Sex Doll – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

48.48% (11)

Virginie (Hafsia Herzi) and Rupert (Ash Stymest) in Sex Doll.

If you are expecting a touching love story or harrowing tale, prepare to be as disappointed as I was.

Trigger Warning(s): Violence Against Women


Virginie, real name Malika (Hafsia Herzi), is a sex worker. One who, because of circumstances and limited options, likely stemming from being one of 7 children, made sex work a lucrative occupation. Something which she acknowledges isn’t respectable but does put good money in her pocket. However, when Rupert (Ash Stymest) decides to come into her life, so begins her pseudo-downfall.

Well, more so when this 18-year-old girl gets paired with Virginie by her madam. But with Rupert taking an interest in her, making her feel more like a person than a sex doll, it makes the life she lives hard. To the point, she eventually wants out. If not, at the very least, a holiday. For she really just needs time to evaluate her life decisions.


It Is Boring As Hell

and making this film interesting.

I can’t use that Around The Way Girl/ Loving excuse when it comes to this movie. There isn’t the use of subtle gestures and body language to enhance the performance. They aren’t doing a lot with a little. What we get is that usual indie movie type of cinematography where you watch two people stare at one another. Perhaps watch one dance or just look outward like a deer in the headlights.

And you may say, what about her life as a sex worker? Well, you’ve seen a woman fake an orgasm before right? You’ve seen an actress bare her breast before right? Ain’t nothing new here. There isn’t some attempt at demystifying or showing how hard sex work is.

You may then follow that question up with the possibility of a love story. That isn’t here bub. Rupert is a nice guy who does take an interest in Virginie. This is true. However, with him being as watchful as a pimp but making no money, he just becomes some kind of Captain Save-A-Ho. One who may very well mess around with some of the girls he attempts to save. So, with that said, don’t see this man as some kind of saint now.

Overall: Negative (Skip It)

but I didn’t. But hopefully I can save someone who might have been curious about this movie.

Only one time did this movie really interest me and that was when we are told the reason for Virginie not sleeping well is some form of PTSD. Due to some client she dealt with, or maybe what she saw the 18-year-old go through, it messes with her. That was the one time in a 100+ minute movie I felt interested in what was going on.

Hence the negative label for the rest of the movie is just longing glares either at nothing or between two characters. Giving you the type of indie crap which adds usually a good 5 to 10 minutes onto the movie. And while we meet Virginie’s sister, deal with Rupert playing captain save a ho, and see a few tame sex scenes, there is just nothing to sell you on here. Unless you don’t mind some moaning, and the occasional scream, for background noise while you nap.

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