Macy asking if Stephen can take her home
"Macy asking if Stephen can take her home," Tell Me Lies, "The Bedrooms Of Our Friends," directed by Robin Wright, 2022, (Hulu)

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While you are left with a few lingering questions, the foundation is complete to understand the friendship dynamics at Evan and Bree’s wedding.

Aired (Hulu) 10/26/2022
Episode Title The Bedrooms Of Our Friends
Director(s) Robin Wright
Writer(s) Meaghan Oppenheimer

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From Macy’s Perspective – Macy, Stephen, Lucy, Bree

As always, Stephen downplays his relationship. With Macy, specifically, she was someone he hooked up with, but he neglected to mention she liked him and was even falling for him. There were even conversations about being official. However, originally, the issue was things with him and Diana and Macy not wanting to be attached to someone at the hip during her freshman year.

However, then Lucy caught Stephen’s eye, and that shifted things. Macy got jealous enough to confront Stephen but not bring things up to Lucy. And on the night she died, she had sex with Stephen, and what caused the crash was them arguing over him not wanting to date her, her insecurities, and Stephen being distracted due to her initiating an uncomfortable conversation.

Oh yeah, let’s be clear here, Stephen being distracted, drunk, and driving is what killed Macy. But the real kicker is that Stephen moved Macy’s body to make it look like she was alone when he crashed. Thus, he may have been seen near or around her, but no one knew or saw them together when she died.

Now, as for why Bree is mentioned? Solely because Macy is the first one Bree opened up to about being in foster care. This means, out of all people, while Lucy was Macy’s roommate, Bree might have been closest to her, considering everyone else didn’t learn about her being in foster care for more than a semester.

Ego Death – Diana, Lucy, Stephen, Wrigley, Pippa, Evan

With summer approaching, Stephen is trying to wrap his mind around things not going to plan and him having an internship that could lead to a lucrative career. However, with Evan revealing he is going to live off campus next semester and Lucy showing her privilege regarding not having to or even thinking about working over the summer, Stephen is irked.

Enter Diana. With her father having a law firm, and her love for Stephen undying, no matter how tested, she offers him a paralegal job. The catch? Breaking up with Lucy and getting back with her, which Stephen does in such a public way that it is embarrassing.

Diana making her move on Stephen, and offering him a job for getting back together
“Diana making her move on Stephen and offering him a job for getting back together,” Tell Me Lies, “The Bedrooms Of Our Friends,” directed by Robin Wright, 2022, (Hulu)

Luckily, Wrigley and Pippa don’t see since they are more focused on avoiding each other, and Pippa is worried about death threats from his team. However, Evan sees, and with Bree not around, he swoops in to play the nice guy. However, as Lucy drinks her troubles away, it seems he takes advantage of her, and the next thing the audience sees is Lucy in her bed, under the covers, with Evan’s butt naked on top of her sheets. Leaving you to wonder, did Charlie see anything?

Back To The Future – Stephen, Lydia, Lucy, Evan, Pippa, Wrigley, Bree

Rather than explore what happened with Evan in the past or deal with Lucy finding out Stephen dropped her like a ton of bricks, we head back to June 2015, where we haven’t been since the first episode. Not much is added beyond the scenes we already saw. It still isn’t clear why Drew’s birthday being the day before makes Wrigley emotional. Also, why Wrigley is so glad to see Pippa, considering how they ended. It also isn’t clear if Wrigley ever got better and what he is doing now.

Alongside that, whether Evan and Lucy were a one-time thing or she found herself becoming the other woman again isn’t clear. Never mind, it appears Bree doesn’t know. However, the kick might be that when Stephen arrives, it isn’t with Diana. He’s with Lydia, Lucy’s friend from her hometown. Which leaves you to wonder, when did Diana, potentially, end things, and was it only after Stephen used her for all she is worth?

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did Drew kill himself because, the conversation around his birthday being an issue for Wrigley pushes the idea that it isn’t just them having beef but something happening
  2. Are we jumping to conclusions in thinking Evan and Lucy had sex and didn’t just sleep together?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Learning how Stephen and Lydia got together

Collected Quote(s)

You’re only out of options because you’ve decided that you are.
— Diana



Getting Background on Macy & Seeing Stephen In A New Light

Macy excited to see Stephen
“Macy excited to see Stephen,” Tell Me Lies, “The Bedrooms Of Our Friends,” directed by Robin Wright, 2022, (Hulu)

While we don’t learn the full story of Macy’s life until we meet her, we get her side of the story when it comes to Stephen and welcome week. Because of this, we see how desperate Stephen is to have a successful life and how twisted or tainted his morals are. Take note, while an accident, he did kill Macy by driving under the influence. Now, Macy wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, which contributed to the situation, but that doesn’t negate both knowing they were not sober enough to drive and doing so anyway.

But, on top of that, he allowed everyone to think Macy was partly responsible for her own death, let Drew spiral, and considering the domino effect he caused, it really shows Stephen is a psychopath. If not, at the very least, he is unable or unwilling to take on the accountability expected for every life ruined because of what he didn’t own up to.

Finally Getting Back To The Present & All The Questions Which You’d Want To Ask

While things barely move forward in 2015, with the whole season providing background on the dynamics between everyone, it could make season 2 a potential hot mess. This is assuming it doesn’t cover senior year, never mind the summer of 2008. For, take note, Lucy hasn’t seen Stephen in 4 years. That means they haven’t seen each other since 2011, and with him graduating around 2009, assuming he could pay for his senior year, two years need to be accounted for to explain what happened after he graduated? Heck, after Evan and Wrigley graduated? We know Evan and Bree remained close, but what about the others?

Lydia (Natalee Linez) greeting Lucy
“Lydia (Natalee Linez) greeting Lucy,” Tell Me Lies, “The Bedrooms Of Our Friends,” directed by Robin Wright, 2022, (Hulu)

It isn’t clear the direction of season 2 or if we will get one as of this posting, but there is a lot to cover both going forward and in the past.

Low Points

Evan Is Trash Like Stephen

Evan is a predator. He made it clear he liked Lucy in the past, got rejected, and got with Bree since she was more attainable, which would make Bree his Macy, but when he got the opportunity to be with Lucy, drunk or not, he took it.

Now, is this me calling Evan a rapist? No. Only Lucy can say whether the sex was consensual, and she doesn’t dive into her feelings about that night. All we know for sure is that Evan and Stephen’s friendship makes so much more sense considering what Evan did the first opportunity he got.

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Macy asking if Stephen can take her home
Tell Me Lies: Season 1/ Episode 10 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
“Tell Me Lies” ends on a bit of a high note. We have a multitude of information that makes Bree and Evan’s wedding awkward, and all the questions regarding the moments we haven’t seen. Thus making the desire for a second season high.
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Getting Background on Macy & Seeing Stephen In A New Light
Finally Getting Back To The Present & All The Questions Which You’d Want To Ask
Evan Is Trash Like Stephen

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  1. Lydia isn’t the girl who saw Stephen and Macy together – she’s Lucy’s friend from home (the one she calls towards the end of the episode who says she’s road tripping with some girls from her school).

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