The Bold Type: Season 3, Episode 5 “Technical Difficulties” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

As Sutton meets Richard’s friends, Kat approaches Tia and Jane deals with Scarlet being hacked – and waits for the fallout.

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Title Card - The Bold Type Season 3, Episode 5 Technical Difficulties

As Sutton meets Richard’s friends, Kat approaches Tia and Jane deals with Scarlet being hacked – and waits for the fallout.

Director(s) Anna Mastro
Writer(s) Lijah J. Barasz, Celeste Vasquez
Air Date 5/7/2019

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Putting Yourself Out There: Tia, Kat

With Kat and Tia working so well together, and Tia being very complimentary, Kat feels like she is getting a vibe. One which apparently, per Tia, is all in Kat’s head since she is not queer nor curious. Seemingly, she is just friendly.

The Truth Is Often Scary & Has Grave Consequences: Jane, Jacqueline, Patrick, Richard

Jane’s investigation picks up steam as she speaks to the model who experienced abuse and Jacqueline comes along for support. However, with Scarlet and its parent company being hacked for millions of dollars, so comes the fear of the model’s information getting out and Jane’s e-mails complaining about Patrick. Someone who, thanks to Richard, gets invited to what was supposed to be a meeting of Sutton and Richard’s friends. However, for Jane, it becomes the night she told Patrick what she thought of him.

Jane revealing she drinks because of Patrick.

Which he surprisingly takes well? Honestly, it’s hard to say. You see, during the hack, Patrick took it upon himself to talk about it on social media and RJ, who we met in the last episode, wasn’t happy about that. So the man whose ear he formerly had, may no longer be as willing to listen to him. Pushing the idea that, as Oliver said, these new kids don’t often last.

Though, focusing on the Jane thing, it seems with someone calling Patrick out he might be willing to change some things. Not meditating at his desk, but perhaps toning down some of his antics. If just to have it where it isn’t the office against him, with the only thing keeping him from getting pushed out is him hitting the numbers for “the dot-com.”

Don’t Rain On My Parade: Sutton, Richard

There is about 14 years between Sutton and Richard, and that also means between Sutton and Richard’s friends there is not only an age difference, but they are at different points in their life. Richard’s friends are having and raising kids, buying houses, moving from the city since they want good public schools. Meanwhile, Richard has this girl who his friends think are going through a phase.

Sutton feeling offended by Richard's friend.

This presents another obstacle for Sutton since she isn’t ready for the stage Richard is clearly looking into. She doesn’t want kids yet, or to move out of the city. Sutton just got into that seminar, and while her life isn’t beginning, she is just really starting to live life to the fullest with little to no fear. Luckily, it seems Richard is willing to, not wait for her but recognize there isn’t a need to rush. After all, they just got back together, just moved in together, and it would be a bit much for him to ask her to move out of the city, the state even, considering where she is in life.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Sutton is 26, and Richard is 40.


Ryan & Jane Not Fighting

With Jane, there always seems to be the possibility of drama since her character has rarely had anything else beyond squabbles. Yet, between this investigative piece and Ryan, it seems she has matured a bit. Case in point, despite Ryan not showing up to Richard’s party, getting home after her, and being around who knows who, Jane doesn’t make a big deal of it at all. She is excited about his possible book tour, they talk about her night, and they just seem like two professionals who get that their jobs and personal lives have a complicated schedule.

Patrick Being Told He’s Annoying

While Patrick can’t be forgiven for what he has said and done to, or around, Jacqueline, the attempt to humanize him isn’t lost on me. He is the new guy at a magazine with an established culture. Yes, he is not a basic straight white male, but he also isn’t someone who easily makes friends either. Never mind that, while he has the knowledge to be a boss, he currently lacks the social skills to be a good one.

Yet, there is the slightest bit of hope that with Jane laying it out there that he is making himself a social pariah, maybe he’ll adapt. Perhaps even take note of Jacqueline’s way of handling her employees rather than looking down on her all the time. Like some entitled idiot.

Richard’s Friends & The Reminder He Is At A Different Stage In Life

Of course, things can’t be simple for Sutton and Richard. If it isn’t fears of HR, what his co-workers may think, the idea he may leak something, Sutton fearing someone may think she is sleeping her way to the top, and etc., there is their age difference getting in the way. But despite the short-lived peace they always have, you have to appreciate them not letting these problems be swept under the rug. After all, older men and younger women are a regular thing, and usually they aren’t handled without there being a joke or some sort of shame to it. So seeing the real issues which can come from such an age gap is appealing to see.

Plus, it presents drama that isn’t over the top and keeps this couple interesting.

On The Fence

Kat Being Rejected

Tia implying Kat misinterpreted Tia's kindness.

On the one hand, I want Kat to be happy, healthy, flourishing personally and business-wise. Yet, I also don’t want it to be the show presenting the idea the lesbian community is small and everyone knowing each other to Kat somehow finding the single one who hasn’t swam in the fishbowl. Much less, a rehash of her story of being straight and Tia mostly dating guys until this charismatic person changes everything. We saw that already, it was cool, but it would mean less to see it again.

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Patrick Being Told He’s Annoying - 84%
Ryan & Jane Not Fighting - 86%


The Bold Type may deliver a blow to fan favorite Kat, and Jane might be in deep trouble soon but, as always, Sutton delivers the kind of storylines which show she is likely who the writers are the most invested in.

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