Kat in a bath tub - Specifically Sutton and Richard's.

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As Jane’s oldest brother, Evan, comes by, many find themselves reevaluating the future of their relationships – and not just with their partners.

Directed By Anne Renton
Written By Lori Lakin Hutcherson
Aired (FreeForm) 3/12/2020
Introduced This Episode
Evan Chord Overstreet
Miles Scott Cohen

Plot/ Recap

I Go And Stay Where I’m Wanted: Sutton, Oliver, Richard

After the debacle with Alice, Oliver is still icing out Sutton and barely speaking to her – beyond text messages. On top of that, he is running her ragged and making it so, during Richard’s visit, they barely get to see one another. Never mind making concrete wedding plans. So, there comes a point when Sutton decides she may just move across the country and use the flexibility Instagram followers give her. And no sooner than her deciding that she and Richard agree to use the bar they met at as their wedding venue.

Fate vs. Free Will: Alex

As the astrology section gets a revamp, Alex finds himself wrestling with the idea of free will vs. fate. Leading to him asking the ladies for their opinion, and rubbing some, Jane, the wrong way when he reminds them of the free will people have taken in their lives. But, in the long run, he comes to realize, while he may have free will, he hasn’t used it to his advantage or to serve his interest. So he takes note of how he messed up with Alicia and as fate would have it, she hears this as her driver plays Alex’s podcast in his taxi. Thus leading to a phone call, and Alex may be having a relationship in the future.

A Tainted Hero: Evan, Jane, Ryan

Evan (Chord Overstreet) having lunch with Jane and Ryan.
Evan (Chord Overstreet)

Evan, Jane’s oldest brother, who is a lawyer with two kids, comes about due to work and spends time with his baby sister. Someone who thinks the world of him, so she wants Ryan and Evan to get along. However, with knowing Ryan cheated, things are complicated from the start. But, it isn’t just because Ryan cheated on Jane but Evan, only a few months ago, was cheated on too. The only difference being that his soon to be ex-wife stayed with who she cheated on him with.

But, despite the trigger, in time, Evan and Ryan do learn to get along. However, with Ryan able to keep Evan’s secret, Jane feels lied to and with him doing that with such ease, it leads to her questioning their relationship again.

A New Dawn, A New Day: Miles, Jacqueline, Adena, Kat

With Ian and Jacqueline separated, she is excited but cautious when it comes to meeting her college sweetheart, Ian. Hence her taken aback by him being so forward and wanting to get back into their old routines. Though, with trying to push against the idea Scarlett’s new astrologist could truly predict what is going on in her life, she decides to be bold. Thus leading to Jacqueline going to Miles’ place.

Now, as for Kat and Adena? Well, despite what Adena said in the last episode, with a piece dealing with a kid who died due to conversion therapy, the two reconcile for a common cause. One which is close to Adena’s heart since her father forced her to go to a conversion camp. Luckily, her mother got her out, but what happened there altered her deeply.

Hence why Adena was a bit hurt by Kat’s bisexuality. For Kat, she wanted to give her the come out experience she didn’t get and with her being bi, it isn’t that Adena was careful for nothing. After all, Adena has set a precedent that will be hard to match. However, in the long run, it seems Adena just is sad her efforts weren’t given to someone just into women.

Adena apologizing to Kat.

Which isn’t to say, after the two fail to convince the board, that they separate after all is said and done. Adena reaches out an olive branch, apologizes, and it seems the two will be friends again.


  1. Kat’s full first name is Katrina

Review/ Commentary


Kat and Adena Making Up

With the way things were handled with Adena in the last episode, it seemed she’d be relegated to how Andrew is handled. Meaning, yeah, she exists, but in short bursts. But with this reinvestment, including character development, which follows up on her issues with her father noted when we met her, it seems Adena might be here to stay. Mind you, she is still not a series regular, but at the very least, she’ll remain a reoccurring presence.

Meeting A Member in Jane’s Family

It took nearly 4 whole seasons for a member of Jane’s family to be seen in the flesh, and towards the end of the 4th season, we finally see her interact with one of her brothers. One who has kids and with that, I gotta admit, learning and meeting Evan just now seems awkward. Granted, it does push the idea if the show has another season, we should meet her other brothers. Plus, with Sutton getting married, there is always the chance Jane might follow suit. That is assuming her brother getting cheated on, then her, doesn’t lead Jane to maybe check out Ben or find someone new.

Sutton Ready To Move On

After a certain point, you have to take your experience and move on. Sutton has worked at Scarlett a long time, and while her friends have rocketed to ideal positions, she is stuck. And at this point, it seems her comfort is stifling her future. So, like she pushed Richard to follow his dreams out west, it seems she might need to do the same.

Which, in many ways, counters what is going on with Jane for a series finale featuring the girls splitting up makes sense. Especially when you consider this season, for the first time in the series, will be 18 episodes. Meaning the season could be setting up an epic ending.

Alex Getting Over Himself

Since Sutton broke up with him and Kat’s, likely former, employee dumped him to be on reality TV, Alex has been jaded. So Alicia coming into his life seemed like perfect timing until it was revealed Alex likes power dynamics which keep him firmly in control. But it seems, like most characters this season, he is learning to let go of how he feels things must be to find a way to make them what he needs to grow.

Jacqueline Finding New Love

Miles (Scott Cohen) waving towards Jacqueline.
Miles (Scott Cohen)

One of the things you have to appreciate about Jacqueline’s relationship with Miles is that it isn’t rooted in drama. Yes, being separated and dating other people seems more complicated than given credit. Especially since the issue, in our mind, was Jacqueline unable, maybe unwilling, to have a work/life balance and getting too comfortable with Ian being a stay at home dad.

Now, you could say women do it all the time, but lets not forget how many women who have done that are unhappy with that decision. So imagine Ian’s position. Plus, taking note Ian is across the country so now Jacqueline is responsible for the kids, it reminds you of how much she could have done if she really wanted to.


Kat and Adena Making Up - 85%
Meeting A Member in Jane’s Family - 84%
Sutton Ready To Move On - 86%
Alex Getting Over Himself - 82%
Jacqueline Finding New Love - 83%


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