As a possible love interest is introduced for Kat, multiple relationships take a turn, and most for the worst.

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As a possible love interest is introduced for Kat, multiple relationships take a turn, and most for the worst.

Directed By Geary McLeod
Written By Wendy Strake Hauser
Aired (FreeForm) 1/30/2020
Introduced This Episode
Bella Sofia Reyes
Pam Elizabeth Ashley

Episode Recap

Marriage, On The Rocks: Ian, Jacqueline, Pam

Pam (Elizabeth Ashley)
Pam (Elizabeth Ashley)

With Jacqueline inspired by Pam, the founder of Scarlet, and all that digital can hold, it creates a huge conflict between her and husband Ian. Specifically, with him putting his career on the back burner for 10 years, and thinking he could now flourish as Jacqueline does, the idea of him hitting that pause button again is unacceptable. So when she doesn’t carry her weight when it comes to the kids, he takes that as a sign he has to be more forceful and lets her know he is traveling and, as he has done in the past, she’ll have to figure out a way to handle the kids.

A Proposal: Richard, Sutton

Sutton is ready to show true faith in Richard. He tells her RJ doesn’t do sabbaticals anymore, you either quit or stay, and Sutton says he should resign. With that in mind, he gets a ring, proposes, and readies his trip across the country. However, not before having sex in the boardroom because, you know, Sutton has been waiting and living vicariously for a long time.

After The Trust Is Gone: Ryan, Jane

Ryan kissing someone else hasn’t left Jane’s mind, and it makes it hard to be intimate with him. And as much as she wants to blame her dreams on a mammogram, which goes well, she knows it is Ryan. Yet, what examples do you know of people Jane’s age who don’t just drop the guy after he cheats? Even if it is something minor? So, this is new territory for Jane and, likely, a superb article coming soon.

Love And Acceptance: Andrew, Kat, Bella

In Andrew’s spare time, he is Jacqueline Carmichael, and thanks to a pitch from Kat, Andrew’s drag persona is going to be an online personality for Scarlet. No word yet, however, what that would mean for Andrew’s position as Jacqueline’s assistant.

But, alongside Andrew, Kat tries to empower a young singer named Bella. Someone that, five years ago, came out to Kat, asked her to advocate for her coming out in Scarlet magazine, but Kat didn’t. Why? Well, the Kat of 5 years ago isn’t the Kat we know and love today and that Kat was told by Bella’s manager not to push the story so Kat kept her mouth shut.

Bella (Sofia Reyes)
Bella (Sofia Reyes)

However, new Kat tries to help Bella come out, but with Bella not having someone she loves enough to do so right now, she doesn’t think it is worth it. Though, with Kat acting as some sort of support, her mind might change.

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • What happened to Oliver’s daughter?

Review/ Commentary


Jacqueline’s Marriage Hitting A Possible Rough Patch

In many ways, Jacqueline has always been some form of perfect. She was the mentor, the trailblazer, the survivor, and was always cast in such a way a positive spin could be put on her story. That’s a bit harder when it comes to Ian’s situation. For ten years, he was the dutiful husband who stayed home, helped raised the kids, and did as we often hear women doing in the past – putting their lives on hold.

Yet, with one conversation about now sharing the duties of parenting, he got calls, he has opportunities, and then Patrick left, and Jacqueline spoke as if Ian was to stop his plans. From what it appears, that isn’t going to happen and while a nanny or family member could easily solve this issue, it seems “The Bold Type” may venture into doing things the hard way.

Jane’s Struggle To Stay With Ryan

In an interview, I want to say a BUILD interview, it was noted one of the ideas behind Jane staying with Ryan is not following the usual path of someone breaking the trust in a relationship and dipping out. Instead, there is going to be an exploration of what happens when that path isn’t taken and there is an attempt to work things out.

Now, in some ways, that seems like an odd idea, if only due to us already seeing Jane’s brain questioning why is she still with this guy? But, as said, this isn’t well-charted territory and just as Scarlet, in the show’s world, presents new ideas and gives representation for women, so does “The Bold Type.” Which isn’t to imply the show condones cheating but, more so, in individual cases, doesn’t believe the nuclear option needs to always be on the table.

Sutton’s Engagement

This was a long time coming, and it’s a beautiful thing that it happened. Here is just hoping the drama which will come after isn’t heightened beyond Sutton trying to figure out what it means to be a wife at her age in modern times. Especially to an older man.

Kat Being Put In Adena’s Former Position

It isn’t clear if Kat will play any real role in Bella’s life, but even with her, previously, helping someone come to terms with their sexuality, Adena popped in and derailed that journey. So when it comes to Bella, it might be more in tune with Kat being in Adena’s position than the last go around.

How? Well, while Bella is a singer, with only two hit songs, the way she made it seem, in 5 years, she still is on the grind, and though she isn’t some backwards girl, Kat is in a position where the dynamics are in her favor. So between Kat being older, wiser, stable, and more comfortable in her sexuality, maybe the storyline that got complicated by Kat’s run for office may play out as it could have?

Andrew Stepping Out

Andrew in drag.

Since the show began, Andrew was a one-liner character who didn’t get developed much but was a staple of the show. This has recently changed and now he is talking more, isn’t just Jacqueline’s sassy sidekick and here is hoping between getting to know him, as well as see his drag persona, he may get to be the supporting character who gets major focus. After all, it isn’t like Alex has his former prominence.

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