. Leading to them having the first real conversation on the show, which isn’t about alliances or flirting. In it, Sammie reveals she works with kids who have autism and shows us a different side to her person.

Now, don’t see her as a saint, for it isn’t like she is talking about donating some or all of the money to an autism charity. However, as shown by her reaction to Alana’s “Skinny Queens” chat, she remains one of the realist on the show.

Started From The Bottom: Shubham, Chris

Chris and Shubham have both found ways to avoid seeming like a catfish or ruffling feathers. Due to this, they end up the influencers this week and with that comes the question of whether they can eliminate someone and

Plot Synopsis (The Too Long, Didn’t Read Recap)

  1. Shubham is close with Joey, Seaburn, Sammie, and has increasingly grown close to Karyn.
  2. Chris hasn’t any reliances, per se, but is close with Joey and likes mostly everyone. Though he and Antonio haven’t talked much, one on one.
  3. Joey vehemently hates Antonio, and while I doubt the show would take it that far, if Antonio got eliminated, you can imagine him going to Joey’s room before most others.
  4. Miranda is using flirting to gain allies, and it isn’t clear if that may work in the long run.

Review/ Commentary


Shubham Is So Sweet I Could Cry

Sammie reacting to Shubham being so kind.

GET YOU A SHUBHAM IN YOUR LIFE! I swear to you, the back and forth he had with Joey and Sammie damn near had me in tears. Plus, add in how innocent he is, minus a few curse words here and there, it makes him seem too good for the nonsense of this show. Leading me to fear as the drama picks up, he’ll get dragged into it. Especially since Joey has no issue shooting off his mouth.

Finally Getting To Know Something Of Substance

Taking note we are but voyeurs on this show, it kind of sucks we don’t get to really know anyone beyond the facades they put out there and little tidbits. Be it that Joey knows how to cook, Miranda is heteroromantic bisexual, or Antonio graduated from Lincoln University in 2017. But with Sammie talking about her work with people who have autism and how that has molded her, it finally felt like we’ve gotten something real.

Which I hope continues for it is the third episode and we don’t even know what people are competing for. Granted, we all got bills, but could Seaburn desire the money to buy an engagement ring or a downpayment on a house? Is Miranda trying to afford some surgery she needs or, though this was likely a joke, is Chris truly trying to get some ass shots?

All I’m saying is, it wouldn’t hurt to be privy to more information.

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Finally Getting To Know Something Of Substance - 85%
Shaubum Is So Sweet I Could Cry - 90%


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