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The Bold Type: Season 1/ Episode 10 “Carry the Weight” [Season Finale] – Overview/ Recap (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10 Carry the Weight Season Finale The Ladies of The Bold Type

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The Bold Type ends its first season reminding fans, and those curious, what it is essentially about. Finding love, making mistakes, showing initiative, and realizing there is more to life than your 9 to 5 and parties. Whenever possible, find meaning in your work and life for that is what makes you the bold type.

Working Hard and Difficult Conversations: Sutton, Alex, Richard

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10 Carry the Weight Season Finale Sutton and

It has been a week since Alex and Sutton had sex and it has been awkward between them. Thankfully though, while Sutton is willing to engage in small talk, being that Alex really wants to be with Sutton he pushes them over the hurdle. Problem is, after Sutton decides to give Alex a chance, even if she isn’t that passionate about the idea, they get caught kissing by Jacqueline.

With that, they both end up in an HR meeting, of which Richard presides as the legal representative for the company (because, you know, no one else in that department does any work). Leading to things being very awkward, especially when Richard learns Sutton had sex with Alex and Richard makes a clear reaction.

Which, at the party causes Sutton to breakup with Alex, maybe days within their relationship, because she isn’t over Richard and he doesn’t want to be a rebound. As for whether she and Richard may get back together? Well, he does mention he wish he fought harder, and he regrets not doing so, so maybe he can do what he wished he did before.

Switching to her professional life, Sutton continues to kill it. She gets all of Oliver’s attire for his shows, there is no mention of her HR incident, and she even finds, based on Oliver’s favorites, affordable alternatives for people in her economic status. Something which impresses Oliver so much he has her go to a fashion week show in his place. Solidifying the idea, even after taking over a photo shoot for him, she has earned his trust.

2 Million Means Nothing Without 1: Kat, Jane

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10 Carry the Weight Season Finale Kat

Scarlet’s social media has exploded under Kat but the more she thinks about them hitting 2 million, the more empty the accomplishment feels. After all, while she did the work, the challenge is gone. Plus, Adena is gone and that is all that really matters at this point.

But, Jane tries to help make Scarlet’s social media mean something by asking of Kat to live stream Mia (Ana Kayne). Someone who is a rape survivor and has an art piece of her holding justice weights in central park. A piece which formally got a lot of media attention but it has died down. Kat agrees, and it helps her feel like all her work means something again, for a little bit. However, not joining Adena on that plane still acts as a serious regret.

A regret she refuses to fester in. So, be it taking a well-deserved vacation, deciding to work remotely, or maybe even quitting, Kat leaves to meet Adena. Someone who sent a picture from Peru so that maybe her destination. However, we sadly don’t see the two reunite.

I’ll Leave You With This: Jane, Jacqueline

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10 Carry the Weight Season Finale Jacqueline holding the weights of justice

Before Jane leaves for Incite, she is given one last assignment. In it, she is to profile the aforementioned Mia. A girl who approached a guy at an art show, was raped in a gazebo in a park, and because she approached said guy, she didn’t get justice. Now, Jacqueline is a little worried about Jane taking on such an assignment – to the point of micromanaging. Something which is a bit uncommon based off the way Jacqueline has been most of the season.

But then she reveals why this story has her on Jane’s case so much: She herself is a rape survivor. Then to boot, one who, to protect her career and the potential of it, kept her mouth shut. Long story short, when she was a young journalist, her senior, the person she had to run her stories through, she wanted to win his approval and become respected by him. So when he mentioned one of her stories had potential and asked if she would work late on it with him, she said yes. Which, seemingly to him, was all the consent he needed.

Knowing this, being told this, pushed Jane to take this article even more seriously. For alongside Mia’s story isn’t just her now former boss’, her mentor, but a woman who has lived with this for decades and is just now willing to make it public. A task we, unfortunately, don’t see the finished product of. However, when Jacqueline and Jane cross paths as Jane leaves Scarlet, you can only assume she did good.


Jacqueline Reveals Herself As a Rape Survivor

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10 Carry the Weight Season Finale Jacqueline with her head held high

It’s very important to me that social issues aren’t episodic topics. For, as The Carmichael Show displayed, it isn’t enough to just bring something up, you need to explore it. We’ve seen that in multiple ways with Adena with Islamophobia, how they handle her being queer, and even some of the lighter ignorance Kat had in terms of her praying and things of that nature.

Now, with Jacqueline revealing she survived a rape, I don’t expect this at all to be something brought up again. Even if it is once a season, I’d be surprised. However, it does matter Jacqueline revealed this because there is that question, like Mia had, about normalcy thereafter and what that looks like. Of which Jacqueline says there is no returning to the normal you once had, but there is a new normal. One in which, for her husband, there were some issues of trust, but look at them now. From the outside looking in, things are normal. She has him, two kids, despite her supervisor taking advantage of her, it didn’t affect her career and look at her now.

As for how she was able to move past that moment in her life, unfortunately, that isn’t gone into. However, if Jacqueline really revealed to Jane, for an article or not, every last thing, it would have been really out of character. So just in terms of her presenting representation as for what a survivor looks like, how they can act, and how they can still get and reach every goal and dream they had before that one moment, means so much.

There Being More to Work Than Numbers

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10 Carry the Weight Season Finale Everyone supporting Mia Ana Kayne 2

One of the things Kat probably isn’t given enough credit for is how she tries her best to make her job about more than money and numbers. She explores social causes, is always for using Scarlet, or her own social media accounts, to push for some kind of justice, and that is how she finds intrinsic motivation. Yet, also she really pushes the idea that you are worth more than how good you are at your job. Also, the idea that work shouldn’t be everything to you.

Like with the Adena situation. With her, she is a personal challenge rather than a professional one. She stimulates Kat’s heart in ways no one else does and while work, at times, is challenging and fulfilling, Adena is on a whole other level. She challenges the way she thinks, presents a different culture to understand, alongside how to date someone of the same gender. Those things, and many more, give Kat the type of fulfillment she can’t get at work.

Which I think presents another lesson. One in which, while it is nice to have it be something romantic, the goal should always be to make life more than just your day job. Otherwise, yeah, you maybe very successful, but what do you have to really show for it? An empty passport, an empty home, and a bunch of regrets? Work isn’t just about paying bills but creating opportunities. Sometimes for others, but also it should be for yourself. After all, life is too short to just go through the motions and do things without passion.

The Alex Breakup

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10 Carry the Weight Season Finale The Alex breakup

Though Salex ended before it really began, I’m glad it ended. For, as just said, life is too short to just go through the motions and do things without passion. So while it seemed Alex was good on paper, and has been there when Sutton needing him, at the same time he didn’t truly do it for her. If not, she wasn’t over Richard or the precedent Richard set, Alex didn’t meet what was the needs vs. the wants.

And while, yes, things were easier, well, could have been, sometimes easy doesn’t always mean better. It just means more convenient.

The HR Conference

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10 Carry the Weight Season Finale The HR Conference

Though it isn’t sexy, I love how much human resources has been a part of this season. Be it when Kat fired someone or this situation between Alex and Sutton. For it brings up real, nonpartisan rules and consequences. It reminds us that as much as this is a TV show and there, of course, is unrealistic drama, there are some sort of roots to the real world.

Plus, with all the questions that were asked, it not only helps maybe someone understand the process, but helps push Jacqueline’s story along. For maybe some may question why, past it likely ruining her career, she didn’t say anything? Well, being interrogated like Sutton was, is probably just a taste of what would happen.

So, in the long run, we get presented with all angles in terms of sexual assault. We get shown a survivor, both at a young age and someone a bit more seasoned. We’re shown why someone wouldn’t report and the unfortunate nonsense that can happen when you do. Yet, even without seeing someone who reported and got their abuser punished, Jacqueline helps point out how that doesn’t necessarily fix things. Even if you survive and don’t get blackballed, that moment then can define you and be part of your narrative. It still influences your ability and desire to be intimate and that is something that, perhaps, justice is unable to fix.

Continuing To Show Hard Work and Initiative Pays Off

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10 Carry the Weight Season Finale Sutton is going to fashion week

Though perhaps unfair to say, to a point, one could argue that Kat and Jane, while they have had their struggles, Sutton takes the cake. So to see her really flourish with Oliver, even surprise him at times, makes me so happy. Especially since now he is trusting her and seemingly capable of now relying on her so that he can focus on other things. Since, in the long run, shouldn’t your assist be your mentee you are training to become your legacy in a way?

Not Being Afraid To Leave What Is Comfortable

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10 Carry the Weight Season Finale Jane off to Incite

Jane could have really stuck to Scarlet until she eventually reached Jacqueline’s position. Hell, after Jacqueline revealed she was raped to Jane, I figured that would have been the reason she stayed. Her mentor opened up to her, her of all people! Yet that wasn’t the case. For which I’m glad. Not just because most shows would have had Jane do an about-face, but because it pushes the idea that you are, at any you have, there to learn and then either move up or move on. Well, at least if you are unhappy – as Jane was.

On The Fence

The Single Life

If there is one thing I hope for in the next season (FreeForm hasn’t renewed this as of this posting), is that they let these girls be single for a bit. Take Jane for instance. She has just been focusing on herself since Ryan exited the picture, and I appreciate that. That is, in comparison to Sutton who went from one relationship and almost jumped into another within days maybe? And while I like Alex, I’ve never been for the idea that every character needs to date someone.

I mean, we get they are attractive. It isn’t like the majority, if not all people between 15 to 25, who aren’t playing the offbeat best friend, aren’t usually gorgeous. Especially in shows which lean toward a female demographic. So why not have some live the single life, focus on their jobs, family problems, and things like that. For while I know there is never a perfect time to start dating someone, why not break the mold. They did with Jane actually quitting Scarlet, among many other storylines, why not keep that going? Especially for Sutton since, with the way things seem for her, what time will she really have as she pursues her dream – and finds ways to keep it alive?

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