The Carmichael Show: Season 3/ Episode 7 “Morris” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Rather than run through another series of topics, The Carmichael Show has a serious moment. Something which, hopefully, maybe the first arc this show has truly had.

You’ve Been Lying 35 Years: Cynthia, Maxine, Jerrod, Bobby, Joe

Thanks to Facebook, Bobby learns about his and Jerrod’s half-brother Morris [note]Who we don’t meet in the episode[/note]. Someone who Joe offered to get aborted, alongside help raise, and was rejected when it comes to both prospects. However, being that he was but a year from marrying Cynthia, meaning their relationship likely was in the heat of things, he kept it a secret.

Something Jerrod has helped with for 20 years. In fact, he claims that it is part of the source to his skepticism. But now with Maxine and Bobby knowing, they damn him for keeping the secret. What makes it worse though is Cynthia. Though she has her moments of ignorance, her heart has always been in a good place. She is caring, nurturing, and even though Maxine reminds her of her evil mother in law, she cares for her too. It sometimes is a struggle, but you can see the effort.

But then she learns the truth. Something which, as you can imagine, is quite devastating. Her husband of 35 years has another son. A grown ass man. Something which, despite having every right to perhaps leave Joe for, she decides to just deal with. After all, she married Joe for better and for worse.


With it being announced this is the final season, so comes the hope the one thing The Carmichael Show never really committed to may happen. That is, having an arc. For the show as a whole has just been one multi-person standup special at this point. So with them having a serious moment, one in which Joe is revealed to have another kid, one can only hope they don’t drop the ball on this.

Which, with it being noted the next two scheduled episodes deal with dealing with life stress and Cynthia’s parents’ marital problems, there may be hope. Since who knows how Cynthia is dealing with this long held lie and whether her parents having issues may break her faith. That is, her faith that she and Joe can survive what was just revealed to her. Because, as we saw some time in season 1 or 2, Cynthia is the type to suppress things. So hopefully she doesn’t give herself a heart attack or stroke over this.

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