The Circle: Season 1 Episode 10 “Declare Your Rival” Recap/ Review

Chris noting things are about to get real on "The Circle"

As we’re officially told, no new people will be joining, people start getting strategic vs. trying to protect and vote for their friends.

As we’re officially told, no new people will be joining, people start getting strategic vs. trying to protect and vote for their friends.

Directed By Sam Campbell
Written By Lee Gant
Aired (Netflix) 1/15/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Your Biggest Rival: Rebecca, Sammie, Sean, Shubham, Chris

At this point in the game, things have to begin to get messy. People have to stop trying to protect their friends and be strategic and remember this is about $100,000. Not winning, consistently, a popularity contest. So, to force the issue, “The Circle” decides to have everyone state who is their top rival and Rebecca ends up in multiple people’s crosshairs. Mind you, not just as a rival but in the same way we saw Mercedeze taken down, we begin to see people use similar methods to take out Rebecca.

Yet, Rebecca isn’t alone in getting crosshairs put on her. Sammie’s is in Sean’s, who claims she doesn’t take risks, and Sammie claps back by noting Sean wasn’t real from the jump. Shubham and Chris have a little spat about who is playing the game and has tools to do so, and it just really shakes things up a bit.

How Can One Person Have All That Power?: Joey, Sean, Rebecca

Seaburn surprised that Sean has been eliminated.
Seaburn: Sean is gone

However, despite all the back and forth, a ranking vote still has to be done and “The Circle” continues to keep people on their toes by having it where there is just one influencer who can choose who will be blocked, a super influencer, and to really complicate things, said influencer will have to eliminate someone in person. Joey ends up chosen, and while it strongly seemed he’d eliminate Rebecca, he ends up eliminating Sean.

Why? Well, to play the long game. For while Joey’s identity as the super influencer would have only been known to the person eliminated, by revealing it was him and showing loyalty to Rebecca, it allows him to keep the connection between him, Shubham, and Rebecca secure for eliminations that are coming down the road. Though he makes it clear, Rebecca is still very much in his crosshairs and shouldn’t expect his loyalty forever.

Plot Synopsis (A Quick Recap)

  1. Joey eliminates Sean.
  2. Rebecca is most of the remaining people’s biggest rival and is the only person with multiple people who consider them so. Chris, on the other hand, wasn’t chosen as anyone’s rival.
  3. Joey is ready and willing to play Rebecca for the long game.

Review/ Commentary


It’s Getting To Be Less Of A Popularity Contest

Thus far, eliminations have solely been based on who liked who, who talked to them, and a lot of juvenile reasons. Even Shubham, who has spoken about being strategic and eliminating popular players rather than the least popular, reneged and took out the least popular person rather than those he recognized would be a threat. But, times are changing. With no new players joining, there are less scapegoats, which oftentimes are the newest players. Now any and all announced alliances will be tested and so will come the question of who was friends with who for that specific instance and who really made a real connection.

I don’t know about you, but I’m expecting some to feel betrayed and using the word “Back stabber” before the season is over.


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