The Birch: Season 1, Episode 3 “Blood Money” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

We revisit the events of episode one, but now from Thur and his crew’s perspectives’. Leading to us finally getting to see the Birch in action.

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Director(s) John William Ross
Writer(s) J. Casey Modderno
Air Date 10/11/2019
Introduced This Episode
Ryan Giullian Yao Gioiello
Brody Tucker Lipp
Wes Alexander Neher
Sebastian Michael Cram

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A Lesson Learned: Sebastian, Ryan, Thur, Brody

Sebastian (Michael Cram) pushing Thurston to step up.
Sebastian (Michael Cram)

While Thur may seem small-time, he is part of a much bigger organization. So when it comes to his work, his crew, the product he sells, and the money, he represents Sebastian. Making Ryan getting ripped off a bad look for Thur and Sebastian. To the point that, even with Thur’s little brother Brody in the next area, Sebastian has no issue hitting Thur and directing him to set an example so that he doesn’t tarnish the family name.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. How and when did Thur start working for his uncle, and does he live with his uncle or someone else?

You Need To Be Ruthless, But Subtle: Evie, Thur, Wes, Ryan

Alongside Wes and Ryan, Thur seeks out the dude who robbed Ryan, and they teach him a lesson. However, when they let up, the dude grabs a bottle, and with him trying to get a lick in, Wes beats his ass. But, what Wes didn’t expect was for the man to fall onto a nail and die or Evie to watch it all happen.

Thus, we get to see the other side to an event in episode one, and it continues as we see the four characters in school. But, one thing we didn’t see in episode 1 is Thur and his friends burying the junkie. That and learning what Lily OD’d on was China White.

You Made Your Point. No Need To Be Cruel: Evie, Ryan

Despite the warning and threat, Ryan decided to further torment Evie. Thus, she uses his lighter and does the ritual she saw online, to call the Birch. A being that visits Ryan in the night and attacks him.



Finally Seeing the Birch In Action

Okay, while the Birch looks terrifying, I got to admit I’m underwhelmed at the actions taken against Ryan. Partly due to me expecting something graphic, but also since there wasn’t much of a creep factor. Mind you, while posted in the morning, I watched this 11PM with just the glow of my monitor and the sounds of cars going by. Yet, even with shadows going by, noises of what I hope is some squirrel, the Birch seems as scary as Wednesday’s favorite tree in the new Adams family movie.

On The Fence

Trying To Humanize Thur

To me, there is nothing sadder than taking a quality villain and quickly trying to humanize him. Be it showing Thur a victim of his circumstances, since likely he has to work for Sebastian, or throwing in his little brother to show he is a dealer so they can get the hell out of Oregon.

Brody (Tucker Lipp) playing video games.
Brody (Tucker Lipp)

Which isn’t to say I don’t get there has to be more to Thur than hanging with Ryan and Wes all day, but with there being 10+ episodes, depending on your source, they could have taken their time and steadily pushed out his relationship to Brody, and his plans to head to California. That is, rather than softening him up and make him into that YA novel boy who is brooding and just needs an adult who cares.

So Should We Expect To See Lanie & Evie’s Stories Collide?

There is this feeling that we have two competing storylines, and with Thur being taken down a notch, it makes the idea of continuing Evie’s story feel unfortunate. For, unless this is an anthology series, I just can’t imagine multiple seasons of Evie’s drama, Thur’s attempts to get to California, and all that we see in their world. It just doesn’t have long term potential, and I’d say the same with Lanie.

Making it appear, we’re getting what could be two seasons, albeit short, UK/Canadian sized seasons, put together.


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Finally Seeing the Birch In Action - 80%
Trying To Humanize Thur - 75%
So Should We Expect To See Lanie & Evie’s Stories Collide? - 74%


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