The Bold Type: Season 3, Episode 6 “TBT” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card for The Bold Type featuring Jane dropping her coffee.

The hackers release the e-mails, and with that, it means not only damage control but also a walk down memory lane when things were simpler – sort of.

The hackers release the e-mails, and with that, it means not only damage control but also a walk down memory lane when things were simpler – sort of.

Director(s) Anna Mastro
Writer(s) Céline Geiger and Amy-Jo Perry
Air Date 5/14/2019
Introduced This Episode
Bobby Peter Francis James
Pamela Dolan Laila Robins

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Minor Fallout: Jacqueline, Andrew, Oliver, Jane, Bobby

With Jane telling a strangely absent Patrick (He is dealing with IT stuff) about her e-mails in the last episode, it seems the girls are pretty clear from any worry about the leaked e-mails. However, who isn’t is Oliver, for his comments on people’s brands and collections, as well as Andrew, who reportedly has bad breath. As for Jacqueline? Well, her big issue is that, a major ad buyer named Bobby, she joked about him dying after a meeting not being so terrible. Which, naturally, makes it seem like she’s in a lot of trouble. However, we learn why things are a bit more complicated than they appear.

The Way We Were: Sutton, Richard, Jane, Jacqueline, Lauren, Kat, Bobby

Sutton, Jane and Kat in 2014

One of the triggers for heading into the past is mention of Bobby who is part of the reason the ladies are so close. You see, back in 2014, Kat was fairly new and working for someone who clearly wasn’t ahead of the curve when it came to social media and marketing. But, with Kat promising her dad not to rock the boat, she was just glad for a job which didn’t require the usual hassles. As for Jane, it was her first day as an intern and Lauren, Sutton’s former boss who we haven’t seen since, I wanna say season 1, yeah – she makes Jane cry.

This leads to, Kat taking her into what would become their group’s sanctuary, which already has Sutton there since it was her last day and that was devastating for her. But, with talking, making each other feel better, we see what led to this group becoming the bold type: Sutton. Yeah, while Kat had the ability, and Jane as well, it is Sutton’s encouragement that got them to be who they are. Also, it is the group as a whole which led to ideas flying about which led to Sutton doing some research and learning Lauren was the only junior editor without an assistant. Thus, thanks to doing her homework, Sutton getting a job!

However, we can’t bypass what sealed the deal for this friendship to be beyond just the workplace. What truly bonded the girls is almost killing Bobby. You see, Bobby and Jacqueline had a meeting planned and the girls, thinking the food left was up for grabs, ate the sandwiches. But, thanks to Sutton being a temp and knowing where all the food usually is, she finds a conference room with sandwiches to replace them and happens to run into Richard. Someone who notes the day he met her, he was instantly smitten.

Back to the Bobby thing, the sandwiches Sutton got to save the day apparently had peanuts in them, and that almost killed Bobby. Which leads to the girls confessing what they did and Jacqueline respecting their honesty. Making that perhaps the reason, in 2019, she adores those girls so much. For on top of ambition, they have integrity, and that might not be a norm.

A Drink To Progress: Kat, Tia, Jacqueline, Bobby, Sutton, Richard, Jane, Ryan

Bobby (Peter Francis James) taking to Jacqueline about their shared past.
Bobby (Peter Francis James)

In the long run, everything ends up being fine. Yes, some have their feelings hurt, but very few we’ve ever met. And, when it comes to Bobby, he plays it off since apparently him and Jacqueline were an item that didn’t work. So, with an established friendship, he lets it go over a drink and with us left to wonder what went wrong between them.

As for the rest? Well, Sutton reveals her dreams for a sewing machine were dashed by her mom, Babs, needing money, and her revealing to Richard her mom’s money issues will be a consistent thing in their relationship. Ryan, during the drama, reveals reviews for his book, pre-release, are quite good, and while Jane is struggling with her Pamela piece, she reminds him that her work troubles don’t mean his accomplishment can’t and won’t get praised.

Leaving Kat and Tia. Well, to begin, Kat was right about there being something there, but Tia wasn’t forthcoming on her rejection. For reasons not revealed, Tia isn’t comfortable with her sexuality, and while she has previously explored it, something is holding her back from accepting and loving that aspect of herself. Yet, with making out with Kat, and agreeing to stay on as her campaign manager (I forgot to mention she quit), it seems she is taking steps towards being comfortable in her own skin.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So with Tia and Kat possibly a thing, does that mean Adena is going to show up and be shocked or is she just gone – period?
  2. Are we going to see more of Sutton’s mom or she just popped up to remind us Sutton got issues back home?
  3. Who broke Andrew and made him from someone who smiled every now and then to a snarky dude who grimaces all the time?
  4. What did happen to Lauren? I get with Sutton not working for her she is less required to be seen, but she was quite a force of nature before. Even butting heads with Kat in many a meeting.


How Consistent This Show Is On Giving Us Engaging, Yet Drama Free, Relationships

You’ll be hard pressed to find as many healthy, drama free, relationships as The Bold Type, especially in terms of the relationship not being good for just a scene or episode, but nearly an entire season. For whether it is Jane letting Ryan know that just because she got stuff going on, it doesn’t mean she won’t celebrate him, Sutton and Richard still going strong, or Kat being understanding when it comes to Tia, the drama is always outside forces which don’t break what’s going on between two people.

Heck, even when talking about the ladies, while Kat every now and then bumps heads with one of the girls, and Jane can get annoying, we don’t see them act petty for long before getting over themselves and the situation. Which makes the fact it was announced today there will be a 4th season amazing! Particularly since when they renewed the show, after the first season, for two seasons, that made it seem they were planning the end early.

A Lauren Sighting

With seeing Lauren again for the first time since, maybe season 1, I realized I missed her. Unlike Jacqueline, who is maternal in her management style, Lauren was tough but fair, and the ladies could use a presence like that. Jane, in particular, since it seems the only boss she shows any respect to is Jacqueline. Everyone else she gives her ass to kiss or undermined.

Finally seeing Pamela

While they didn’t even put the actresses name in the beginning or end credits, at least we got a face and voice to the woman Jane is trying to take down.

Tia’s Sexuality Being Complicated

We don’t know if Tia is bi, maybe comes from a religious background, or has homophobic parents, but her sexuality being complicated gives a good sense of realness. Not to say Kat didn’t have a little bit of difficulty with Adena, but with so much support in her life, she had a paved way to who she is now. With Tia, we may get the flip side of finding that comfort in one person, but not in a larger community and within you friend and family group. Which could give some queer folk, especially Black women, the kind of visibility which isn’t too often given on a show like this.

Kat and Tia making out.

A Reminder Of How Far The Ladies Have Come

Though this walk down memory lane came out of nowhere, it makes you appreciate how in 5 years everyone changed their life around. Sutton went from only having $100 in her pocket to being able to afford a $500+ sewing machine to invest in herself. Jane went from a guy like Eric to Ryan, became a writer who is trusted with taking on a noted fashion photographer, and found not only a maternal figure in Jacqueline but also two best friends. Then with Kat, not only did she prove herself to be qualified beyond her father’s connections, she is a boss and has experienced genuine love once, and maybe on the second time.

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