The moment you have been waiting for finally comes as that character, and many more, begin the next chapter of their lives.

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The moment you have been waiting for finally comes as that character, and many more, begin the next chapter of their lives.

Director(s) Sam Bailey
Writer(s) Marcus Gardley, Jade Branion
Aired (Showtime) 8/2/2020
Introduced This Episode
Marcus Joel Steingold
Retha Sydney Charles
Zeke Lil Rel Howery

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Emmett Back On His BS – Jada, Tomas, Tiffany, Dominique, Emmett, Zeke

Zeke (Lil Rel Howery) in his office, talking to Dominique and Emmett.

At this point, it’s hard to say when Emmett’s hustling will pay off for more than just him. Granted, he and Dominique work a catering event for a man named Zeke, which leads to them being able to lease Sonny’s for a bit. Now, it isn’t clear how that’ll work considering Sonny hasn’t been evicted – yet – but they seal the deal. Which would have been awesome if it wasn’t for Emmett kissing and having sex with Dominique.

Which, as you can imagine, will likely mean a lot of drama between him and Tiffany. Who still live in his momma’s house and are starting to cramp her style. Specifically, she’d like to have sex with Tomas in her own place, but she got a grandbaby, Tiffany, and Emmett taking up space, making a mess, and then Tomas forcing her to openly admit she is Emmett’s crutch. All of which becomes a bit much for one woman to take.

The Sway of Marcus and Jemma St. John – Jake, Otis, Roselyn, Camille, Marcus, Jemma, Kevin

After Jemma putting his business out there, Kevin gave her the cold shoulder for two days. However, with being asked if he wants to come over, and the potential of sex, he gets out of his feelings but doesn’t get in Jemma. Why? Well, her father, Marcus, comes home and interrupts things.

And, as you can imagine, when you are mulling over who to support in the mayoral race, dealing with some kid wanting to have sex with your daughter can throw you off a bit. But, Marcus isn’t the only one stressing out. Otis, with him starting to gain a lead in the polls, is quite excited. Making Roselyn reminding him Jake can be as much a liability as an asset a troubling thought. Yet, it does force a much-needed conversation on why Reg died that helps clear the air.

Marcus (Joel Steingold) trying to have a conversation with Kevin about his relations with his daughter, Jemma.

Mind you, it doesn’t mean, as Roselyn said, Jake may not try to kill Otis. However, it does allow Otis to focus on winning Marcus’ endorsement, which he does. But, not before Camille calling out Marcus for picking the male candidate out of fear and noting that, like Shirley Chisholm, even without the support of her peers, she will rise and build a legacy.

Ronnie Rescues Kiesha – Ronnie, Kevin, Dre, Nina, Kiesha, Omari

After taking a day or so to mourn his grandmother, Ronnie gets his behind in gear, and after talking to some of Omari’s neighbors, he finally goes to rescue Kiesha. Oh, and the timing couldn’t have been better since Omari might be at the point of raping Kiesha, and she was ready and willing to hang herself. So Ronnie breaking in, Omari not being able to stop Kiesha from escaping, and Nina, Dre and Kevin reuniting with her, it ends a chapter that was starting to go on a bit too long.

Leaving you to wonder, in terms of recovery, how will that be for Kiesha? Never mind, in terms of Ronnie, who got his ass whooped by Omari, what will the recovery be like not just for his body, but his reputation? For if Kevin can face him, and thank him, does that mean the community might as well?



Kiesha Finally Escaped Omari’s Basement!

Let’s be frank, this storyline was a necessary evil. Kiesha needed something to shake things up, and it brings the conversation of girls getting kidnapped out in urban cities into the zeitgeist. However, after a certain point, it became less about the conversations it could cause and more about Nina crying and Omari being creepy. And while you have to applaud Kiesha’s actress for her performance, after a certain point, it was like, “I’m ready for us to move on now.”

But, with Kiesha the only one who isn’t a character used to further the development of a male lead, there is hope as they focus on her trauma, recovery, and her new normal, she can usher in a new era for women on this show.

Papa Helping Maisha

Retha (Sydney Charles) finding Papa and his dad at her door.

On a lighter note, it isn’t clear where Papa’s coming of age storyline, in regards to religion and his father, may end up. However, him pushing his father towards the light and getting that money to Maisha’s mother, Retha? It reminds you that, even if Papa isn’t part of the trio, being a maternal sort of figure, he can survive and thrive. For that is how strong Papa’s character is.


While Camille is barely seen, with lines that imply she could take Otis’ wife and invoking how Marcus is sexist, yet she will rise above his need for familiarity, it makes it a shame that you know Camille isn’t going to be around much. After all, Waithe probably only put herself on the show because of the backstage damage done in season 1 and 2. But once things are settled again, the chances of seeing Camille feel slim to none.

On The Fence

Jada & Emmett

I’m just tired. When it comes to Jada, I’m tired of everything being about Emmett and her character, throughout nearly 3 seasons now, barely evolving. Not to say things haven’t happened to Jada nor forget she did have a life outside of Emmett and sort of does through Tomas. However, has she ever really been more than Emmett’s crutch? Not really.

Then with Emmett, while we respect the hustle, we’re tired of him being a hoe. Cheating on Tiffany has us rolling our eyes. For when it comes to Tiffany and Kiesha, those were the only two relationships we have seen Emmett actively work on. His relationship with his momma? Static. But with Tiffany, there was couples therapy, being a better dad, and him hustling harder to do right by her.

As for Kiesha? Through her, since often women are used to heal and further the male characters on this show, we got a sense maybe Emmett doesn’t swing his dick at any open mouth – even if all the girl wants is a conversation. Rather, we got this sense he matured and could love, respect, and be friends with a woman, without sleeping with them. Yet, here is Dominique, who likely knows of Tiffany’s existence, if she knows about Emmett’s dick size, but sleeps with him anyway. Without a condom involved at that.


Trajectory – Plateau

Kiesha crying after getting free from Omari's basement.

With Kiesha finally getting out of Omari’s basement, so comes the hope that as she begins a new chapter, so can many others. For “The Chi,” as it continues to use most of its women as stepping stones, still needs a shift in story and character development.

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Jada & Emmett - 72%
Camille - 80%
Papa Helping Maisha - 81%
Kiesha Finally Escaped Omari's Basement! - 83%


With Kiesha finally getting out of Omari's basement, so comes the hope that as she begins a new chapter, so can many others. For "The Chi," as it continues to use most of its women as stepping stones, still needs a shift in story and character development.

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