Joey King shows herself as one of the most talented young actresses out there as Gypsy Rose bounces from manipulative to fool.

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Joey King inserts herself as one of the most talented young actresses out there as she continues to damn Gypsy Rose yet make her look too foolish to hold accountable.

Director(s) Hannah Fidell
Writer(s) Dan Dietz, Robin Veith
Air Date 4/24/2019
Introduced This Episode
Vance John Ales
Kathy Juliette Lewis
Detective Crawford Adam Arkin

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This Isn’t How Fairytales End: Gypsy, Kathy, Vance, Nick

Gypsy has long lived in a fantasy. One in which escaping from Dee Dee meant the Disney movies she watched would come true for her. The part she forgot, so it seems, is we rarely ever get to see what happens to the princess in the original movie. You just assume things are wonderful. However, upon entering Big Bend, Wisconsin, Gypsy realizes the fairytale doesn’t exist.

Gypsy realizing Nick does not live as she is accustomed to.

Yes, she got away from Dee Dee but Nick’s home, his mom Kathy and father figure Vance? These two aren’t hospitable, keep a clean home, and treat her like a princess. They barely have food for themselves, never mind her. Thus pushing Gypsy, once more, to question if she picked the wrong sucker.

Snitching On Yourself: Gypsy, Nick, Kathy, Dee Dee

But alongside regretting choosing Nick, what sneaks up on her is regretting killing Dee Dee. For with the little Gypsy says leading to Kathy wondering if Dee Dee was crazy, she snaps on her. Says her mom was a good person, her best friend, and it seemingly is starting to seep in how much Dee Dee did to make Gypsy’s life comfortable. Especially considering how Nick lives.

So, she decides to push Nick to put something on Facebook so that people know something happened to Dee Dee. Which, unbeknownst to Gypsy at the time, by posting she reveals her location. Thus giving the cops what they need to find her.

The Truth Is Out: Lacey, Gypsy, Nick

We’re back to where the show began with Lacey and her mom learning Dee Dee’s dead and that being followed by finding out Gypsy can walk. A shocking development only outmatched by learning Gypsy was involved in Dee Dee’s death. Though, it should be noted, the show paints it so Gypsy acts innocent when it comes to the murder and lets Nick, who is shown as a dope, taking the fall for everything. He even confesses to the murder.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Not So Fun Fact: The Facebook of Dee Dee and Gypsy is still up here. It even includes the “That Bitch is Dead!” comment. It’s incredibly eerie as you read the comments and see them come to realize what actually happened.

On The Fence

Joey King

This is this wonderful back and forth between thinking Gypsy is this master manipulator to realizing she is a sheltered girl way in over her head. King masterfully balances this out, and while she makes Gypsy look like a fool who found a bigger one to kill her mom, it also makes you question how did Gypsy only get 10 years? Many will say sympathy, but King and the writers make it seem Gypsy got 10 years for she grew up manipulating and lying to people and did that in court.

Gypsy Rose at her trial.

Remember the scene with Detective Crawford? How she acted shock to know her mom died, crying and trying to push the whole thing on Nick? King pretty much drags Gypsy through the mud as she comes out as pristine as a major accolade. Pushing you to wonder how exploitative is this show considering some of its subjects are still alive, had zero input, and yet are being portrayed in a light which honestly seems rooted in bias at this point.

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Joey King - 79%


I can only hope, unlike Eliza Scanlen for Sharp Objects, Joey King gets the nominations she deserves. For while she thoroughly rips apart the idea the real Gypsy Rose should only get ten years, maybe less with probation, by sacrificing the real person she uplifts herself to new heights. The kind which make you admire the fact she can go from a teen rom-com like The Kissing Booth and then switch to something like The Act.

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