The Bold Type Season 3, Episode 2 Plus It Up - Title Card featuring Jane holding a vibrator.

Oliver has a secret which is affecting his job, Jane pushes Ryan away, and someone decides to get on Kat’s bad side. Oh, and Patrick is low-key trash.

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Oliver has a secret which is affecting his job, Jane pushes Ryan away, and someone decides to get on Kat’s bad side. Oh, and Patrick is low-key trash.

Director(s) Ellen S. Pressman
Writer(s) Amanda Lasher, Matt McGuinness
Air Date 4/16/2019
Introduced This Episode
Themselves Sasha Velour
Carly Kiara Alondra Groulx
Councilman  Reynolds Matthew Kabwe

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We Need To Talk About Oliver: Oliver, Carly, Sutton, Richard

Carly (Kiara Alondra Groulx) and Oliver hugging before she leaves his apartment.
Carly (Kiara Alondra Groulx) and Oliver

Oliver has been a bit of a mess recently and has relied, a bit too much, on Sutton to pick up the slack. Not that she isn’t capable, as seen multiple times in season 2 when she has handled shoots, issues with locations, and more. However, now he is starting to have her handle stuff way beyond what he has ever prepped her for. The reason? Well, he is trying to adopt his exes’ daughter. A kid, at least 9 years old, whose dad died of a heroin overdose, Oliver’s ex Jasper, and mom isn’t in the picture. So, needless to say, Oliver is stressed and couldn’t give a damn about work since he is trying to adopt this kid. Who, by the way, he practically raised since he has been in her life for 6 years – so he is basically daddy 2.

But, one of the issues of not telling Sutton this ahead of time, and Oliver’s rush to get custody, is Sutton mentioning her frustrations to Richard. As you can imagine, with him protective of her, this stirs ideas in his head. Plus, with him being a board member, if someone essential to one of their largest properties are slipping, that leads to the need to wonder if they need to be handled accordingly.

Lines Are Being Crossed Here: Patrick, Ryan, Richard, Sutton, Jane

Jane speaking on Patrick's assignment to have her and Ryan write about her injections to freeze her eggs.
Jane: There’s some lines I’m not willing to cross

Which is why it is ultimately decided that there needs to be a line between board member Richard and at home Richard. At least when it comes to stuff like that. However, when it comes to Sutton clearly overworking herself, Richard is more than welcome to step in. Like, him doing her laundry since she isn’t comfortable with her housekeeping doing them.

However, those two aren’t the only ones learning how to deal with the balance between work life and personal life. Still, Patrick is being a borderline HR nightmare by seeming like he deserves to be in any and all employees’ business. This time his sights are on Jane and Ryan and with learning they are dating, he decides to amp her article about her shots to prep for egg harvesting by including him.

Now, as noted previously, Jane really doesn’t want things getting too serious too quick. It has been 7 weeks of dating and while comfortable enough with Ryan to have sex, the shots, BRCA, all that? She doesn’t want that weight on the relationship. Because Ben deep dove a bit much into it, and I wanna say there were issues with her ex before the series started. Don’t hold me to that though since season 1 is a distant memory.

Point is, Ryan has to push a bit and Jane learns to trust that things won’t go south just because she is bringing up something which isn’t fun, flirty, or can’t be joked about.

I’m Not One To Underestimate: Jacqueline, Councilman Reynolds, Sasha Velour, Patrick, Kat

Sasha Velour showing up to Kat's Queer Prom.
Sasha Velour

Patrick really is trying to lose his ability to seem like he is just misunderstood. For while one could say his employers maybe filled his head with ideas that Jacqueline was out of touch, it’s one thing to hear that and another to push the same narrative. Something he does by trying to explain what RuPaul’s Drag Race is. Not knowing that Jacqueline not only attends drags shows, knows the show Patrick is referencing, but also knows Sasha Velour. Specifically, they used to be her nanny.

Which is awesome for Kat since Sasha brings attention to Wild Rose which, because condos must go up, Councilman Reynolds and the city are trying to bring down. How? Well, the easiest way to crush any business: taxes and fees that come out of nowhere and need to be immediately paid. Leading to Kat doing as she always do: Solving the issue. Problem is, it seems the councilman couldn’t give a damn and with not being given the okay to post the party on Scarlett’s social media, it makes money but not enough.

So, because Kat has time, she looks into Councilman Reynolds’ future election opponent and seems ready to get him out of office.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. With Patrick mentioning he didn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend for prom, should we assume he is pan or bi?
  2. Why, of all people, did Jane open up to him, Patrick, about her prom experience? Does she not realize the man lives for gossip, the tea or, simply put, other people’s business?
  3. Is it too much to ask for Oliver’s storyline to be a bit more prominent than most supporting characters on this show? I know it has nothing directly to deal with Sutton, nevermind Kat or Jane, but this is too good of a plot to not see consistently throughout the season.


Richard Doing Sutton’s Laundry

Richard offering to help Sutton since she doesn't want to use his housekeeper.
Richard: Let me help you.

Outside of Patrick and Richard’s boss, men usually are quite reliable and lovable on The Bold Type. However, while Ryan deserves his props for wanting to be there for Jane, I want to give a nudge to Richard. Not to put down Ryan laying down the foundation for a long game, but there is just something about noting Richard did what every person wants: He listened.

Sutton for days has been talking about doing laundry, has been uncomfortable with housekeeping doing it, but Oliver’s absence has kept her from getting it done repeatedly. So with her saying she has no clean underwear, at Kat’s party being pulled away again, him taking it upon himself to do her laundry seems almost on another level. For while you have to appreciate Ryan stepping up, showing he is a person and not this fantasy which is Pinstripe, the laundry thing just hit me harder for some reasson.

Kat Is A Problem Solver

One of the things I always loved about Kat is she doesn’t whine, complain, or take things as is. Whether it was hiring Angie, getting Adena for Scarlet, or now taking down a councilman, she is for change and combating those against it. Which, for a social media director (or manager) seems strange, yet shows how important it is to be able to do both. That is, get the word out there alongside knowing how to organize and fight without the grid. Since, as shown by many a musician and actor with a high social media account, having millions, even hundreds of millions, of followers don’t necessarily translate to action. Sometimes you have to still do things old school.

On The Fence


Patrick realizing Jacqueline is still hip and powerful.
Patrick: I feel stupid.

I want to be able to love and appreciate Patrick but it seems like he is just going to be a one season obstacle. Not in a good way, like coercing Jane to adapt to a new style of management, pushing Kat to be a bit more open, or anything like that. It seems he is just here to rile up some feathers, cause drama, and then either quit or get fired. Maybe resign for, in some Mary Poppins way, he thinks he accomplished what he was meant to do at Scarlett.

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