Stuck With You: Season 1 Episode 2 “Chapter 2: Beware of the Ex” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Candace and Luvell looking in the mirror.

As Vaughn lays down his claim, Moira and Candace are considering exploring their options. Just like Luvell seems more than willing to do.

As Vaughn lays down his claim, Moira and Candace are considering exploring their options. Just like Luvell seems more than willing to do.

Directed By Patricia Cuffie-Jones
Written By Patricia Cuffie-Jones
Aired (UMC) 2/20/2020
Introduced This Episode
Tisha Tiffany Black
Carter Arthur Clark

Episode Recap

A New Man Steps Up: Mora, Carter, Candace

With it being clear the man Mora used to see isn’t on the same chapter in terms of life goals, naturally, she is in her feelings, but luckily she has a whole life outside him. In fact, Mora notes that she used to be a computer analyst but thanks to Stephanie being her cousin, she got a job working under Candace doing something she loves. Now, as for the end game? Well, she is still figuring that out and it seems Carter, one of Candace’s friends, if not associates, he wants to be there as she figures it out.

Carter (Arthur Clark) having lunch with Mora.
Carter (Arthur Clark)

An Old Flame That Never Went Out: Vaughn, Candace, Luvell

Vaughn, Candace’s ex, on top of trying to pursue Candace, he actively antagonizes Luvell. I’m talking going to his barbershop and being all up in this man’s face. But, that’s the thing with this show – Candace and Luvell aren’t lovey-dovey and both are somewhere between wanting to look elsewhere yet knowing what they have is so good.

However, Luvell can be very hot and cold, and with Vaughn consistently pushing, even propping Candace up in a studio, getting her to sing, she gives in. Like Luvell cheated on her, she cheats on him and honestly, whether or not Luvell may care is anyone’s guess.

Where Is Your Enthusiasm?: Quasir, Katrina

Being that Quasir has long been the star of his relationship, it makes the idea of him having to bend to Katrina’s desires and needs a bit strange. Especially the idea of this marriage she wants and a career thereafter. You see, Quasir is used to be being the breadwinner and Katrina his cheerleader. So them getting married, an official one with family, vs. the one they already did, he is iffy about it, but okay. However, settling down and them becoming equals? For him, that requires an adjustment, and Katrina isn’t willing to wait too long for Quasir to get with the program.

What About Being Happy?: Vaughn, Luvell, Candace, Tisha

Tisha (Tiffany Black) talking to Luvell.
Tisha (Tiffany Black)

With Candace cheating and Luvell having feelings for his co-worker, Tisha, who is by no means comfortable with being in anything with a married man, things are odd for the two. Both recognize they are unhappy, yet also that they have been married for years, and giving that up isn’t a simple task. For beyond the financial aspect and the public’s take, this isn’t what either expected at this point in their life.

But with Luvell sniffing at Tisha’s dress, despite that being a valued co-worker at his non-profit, and her clearly not being interested, combined with Vaughn throwing down the gauntlet for Candace’s affection, so comes the question of what are they going to do? They’re with each other, seemingly, so Candace can have enough of a platform to have a stable career once its over, but can they wait that long? Is it possible for these affectionate moments to rekindle something or is the other person there when the moment just so happens to strike?

Review/ Commentary


Dark Skin Women Being Shown As Desirable and Smart

Outside of Candace, it seems the majority of the women are brown or dark skin and to take things further, they are each unique. We got Katrina, who was a football player’s girlfriend, now wife, and has plans to transition just as her man is. And in seeing her make plans, beyond the wedding, we get to see someone further along in life who has what they want.

Then, with Mora, in building her up as a computer analyst who transitioned to something she loved, she is more than this lovesick girl trying to find a husband. She, like Katrina, is ambitious and yes, wants someone to share all that with, but it isn’t a requirement. She can be on her own and not be portrayed as bitter, mad, or any of that. Disappointed, yes. But the negative emotions often associated with Black women? No.

And let me add, I love that fact Tisha turned down Luvell. For with her doing that, yet us seeing Candace give in to Vaughn, the whole narrative changed. Well, at least in terms of how dark skin women are portrayed vs. light skin women. Since these guys are clearly head over heels for these richly melanated sisters and I’m so here for it.

Being Torn Between Vaughn and Luvell for Candace

Vaughn testing Luvell's nerves.

In many ways, I just want Candace to be happy. Not some prize, or a catalyst for drama. All things considered, taking note how well Luvell is doing and we’re repeatedly told Candace is rebuilding herself, I just want her to be happy. Yet, when things are good with Luvell, she is. But, as much as he might be staying in the marriage to support her, he isn’t pushing her to be in the studio. He isn’t making her feel sexy just because. Vaughn is though and that makes you wonder if you should even look at her sideways for being with a man who appreciates and seems to love her? If not, if you want to take it there, is at least willing to make her feel that way, even if his end goal is just to get at Luvell?

On The Fence

Needing More From Quasir

Here is the thing, Quasir represents a younger married couple with Katrina, and their inclusion helps flesh out the various stages of a relationship. We got Mora covering the honeymoon period, Luvell and Candace the tried and true years, and then there is Quasir and Katrina in the middle. However, I can’t say they are being taken advantage of to the fullest. Maybe it is because we haven’t really seen Katrina outside of her and Quasir’s home much, or around people that aren’t her husband? Perhaps it is due to Quasir not showing his value in his marriage or his partnership with Luvell?

Either way, there is a minor investment here which needs to be expanded for Quasir to be any form of equal to his counterparts and the same goes for Katrina.

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  • Plot and Dialog - /100
  • Character Development and Performances - /100
  • Visuals and Sound - /100
  • Pacing - /100
  • Value For Intended Audience - /100
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