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Home TV Series SweetBitter: Season 2, Episode 2 “Equifax & Experian” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

SweetBitter: Season 2, Episode 2 “Equifax & Experian” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari

Tess opens up about her mother, which concurrently happens as many let out their secrets.

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Director(s)Augustine Frizzell
Writer(s)Stuart Zicherman
Air Date7/14/2019
Introduced This Episode
RosalynSadie Scott

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Being A Family Is Exhausting: Rosalyn, Tess, Jake, Howard, Ari

While shopping about, Tess reveals her love for a leather jacket and Ari brings up the idea of getting a credit card – since the jacket is $500. Problem is, Tess’ mom, Amy, seemingly got a credit card in Tess’ name, years ago, and maxed it out and it has been in collections since 2002 – the show takes place in 2006.

So, that sucks, and it, unfortunately, leads to Tess learning that the restaurant operates on a hive mind. For with Ari knowing comes many others and Tess doesn’t like this. She is a private person so Ari spreading things around angers her. Heck, even when Jake tells someone to help this pisses her off.

Rosalyn (Sadie Scott) sleeping in Jake's bed.

Rosalyn (Sadie Scott)

But it isn’t just amongst the staff but management that things float about. Hence Howard thinking it is time to change policy so that if there are intimate relationships in the restaurant, management is notified. Which is something told to Jake who doesn’t like the idea at all.

While We Are Different, Alas, We Are Also The Same: Sasha, Santos, Tess

As has long been made clear, Sasha is a volatile person. Friendly one moment, like they are on Molly, and next moment they are like a vicious drunk out for blood. Santos experiences this, and it leads to quite a few problems for Tess. Mostly in trying to play middle person and keep both sides from hurting one another. Yet, in trying to keep the peace, Santos is forced to be reminded he is an other. Someone who may have a crush on Tess but will never be in her world. Not just because he is not white but also, per Sasha, who says many a racist thing, they are undocumented. Which, with his Visa expiring, so is he.

We Are One Of Many: Tess, Simone

Tess values her independence, her initiative, her curiosity, and how far it has taken her. Yet, this Amy thing really throws her off for it presents such a huge roadblock. One which can be handled but for one person, it’s a lot. Which is why Simone pushes her to recognize she is part of a community now. She doesn’t have to be independent, do things herself, and find a multitude of ways to increase her value for survival. There are people she can and should rely on. Not because they want to be nosy but because they are her community, a chosen family, if you will.

Leading to Simone helping Tess with her mom’s fraudulent activities and the team opening up about their issues with their parents. Also, they give Tess an ugly jacket for the upcoming winter.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Sasha is a top.
    • Sasha knows 4 languages and went to college
  • Heather went to Princeton
  • Ari hasn’t spoken to her dad in 8 months
  • Simone refuses to let her mom visit her
  • Jake’s mom committed suicide.
  • Based off what Ari says and Amy’s Myspace page, it is late September, maybe early October.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How strong is Simone’s influence that Jake still has a job?
  2. Ari took the sneakers, right?



How Simone Fills That Maternal Role In Tess’ Life

Simone talking to Tess.

It’s easy to forget that, behind the scenes, Simone can seem like a snake. Yet, with the way this episode is made, one can only assume her issues with Tess is she sees too much of herself in her. Just with her being unburdened by not having a Jake in her life. That and she is doing more with less.

Yet, perhaps with knowing children, love, may allude her, if not forever at least during this chapter in her life, she can’t help but take to Tess. I mean, she has become part of the family now, even though Simone had hesitations about that. So why fight it and not embrace it? There is clearly something there, and maybe those doe eyes hit a soft spot in Simone’s soul. One which, like her relationship with Jake, pushes her to want to show a maternal side. But, the difference being, Tess is accepting of it rather than repulsed by it.

Us Vs. Them

It isn’t clear what may come from Santos and his friend, but you have to appreciate the show pointing out not everyone is one big happy family. Howard is this weird foreboding presence, and there is clearly a racial divide. One the Asian chef has found himself on the white side of but when it comes to those who clean the dishes? They are outsiders.

Santos & Friend talking about how they are outsiders.

Then, to make things worse, we have Sasha spewing hate speech and only Tess saying anything. Showing many either are indifferent, agree, or don’t want to get involved. Making it so, with Santos’ sneakers still missing, you can imagine a blow up sooner or later. If not due to what he does, then what someone does on his behalf.

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