It’s an emotional ending for this season of Tales of the City. One which wraps up this season and leads you to question will there be a next?

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It’s an emotional ending for this season of Tales of the City. One which wraps up this season and leads you to question will there be a next?

Director(s) Kyle Patrick Alvarez
Writer(s) Lauren Morelli
Air Date 6/7/2019

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Handling The Claire Situation: Mrs. Duncan, Claire, Anna

Simply put, Claire thinks she has Anna on the ropes and will springboard her importance by tarnishing Anna’s name and using the local population. However, between the community and her mother, that gets shut down promptly, and she gets whisked off like a misbehaved child in a grocery store.

Peace At Last: Anna, Mary Ann, Michael, Brian

With Claire whisked away, and seemingly her getting the property reversed promptly, all there is to do is party, give thanks to Mary Ann for following through, and be glad the drama is over. Though, some of it is laughed about. Be it Michael’s time in Rome having purpose, Brian making a good sidekick, and just the fact they all did it together.

However, as things quiet down and people return to their own lives, Mary Ann and Brian discover all those tapes of Mary Ann’s talk show Shawna had. For in checking for weed, they find something even better to bond over – the child who they both had such an influence on. Mary Ann, strangely, from afar setting an example of what you can lose when willing to sacrifice your personal life for a career. Then with Brian, what it means to stick it out and provide for your family by any means possible. Be it moving every few years, yet trying to stay where everyone Shawna knew. If not, taking note Connie bestowed Shawna to Mary Ann, taking on what technically was someone else’s responsibility.

But, there remains a question of if that was enough? The answer is yes. After all, doesn’t she have the best of not only Mary Ann and Brian, but also Anna? Yes, with a few of her own unique flaws, but her journey can’t be simple and easy. She has to have something to challenge her and make her journey worth talking about or, like Anna, alluding to.

What Is A Life Without Scars, Wrinkles, & Broken Hearts?: Anna, Mary Ann, Michael, Ben, Sam, Jake, Margot, Shawna, Ysela, Brian

Anna sitting in her chair, sleeping outside.

Anna passes away after confessing what she did, and one of her last acts is bestowing the house to Ysela. Though, maybe that isn’t the whole truth. With her death comes Jake and Margot reconciling. With Anna’s death comes Michael and Ben having one final chat, and Michael realizing he may need to take up the role Anna has left vacant. Also, it pushes Brian and Shawna to talk alongside Mary Ann and Shawna to finally see eye to eye. Leaving quite a few emotional moments.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How much money did Tommy give Anna?
  2. With previous iterations being limited series, is there a chance for another entry into the saga?


It’s An Emotional Ending

While a lot of the reconciliations are a touch corny, it doesn’t take away from their oomph. While Margot and Jake have been over for a while now, them recovering their friendship and Margot talking about having kids – with Jake as an uncle – touching. Brian and Mary Ann having a conversation, which had Brian be vulnerable about his parenting – emotions. Add in Shawna’s scenes with both of them and then her talking about having to get away to find herself, it leaves you wanting more yet satisfied if this is it.

Low Point

How Quickly The Claire Thing Ends

With that said, Claire getting dragged away like a badass 12-year-old was so anti-climatic. She caused all this drama and made nearly everyone homeless, and that’s it? Her mom shows up, yells, and she is instantly defeated? You can’t be serious.

Hell, also taking into account Ysela owns the building, we couldn’t see her meet these people?

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It’s An Emotional Ending - 85%
How Quickly The Claire Thing Ends - 65%


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