"The Circle" screen about to reveal who won season 1.

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It’s a “The Circle” reunion as those eliminated reunite with the final five, and we also get to see the first season’s winner be crowned.

Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 1/15/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

A Short Dinner Party: Seaburn

As you would expect, Seaburn’s reveal is the talk of the table, and while others are happy to see the others who made it to the end are real, it’s hard for most to move past Seaburn.

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Michelle

One by one, Michelle interviews the final five and shows their most embarrassing or noteworthy moments. Mind you, without her commentary, but a host being shady to the contestants in person is just not right. Plus, of the Final Five, she still gets some licks in. Primarily with Seaburn and his understanding of periods. As for everyone else? It’s all love, a kiki, and fun.

And The Winner Is…: Joey, Seaburn, Shubham, Sammie, Chris

In the end, so comes the question of who won? Seaburn’s catfish performance got him to the end, but even with the rankings coming before the reveal dinner, his popularity was slipping. Also, only once did he ever become an influencer. Then with Chris, like Seaburn, usually he hovered towards the middle and most did say they felt he was very middle ground and barely said anything, publicly, to get on anyone’s bad side. Following him is Sammie who was loved, and the last girl there, but was that due to her being in the original group? Maybe her flirting skills, or seeming like one of the guys?

Then there is Joey and Shubham. As we saw, Shubham was an influencer for 4 weeks straight and rarely has anyone said anything bad about him. Following that is Joey who has ruffled a few feathers, primarily of people who were eliminated, and has multiple times been the deciding factor in who left – and it was women he was closest too!

Yet, despite Joey’s record being far from spotless, he wins the $100,000 and will now get to furnish his new apartment, help out his aunt and family, and maybe take Miranda on an extravagant date!

Joey celebrating his win.

Plot Synopsis (A Quick Recap)

  1. Joey wins season 1 of “The Circle.”

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

[…] the definition of me comes from God.

Review/ Commentary


Michelle Buteau As Host & Interviewer

Many comedians speak about doing hosting gigs, maybe a talk show, and things of that nature. In my mind, Buteau could do that. She is bubbly, sarcastic, yet it never comes off mean spirited. More so, her commentary is very much a side-eye with a smile. Like, she just wants to put the obvious out there, but not exploit the situation so that it looks like she is trying to use someone else’s pain or awkward moment to raise her profile.

On The Fence

It Just Felt Anti-Climatic

I know, we should talk about who won, right? Thing is, with the journey not including major eliminations that shocked you, Joey’s win doesn’t come as much of a shock. That’s the problem with the original members making it to the end. Joey has always been a bit of a ring leader, and while he was only an influencer twice, just look at how the show was edited. Besides Sammie, he was the main attraction.

Making his win hunch worthy and the bigger thing not getting to see more of the dinner. For with the show likely not having a proper reunion special, that dinner probably had the most interesting conversations about the journey. Yet, all we got was some light-hearted questions, beyond the Seaburn reveal. Making it so the finale felt a bit underwhelming after all the tension that has been built up.

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Michelle Buteau As Host & Interviewer - 90%
It Just Felt Anti-Climatic - 70%


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