Jodie (Bobby Luhnow) looking at the screen
"Jodie (Bobby Luhnow) looking at the screen," The Chosen One, "Revelation," directed by Everado Gout, 2023, (Netflix)

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General Information

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Release Date (Netflix) August 16, 2023
Director(s) Everardo Gout
Writer(s) Everardo Gout, Leopoldo Gout, Jorge Dorantes
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Lili B. Fabrina Melon
Dolores Eileen Yanez
Elena Sofia Sisniega
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Elvis Elvis Zamora
Pastor Cruz Carlos Bardem
Angelo Patricio Serna Meza
Tuka Juanito Anguamea
Jodie Bobby Luhnow
Magda Lilith Curiel
Hipolito Jorge Javier Arballo
Wagner Alberto Perez-Jacome
Father O’Higgins Alfonso Dosal
Sarah Dianna Agron
Lemuel Tenoch Huerta

Plot Recap

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Justice Blinds the Faithful – Elvis, Pastor Cruz, Angelo

With religious fervor coming to a fever pitch, Angelo finds himself at the mercy of Jodie and Pastor Cruz’s followers. Originally, the idea was for him to experience 50 lashes as punishment. However, despite him wailing in pain, it seems that wasn’t enough, and what essentially was street justice escalated to believing Angelo should be hung.

Luckily, Elvis shows up, with people who have guns, to stop Angelo from dying in a similar manner to his father, but with Pastor Cruz losing control of the crowd and Elvis presenting violence as the best defense, a battle breaks out.

One Final Miracle – Elvis, Pastor Cruz, Tuka, Jodie, Magda, Hipolito, Wagner, Father O’Higgins

As many mourn Tuka and others are going to battle over Tuka, Jodie is in the desert, seemingly going through the trials of Jesus and retracing his steps back to the amulet he left behind. Once he has that, he finds himself back in the cave, speaking to what is assumingly an angel until Sarah interrupts. In Jodie’s mind, he was gone for days, but Sarah reveals it was only hours, and both make it to Tuka’s funeral.

There, Jodie, with his powers beyond what they seemingly were before, begins a miracle that has him spread across the area so that he can speak to Wagner, apologize to Magda and Hipolito at the same time, and ultimately, what he does is bring Tuka back to life. Mind you, not like how Angelo’s father, Carlos, was from his coma, but seemingly full on, with vitality, brought back to life.

This becomes something even Father O’Higgins can’t deny, and it seems when Jodie embraces him, he doesn’t just remove his pain, as Jodie usually does for anyone he touches, but renews his faith. And as all this happens, Jodie seemingly draws in so much energy that everyone but Tuka appears dead the following day.

We’ve Been Watching You – Jodie, Lili, Elena, Dolores, Luemel, Sarah, Tuka, Elvis, Pastor Cruz

Luemel, after the events of the day before, investigates, and all he sees are dead bodies. Everyone we’ve met over the course of the season are unresponsive. That is until Luemel meets the sole person alive, Tuka. Tuka, with a message from Jodie, delivers rainfall and a note that Luemel gave to a girl, apparently similar to Jodie. With the rain comes everyone coming back to life, and some, like Pastor Cruz and their sibling Elvis, embracing, seemingly grateful that their death was only temporary.

Now, as for where Jodie is? Well, he and Sarah were supposed to be on the run, but with whatever it is that was after them, aside from Luemel, catching up, Jodie says enough is enough. He decides to go with his creator and leave Sarah behind. Luemel’s people learn of this and are quite upset with him, and for good reason.

Why? Well, via Lili, likely Lilith, who is the Black lady we’ve seen sporadically, alongside Elena, who we also have seen every now and again, and even the teacher, Ms. Dolores, we learn Jodie is the spawn of the devil. Who might just be the president of the United States, who seems to be planning for a war to begin. Against whom isn’t mentioned, but we’re seemingly hours away from the first aggression by the United States.

New Character Description(s)


Lili B. (Fabrina Melon) revealing who Jodie's father is
“Lili B. (Fabrina Melon) revealing who Jodie’s father is,” The Chosen One, “Revelation,” directed by Everado Gout, 2023, (Netflix)

Lili has appeared in many forms. More often than not, she was dressed as a nurse, but now she is Jodie’s companion as he is taken to see his father, Satan.


Elena (Sofia Sisniega) talking to Jodie, as one of Lili's alternates
“Elena (Sofia Sisniega) talking to Jodie, as one of Lili’s alternates,” The Chosen One, “Revelation,” directed by Everado Gout, 2023, (Netflix)

Often, when we saw Elena, she was hanging out, seemingly watching Jodie as he unwittingly walked right into a test of his powers, if not faith.


Ms. Dolores (Eileen Yanez confronting Angelo
“Ms. Dolores (Eileen Yanez confronting Angelo,” The Chosen One, “The Arrival,” directed by Everado Gout, 2023, (Netflix)

Dolores was a teacher at Jodie’s school and one of Lili’s many different forms used to watch over Jodie.



Admittedly, I Got Emotional When Tuka Was Revived

While you could predict the revival of Tuka was going to happen, as it would be the next signpost of Jodie’s powers, that didn’t take away from how emotional it was. Most of Jodie’s friends led him to some kind of temptation or were part of a test. Wagner and Hiploita created an environment for greed, envy, gluttony, wrath in some ways, and pride. Magda presented the potential for lust, even though the farthest thing she did was bare her chest to Jodie. Then, enabled by all this, sloth naturally entered the environment the friend group made.

Yet, Tuka was different. Yes, he was part of the original cons that only Magda protested, but it seems Tuka was the only one who recognized that Jodie had a higher calling beyond what he could personally do for him. Hence, one of the most selfish things Tuka did was push Jodie into water and have him produce more than enough fish for not only his people but perhaps the area.

So, with that in mind and how sweet he is, his revival, becoming perhaps the one true follower of Jodie, could get you as emotional as it did us.

Low Points

Rushing Through Magda and Hiploita’s Problems

So we learn what happened to Santos, barely. He is dead. Jodie doesn’t clarify how to Magda, and while it has long been said Carlos was involved, we don’t get any clarity about that. As for Hiploita? It seems Jodie doesn’t address the actual problem, but, as we’ve seen him do before, he removes the pain or anxiety without addressing all the reasons why Hiploita’s fears will still be valid after he leaves.

On The Fence

An Epic Ending After So Many Mediocre Episodes

Learning Jodie’s father is the devil, and the devil is the American president who is planning for a war? See, this is what I’m talking about and why so many binge-watch shows are hard to finish. Too many start off high, do a reverse bell curve, and end on a high note. But, as interesting as things have now gotten, it doesn’t compensate for a predominately uneventful season, far too vague on details.

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The Chosen One: Season 1/ Episode 6 “Revelation” – Overview


I’m frustrated. A good portion of “The Chosen One” failed to hint or push anything of note, and yet, in the finale, we finally get something worth watching again.

  • Admittedly, I Got Emotional When Tuka Was Revived - 83%
  • Rushing Through Magda and Hiploita’s Problems - 64%
  • An Epic Ending After So Many Mediocre Episodes - 72%
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  • Admittedly, I Got Emotional When Tuka Was Revived


  • An Epic Ending After So Many Mediocre Episodes
  • Rushing Through Magda and Hiploita’s Problems

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