The Arrangement: Season 1/ Episode 2 “The Ex” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

While the high of the first episode has dissipated a bit, Evangelista keeps you interested as everyone else starts to give you reasons not to. Episode Focus: Playing The Other Woman (Kyle, Megan, DeAnn, and Terence) While things are very romantic and sexual between Kyle and Megan, unfortunately, what freedom she has behind closed doors…

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Can I just say the poster for this is kind of bleh?

While the high of the first episode has dissipated a bit, Evangelista keeps you interested as everyone else starts to give you reasons not to.

Episode Focus: Playing The Other Woman (Kyle, Megan, DeAnn, and Terence)

While things are very romantic and sexual between Kyle and Megan, unfortunately, what freedom she has behind closed doors is extremely limited in public. After all, that contract, the one which may jump start her career and give her access to Kyle’s lifestyle, has her trapped. She can’t necessarily wear what she wants, she has to have all social media postings approved by DeAnn, [note] Terence’s wife and Kyle’s producing partner[/note] and then there is the insult to add on to her injury – she has to let Kyle talk to Lisbeth.

Yes. Despite Lisbeth leaving Kyle at the altar, the two have to make nice. Something done so often that sometimes Megan seems like the other woman. A rebound to make Lisbeth jealous. But, so it seems, Lisbeth does not envy the position Megan is in at all. Hell, as Megan meets this up-and-coming filmmaker named Daisy, who had to work her way into the Venice Film Festival, it seems Megan isn’t envying, or even proud of the way she may gain her fame and fortune.


With the amount of control and influence Terence has over Kyle, it isn’t putting just a damper on Kyle’s relationship with Megan but also the show a bit. For there is something about how overt Terence is when it comes to Kyle’s image, since IHM depends on it, which is kind of a turn-off. Though it doesn’t help that the actor playing him brings this soap opera vibe.

Thankfully, however, Evangelista’s charm is the foundation of the show. Making it where the actor who plays Terence, and his character, can’t bring this show to its knees. However, they are truly making it hard for this young actress to really keep things going. For the whole, “Kyle and Lisbeth have to make nice” thing just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. If only because, in the first episode, it was so built up how hurt he was, how he wanted to not be around her, so with him getting chummy and it seeming the only reason she dumped him was likely Terence, it ruins things. For, in a way, it sets up the whole #Team nonsense, yet it isn’t like Megan and Lisbeth are equals.

Lisbeth is not as charming or interesting as Megan and honestly, Lisbeth seems like she should be a footnote on this show. Someone seen, comically avoided, yet used to show Kyle has emotions and a heart. That is, rather than the tin man he kind of seems now. Heck, Lisbeth could be used as someone Megan is constantly trying to prove she is not and yet wanting the status of all at the same.

All of which will make the whole Daisy friendship very interesting. If only because she may present an out. For while Megan is capable of going head to head with Terence, she takes an L after their first battle. Yet, something tells me, as she comes to understand Lisbeth and her reason for leaving, Daisy maybe that get out of hell free card. The question is, though, how many levels down will Megan have to go before she seeks freedom?

Subplot 1: The Annika Problem (DeAnn and Annika)

After Annika’s performance which got Nic and Megan broken up, all she got was bit parts and forgettable roles. Making it for when Megan shows up on magazines and seems to be dating Kyle, she is jealous. Jealous to the point of wanting to snitch. Something DeAnn doesn’t appreciate being threatened with so she thinks she shuts that down. However, all this does is push Annika to seek out Terence.


I find it amusing in a way that while Terence seems to like having control and those surround him in awe, his relationship with DeAnn doesn’t have that. She isn’t in awe of him nor does he possess any control over her. Arguably, they are equals. So it is going to be interesting to see how Annika will likely cause friction between the two. For with Annika willing to go through the IHM [note]Institute of the Higher Mind[/note] process, likely it will make her more likable in Terence’s eyes. Hell, maybe even make him think Annika is a better look than Megan. Something surely to cause issues with not just Megan, but DeAnn. Who, for reasons I feel I need to watch the pilot over again to understand, set Megan up.

Subplot 2: Ben (Ben and Kyle)

The first night after Megan signs that contract, she and Kyle have sex until morning it seems. Making it so the next day when Ben is around, trying to do his job, he accidently meets Megan while she is naked. Something which doesn’t lead to any real reaction besides embarrassment – for her.


I’m sorry, but after the first episode when Ben was waiting for Kyle to get out of the shower to give him a towel, at the very least it seemed Ben was gay and had feelings for Kyle. For even if he is his personal assistant, he couldn’t have waited until he got out the shower? Ben had to stand outside the shower door with the only towel available for Kyle to cover himself? I mean come on!

Then, with this episode, there is just something odd about the way Kyle and Ben look at each other after Megan introduces herself naked. With the way Ben seems sort of unfazed and not finding seeing Megan awkward, then looking at Kyle, it doesn’t seem like he is thinking like Terence, in terms of “Why this girl?” If anything, it is like he thought, and was expecting, Kyle, to be alone. Maybe for them to get some alone time. Making it where the initial shock wasn’t about her being nude but her being there. Then the looks between Kyle and Ben, as Megan creates an awkward situation, them mutually finding it awkward because of what they would, or may have done if she wasn’t there. [note]Don’t ask me why I’m so convinced Kyle is gay or bi, or the other sexualities on the spectrum which are intimate with men. It is just Ben is so off putting in a, “I have to be discreet about my sexuality” kind of way, that it just pushes this idea into my head.[/note]

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