Someone tries to expose Dee Dee this episode, and while Gypsy is enjoying the truth, seeds of animosity are starting to bloom.

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Someone tries to expose Dee Dee this episode, and while Gypsy is enjoying the truth, seeds of animosity are starting to bloom.

Director(s) Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre
Writer(s) Dan Dietz
Air Date 3/20/2019
Introduced This Episode
Dr. Chondra Poorna Jagannathan
Dr. Harley Steve Coulter

The Suspicious Doctor: Dr. Harley, Dr. Chondra, Dee Dee, Gypsy

For who knows how long, Dee Dee has used Hurricane Katrina as a cover so that no one looked too much into Gypsy’s records and condition. However, Dr. Chondra changes all that. With questioning Gypsy’s teeth, and likely taking note of seeing sugar decay, and Gypsy’s main doctor, Dr. Harley, not having answers, she starts poking and prodding.

Trying To Learn The Truth: Dr. Chondra, Dee Dee, Gypsy, Lacey, Mel

Dr. Chondra (Poorna Jagannathan) asking questions.
Dr. Chondra (Poorna Jagannathan)

Specifically, she calls nearly every place Gypsy was seen and even calls Child Protective Services. Who doesn’t see anything wrong, which is a bit of a setback, and also makes Dee Dee a little paranoid. Leading her to wonder if Mel called, if not someone else in the neighborhood. But, as that happens, Dr. Chondrea crafts a plan to get Gypsy alone – and she does. However, with Gypsy knowing the truth, and knowing Dr. Chondra is catching on, she tries to remind her that she loves her mother and doesn’t want anything happening to her. Thus letting Dr. Chondra know that Gypsy isn’t a victim as much as an enabler.

Yet, after Dee Dee’s death, there comes the question of whether Gypsy may have gotten tired of Dee Dee. For with her gone, and Lacey revealing a secret Facebook account, the cops have a new lead. Especially since Lacey notes Gypsy used the account to speak to guys.

Animosity Grows: Dee Dee, Dr. Chondra, Gypsy

With being paraded in front of thousands, stuffed animals, and more, Gypsy is beginning to realize how trapped she is in a childlike world. Add in this weird obligation to her mom, and Dr. Chondra’s influence, and it is becoming clear that Gypsy wants things to change. The only question is, will her mom let them change?


It’s Good To Know Someone Tried

Assuming Dr. Chondra is real or based on someone, it’s good to know someone was able to see through what was happening and everyone wasn’t just oblivious. Because, seriously, as much as you should trust and listen to your patients, it does seem hard to believe someone with the laundry list of issues Gypsy “had” would be functional.

Dee Dee Is Something Else

Dee Dee after being investigated by CPS.

She drugged her child to seem not all there and to help push the public persona she often puts out there. Can you believe that? And the fact she is bold enough to label the prescriptions is hilarious and makes you wonder, if the CPS woman really took an eye to the house and what was in it, what would she find? Would there be more questions? Also, all things considered, imagine what would happen if CPS checked on more kids who seem or are like Gypsy? What would they find?

On The Fence

I Kind Of Wish They Mixed Real Footage

Though I know how this ends, being that Gypsy was a real person, as is Dee Dee, I must admit a part of me wishes they showed actual footage of the two. I’m not sure how much exists, but it could present an interesting angle. Though I also recognize that the real and what could be seen as the fake could conflict. That is, rather than compliment like Madonna and The Breakfast Club.

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It’s Good To Know Someone Tried - 80%
Dee Dee Is Something Else - 81%
I Kind Of Wish They Mixed Real Footage - 75%


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